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How to be sustainable with solar light with remote control?


First of all, we know that one of the main goals of today’s world is to reduce the effects we have on the environment. For this reason, we have seen the term “solar light with remote control” everywhere, especially in people’s routine.

However, many still do not understand or do not know the real importance of sustainability. It does not only offer a reduction in environmental impacts, but also offers ways to reduce costs.

Want to know how? So, check out our post until the end and ask all your questions about it.

After all, what is solar light with remote control?

First of all, we can say that sustainability is nothing more than the act of carrying out actions thinking about natural resources and the future of the next generations. In other words, being sustainable means using solar light with remote control for lighting, so that the environment and our next generations do not suffer from our actions now.

Thus, the term sustainability has gained more space in society, as it offers ways for people to understand the environmental impacts we cause to the environment, but in return, we have full knowledge of how to use resources in our favor.

Not only to mitigate environmental effects, but also to reduce personal energy and water costs , for example.

How to be sustainable in solar light?

Now that you understand the concept of sustainability and realize its due importance, check out the main ways to acquire sustainable habits below:

  1. Use solar light with remote control

First of all, an extremely viable alternative to consume energy these days is to use a solar reflector as a way to absorb the sun’s rays and transform them into electrical energy.

In addition to contributing to the reduction of the creation of hydroelectric plants, you also end up saving your pocket. That’s because solar light with remote control is extremely clean and cheap. And therefore less expensive than the energy we routinely use.

2. Use LED lamps

In case you didn’t know, LED lamps convert all the energy received into light, unlike the traditional models we use at home. They do not offer full use of electricity. In other words, LED consumes much less energy and offers even better brightness, favoring monthly bills and the low consumption rate of incandescent lamps.

  1. Save water

No less important than all of the above is the need to save water. Not just because it’s a global problem. Because of the financial savings you’ll see at the end of the month.

Currently, there are taps, filters and water reservoirs that work solely and exclusively for economic purposes, ensuring that your daily portion of water is used in a conscious, correct and, above all, in a sustainable manner.

Solar light with remote control are economical

Economy and safety are the most considered factors when planning the solar light with remote control. As they are environments that mix the collective and the private, developing a lighting project for condominiums may not be as simple as it sounds.


What are the essential points you should pay attention to when implementing lighting in condominiums!

Importance of a solar light with remote control project

Condominiums have different areas with different uses. Therefore, the lighting needs to be carefully thought out and planned to favor each of these environments.

The most common areas in condominiums are:

  • the garden
  • swimming pool
  • and entrance hall
  • corridors between the apartments
  • elevator, stairs and emergency exits
  • concierge, gourmet area, gym
  • playroom, parking, ballroom and sports courts.

You might imagine that the lighting in the parking lot will not be the same as in the ballroom.

After all, in the parking lot, one should focus on safety and eyesight, while in the ballroom; coziness is one of the desired goals. In addition, this large number of differentiated environments require a large amount of lamps, which can increase (a lot!) energy costs.

So, planning and implementing a lighting project based on the characteristics of your condominium is essential. The lighting must take into account every detail of the space and also the residents.

What to consider when implementing lighting in condominiums?

So, to have an efficient lighting project in condominiums, it is necessary to guarantee 3 important points:


  1. Specific use of each environment;
  2. Energy saving;

Characteristics of solar light with remote control

Regarding the characteristics of each location, it is necessary to consider natural lighting, the positioning of each artificial light source, the formation of shadows and contrasts, the color of light appropriately for each place, and various other details that will be observed by a professional.

In addition, emergency lights must be installed, which is essential for the safety of residents in the event of a power outage. Emergency lighting is even required by an ABNT technical standard, NBR 10898/2013.

In all these cases, solar light with remote control stand out for their economy and malleability, adapting to all needs.

How to correctly apply LED lighting in condominiums?

For outdoor areas, LED reflectors with presence sensor are ideal to ensure good lighting and reduce costs. In the pool, garden, and other leisure areas, you can use the LED skewers to play shadows and make the spaces more intimate.

Indoor areas, such as hallways, need to be well lit to avoid accidents and direct the flow of people. LED strips and beacons can also be good options to illuminate specific points and bring a charm to the environment, whether indoors or outdoors.

The use of solar light with remote control in condominiums is essential, given the high durability, lower energy consumption and reduced maintenance. LED lamps use about 75% less energy compared to conventional ones. In addition, its long service life withstands even the on-off of occupancy sensors.


Therefore, the analysis of a specialist is essential to ensure adequate lighting for each environment, also ensuring safety and economy. Count on the expertise of a reference company in the field!

We are a reference in the implementation of lighting projects with LED lighting. We have several success stories in various types of projects, always focusing on economy and adequate lighting.

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