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Understanding the Secret Behind LED High Bay Light Popularity


What Makes LED High Bay Light So Popular?

Are you looking for something to illuminate an ample indoor space? If yes, then LED high bay light is the perfect option for you. These lights provide powerful lighting to a generous space with a relatively high ceiling. For this reason, the high bay lights are the perfect option for industrial and commercial use. Apart from this, you can also use these lights if you have big spaces that are 15 feet to 50 feet high. Want to know more about LED high bay lights and what makes them so popular? Stay tuned then.

led high bay light

What Are High Bay Lights?

LED high bay lights are bright lights that can illuminate a high bay area. Although high bay lights were present in the market for a while, things spiced up with LED bay lights’ introduction. These lights typically hang from the ceiling, or you can even fix them directly to the ceiling. Given these lights’ placement, they are the perfect option to illuminate a large industrial and commercial area as well. What’s more, you can even use these lights in large conference halls, event centers, or any other place that requires lighting from an elevation of 20 feet or more.

Why Should You Choose LED High Bay Lights Over Other High Bay Lights?

Previously, various lighting technologies were used in industries and other commercial areas. Some of these lights include metal halide, high-pressure sodium, and fluorescent. But, there was no looking back after the invention of LED high bay lights. So, what makes these lights so popular among other lights? It is because LED bay lights outperform other bay lights in a lot of ways. We have prepared a detailed comparison of LED high bay lights with other lights for you below. Continue reading to find out more.

LED High Bay Lighting Vs. Metal Halide Bay Lighting

Have you ever been to a ballgame? You must have seen metal halide illuminating the field there. Apart from the ballgame, these lights were standard in warehouses, industries, or any other high space place that needed to be illuminated. The reason for their popularity was the decent color rendering that they provide. Not only this, but they also offered appropriate foot-candle levels. But, these lights had some significant drawbacks as well. The significant disadvantages of metal halide lights are high maintenance cost and a long time to warm up. This is why LED high bay lighting took over them in a short period.

LED High Bay Lighting Vs. High-Pressure Sodium Lights

The most common use of high-pressure sodium lights was in warehouses, recreational facilities, and industries as these places require high bay lighting. The reason for their popularity includes a low-operating cost, cheap selling price, and a longer life span s compared to other high bay lights. Although these advantages make them a popular choice among other high bay lights, they lose the competition to LED high bay lights. They have the worst color rendering and the most extended warm-up period compared to LED high bay lighting.

LED High Bay Lighting Vs. Fluorescent Lighting

Although somewhat uncommon, fluorescent is used in industries and warehouses. The reason for their popularity is their cheap initial cost and a high level of efficiency as compared to other bulbs. But, one of their significant downsides includes the presence of toxic mercury in them. The presence of mercury in these lights means that they require specific waste disposal procedures. What’s more, their lifespan also decreases if you frequently switch them on and off.


LED high bay lights have created quite a stir in the world of lighting. It is because of the many advantages that they offer. Want to know more about the benefits of using LED high bay lighting? Keep reading then.

1.     Energy Saving

One of the significant advantages of using LED high bay lighting is that they save energy. The standard wattages of these lights can range from 95 watts to 495 watts. This is relatively low compared to other high bay fixtures that can range from 175 watts to 1000 watts. Thus, by switching to these lights, you can reduce your energy consumption by 40%.

2.     Reduction in Maintenance Cost

You will notice a dramatic reduction in your maintenance cost if you decide to switch to LED high bay lights. It is because of the way they generate lights. The lights generated by these lights degrade pretty slowly. As a result, their life increases quite significantly as compared to other forms of lightings. Thus, the load of maintenance is also reduced.

3.     The Lighting Performance

The lighting performance is one of the main factors when it comes to choosing a light. The lighting performance of these LED high bay lights is what sets them apart from other lights. These lights have a multi-point design. This means that they distribute the lights on the surface relatively evenly. As a result, the light levels on the said surface will vary less between the mounting locations and the surface.

4.     NO UV Radiation

LED high bay lights to emit no ultraviolet rays or UV. These lights are exclusively in the space of 400-800nm. Moreover, they do not contain any mercury as well. Finally, these lights are very cool. Thus, it reduces the risk of burns and fires.

5.     Faster Heat Dissipation

The cooling downtime of these lights is quite fast too. It is because these lights do not need to get hot to start. The fast cool-down time increases the people’s safety that comes in contact with LED bay light as hot bulbs can cause fires. As these lights do not need any time to warm up, you can get full brightness within seconds.

Factors to Consider When Buying LED High Bay Lights

There are certain factors that you need to consider while buying LED high bay lights. We have listed a few important ones of them below. Let’s check them out.

1.     Choose a Good Brand

One of the most essential factors that you need to consider while buying LED bay lights is the brand. You must know that all brands are not the same. Only some of the brands have what it takes to produce good lights. Therefore, you must choose a good brand while buying the lights.

2.     Check the Lifespan

You must not forget to check the LED high bay lights’ lifespan that you are considering buying. These lights can last 50 times more than regular illuminants. As a result, it will save you additional maintenance costs as well.

3.     The Quality of LED Chips

You must go for LED high bay lights that have superior chips. When you buy LED bay lights with excellent chips, it will reduce the risk of malfunction of lights. As a result, your lights will for a more extended period as well.

Final Words

Since LED high bay lights offer a number of benefits, therefore, we recommend that you must switch to LED high bay lights as soon as possible. Once you do, you will notice immediate saving of energy, low maintenance cost, and an improvement in the overall lighting performance as well.

However, do ensure that you buy your LED high bay lights from a reliable manufacturer and supplier such as the Anern-Marketing. After all, the quality and the longevity of the light greatly depend upon its quality.

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