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Zimbabwe 15KW Off Grid Solar Power System Supplying Project for Farm

Date: Aug, 2021 Location: Zimbabwe

In the summer of 2021, the customer was beginning to look for energy alternatives to combat his steadily growing electricity costs and to fuel their storage facility.

We provide customer a whole set of 15kw off grid solar power system kit, including 45pcs 350W polycrystalline solar panels, 1pc MPPT 192V 80A controller, 1pc 20KW 3 phase off grid inverter, 32pcs 12V 230AH lead acid batteries, 1set of flat roof mounting rack. This is off grid solar system, using batteries to store the solar energy, at the same time, the system can be connected with the grid power for utilization optionally. The system uses battery power in priority, when sunshine is not so good or loads consumption is too big which caused the battery power inadequacy, then the system can switch to grid power supply.

This solar power system supplies continuous clean power for the farm loads, helps customer to save energy and electrical bill. “That’s a great system”feedback form our customer and customer is very happy with the solar kit’s working.


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