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2022 Best Solar Street Light Supplier in China


The installation and use of solar street lights is extremely simple. You just need to choose a place with good lighting. Then, put the lights on the poles, gates, fences… where you want. The most important is to contact solar street light supplier.

Solar Street Light Supplier

The solar panel on the top of the lamp will absorb the energy obtained from sunlight and accumulate it inside the lamp. The low amount of sunlight collected will be converted into electricity to power the lights to operate at night.

Benefits of solar street lights

Owning a solar street lamp will bring you many practical benefits:

  • Your home adds warmth, luxury and highlights at night at first sight.
  • The light from the solar streetlights contributes to the security of the house and the safety of pedestrians
  • Helps you save a large amount of money every month from reducing electricity consumption thanks to the use of solar energy of the lights.

The lamp has high durability and simple design. You do not need to worry too much about hiring people to install or maintain the lights every month.

Using solar street lights is a significant contribution to the implementation of a green lifestyle, saving fuel and protecting the environment.

How do solar street lights work?

Solar Street lights work based on the energy absorbed from sunlight every day.

Solar street light supplier will have a sensor system inside. They will automatically light up when it is dark and turn off during the day without you having to bother to adjust.

General introduction of solar street lights removable battery Solar Light 300W. This is an extremely hot lighting product that is the most perfect choice to replace current street lights. This street light product uses solar energy for lighting without consuming any operating electricity costs.

Solar street lights

Solar Light 300W removable battery solar street light is modernly designed, ensuring absolute safety for consumers without fear of electricity leakage or weather influence. Especially with the IP66 standard, the solar street light can be used in any harsh weather, whether it’s stormy or sunny.

Structure of solar street light with removable battery Solar Light 300W

Solar Light 300W removable battery solar street light is integrated with 800 small led lights inside. The product has a smart structure as follows:

Solar panels

The product is integrated with a solar panel (photovoltaic panel) mounted directly on the top of the lamp. This part has the effect of collecting solar energy to convert into electricity and store it in the storage unit and provide energy directly for the lights. Therefore, you need reliable solar street light supplier.

Fast-charge Lithium battery – great energy and long life

The high-grade Lithium battery built into the product can store huge amounts of energy and has a long life cycle. The battery has a fairly fast charging time of only 4 to 8 hours to fully charge the battery and has a continuous use time of 12 to 14 hours.

High-end LED chip – extremely bright

This is the most important part in solar light products. These LEDs have an outstanding lifespan, approximately 15 times higher luminous efficiency than conventional incandescent bulbs and up to 15% energy savings compared to compact lamps.

Solar Street Light Supplier 2022

LED lights have a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours, even if used for a long time, the lamp will not get hot, and the lamp has a soft light that does not cause glare. More specifically, the solar street light supplier can illuminate a wide area and does not emit any toxic gas like other lamps.

Smart light sensor in solar street light

In the solar street light 300W removable battery Solar Light is integrated with a smart light sensor. This sensor will help the lights automatically turn on when it is dark and automatically turn off during the day.

Lamps have a lifespan of up to 10 years.

In the packaging box of each solar light product, there is a quick instruction sheet that summarizes how to install the solar light corresponding to the packaged product. However, if you are still wondering we will have a more comprehensive look at the instructions on how to properly install solar lights, including mounting methods for the lights.

Necessary equipment to install solar lights

  • Selected type of solar light
  • Drill
  • Countersink
  • Screw
  • Measuring tape

Installation instructions for solar lights

Depending on the type and capacity of the outdoor solar lighting system you choose, there will be different installation options for them. So what exactly are solar lights? It’s best to read about them and their benefits before making a purchase.

But when you are ready, here are the general steps that you will have to follow if you want to install a solar lighting system. You also need reliable solar street light supplier.

Step 1: Locate

First of all, you will have to locate a spot in your yard that gets full sun throughout the day.  Basically, the longer a lamp stays in the sun, the better the chance it will have to fully charge and give you more shine.

You will have to consider factors that can provide shade, like trees or walls, as well as the actual condition of the site. You should not install the light in an area with rough surfaces.

Step Two: Install solar street light

Once you’ve determined the ideal location, it’s time to actually install the lights. This step will depend on the type of lighting you have chosen. For example, if you’ve opted for a light that comes with a stake in the ground, the real next step is to attach the post to bushes in your garden or along your yard path.

If you’ve opted for wall-mountable lights, make sure you choose a wall that gets as much light as possible throughout the day.

There are also models that allow you to attach solar lights to a fence or on top of existing posts in your yard (usually made from wood, vinyl or PVC). The latter two types of lights will come with the mounting hardware needed to install them, which typically includes a series of screws and a wall/post bracket.

Step 3: Read the user manual

Follow the Home Energy Storage instructions to see what other steps you need to take before you can actually start using the light. Note that some panels have their own on and off switches, while others have built-in light sensors that will detect when it’s dark outside and automatically turn on the lights.

Some solar lights have a motion sensor, which will only turn on the light after motion is detected. They’re effective because they save battery and are a good idea for situations where you need them to temporarily illuminate your path in the yard.

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