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7 Benefits of Solar Street Lighting System in 2022


Do you like beautiful forms of lighting? Solar garden lights are both environmentally friendly products, just to decorate your garden more beautiful, they also save electricity for your family. You can do this efficiently with solar street lighting system.

According to some statistics, about 1.1 billion people around the world do not have access to the electricity grid. Although this number is expected to decrease in the future, countries are facing the risk of an increasingly serious energy crisis.

In that context, experts in the energy industry affirmed that the solution to the problem of energy security is to promote renewable energy sources, especially solar lights, an area where Europe has potential huge mining.

So do you write how solar garden lights work? They bring aesthetic value as well as cost. They save electricity and help you to do a part to protect the environment.

Special structure of solar street lighting system

On the market today, solar street lighting system is also known as energy lights, solar lights, solar lights, etc. These lamps are available in various designs, sizes, and capacities. The lighting system of the lamp includes: LED lights, solar panels, controllers, chargers, batteries.. In particular, in some lamps, inverters can also be used.

Solar Street Lighting System

Working principle of solar lights

Solar lights are lights that use 100% of energy from the sun; this is a clean, natural and completely free energy source. With a smart and flexible mechanism, the lights automatically illuminate at night and automatically turn off during the day. Its working principle is quite simple:

During the day: The lights automatically turn off, the solar panel will absorb sunlight and accumulate in the charger or battery, when storing enough energy, and it will automatically turn off (About 6 hours).

– At night: The light will automatically illuminate thanks to the solar energy that has been charged before.

Automatic motion sensor: In addition to the light sensor, the light also has the ability to sense when people and objects move close and automatically turn on.

Solar street lighting system

Alternative lighting solutions with many prospects

Experts have pointed out many advantages of solar street lighting system, especially energy efficiency, safety for the environment and users, and the applicability of smart and connected technology. Taking advantage of endless energy sources, this is a modern solution rich in functions and completely free of electricity bills.

Not only areas without electricity grid, this is also what modern residential areas, urban areas and factories are looking for in this type of lamp to help reduce lighting costs and contribute to environmental protection.

Particularly, where solar energy is abundant, and electricity used for lighting accounts for 25% of total electricity consumption, it is a smart choice in the present and in the future.

Applications of solar street lighting system

Solar lights are widely applied in daily life as well as for production, processing, transportation… such as:

  • Airport lighting
  • Highway and road lighting
  • Lighting of parks and amusement parks, outdoor sports fields
  • Industrial and commercial lighting
  • Lighting for outdoor security purposes
  • Moreover, lighting the garden, the path
  • Lighting of fish ponds, shrimp ponds…
  • And all k areas without electricity

Sustainable development with “clean” energy sources

Many large-scale surveys show that replacing conventional lights with solar lights contributes to saving energy and reducing environmental pollution. Solar street lighting system solutions using clean energy are increasingly developed and widely applied with preeminent features. And especially the outstanding advantages of the following lamp products:

– The product has good water resistance, does not use electrical cords, so you do not have to worry about rain or wind.

  • Using 100% solar energy, saving electricity, environmentally friendly, safe.
  • Bring aesthetics to your garden space; ensure the necessary amount of light.
  • Rugged design, high portability
  • High brightness, extremely durable
  • Integrated many modern sensors: infrared, sound, light …

Do solar garden lights have batteries?

Solar lights work by absorbing light from the sun and converting it into electricity. In the morning when sunlight starts to shine, solar street lighting system will take on the role of absorbing light energy and convert them into electricity; the electricity will be stored in a solar battery. When it is dark, the sensor will recognize and automatically light up.

What are solar panels?

Solar Street Lighting System 2022

The solar panel itself is a flat surface made up of silicon chips called a PV (or photovoltaic) cell. These cells are stacked in layers on the panel, supported by a piece of metal. When sunlight passes through these layers, everything happens very quickly and generates electricity. The wires that you can see in the photos above connect the metal base to the battery and that’s where all the power is stored.

How to know when the light will come on?

It is called a photo resistor. It’s a small device that controls the electrical circuit inside your solar garden light depending on how bright or dark it is in the area where you place the light.

Basically, during the day the solar panel can charge the battery, but the photo resistor prevents it from lighting up. When it is dark and the photo resistor detects little or no light, it activates the battery and the solar garden light comes on. It does all this automatically like some kind of small circuit overlord.

Is solar street lighting system weatherproof?

Most outdoor solar garden lights are made from aluminum and have IP65 and 67 waterproof technologies, so they can withstand harsh weather, even if it’s hot or rainy, the lights will still work well. . You just need to clean the lights from time to time to keep them clean.

So do solar garden lights need constant light to charge?

Today, solar lights are greatly improved, it is not necessary to have continuous power for the lights to be charged. In some areas, even if it rains or is not sunny for a few days, the lights still work effectively. .

However, the solar street lighting system still needs power from the sun. And what we’re talking about is direct sunlight, not sunlight covered by shadows. Therefore, choosing a location for solar garden lights so that the lights can work effectively is essential.

Thank you for reading our article, this article is only about the questions that customers often ask about solar garden lights. If you find this article interesting, please share it on your wall to let everyone know.

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