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Solar Street Light Price: 3 Fundamental Tips for not Making a Mistake


In this article, we’ll give you 3 fundamental tips to make sure you don’t make a mistake when choosing your street lighting. Knowing how to use space and lights to highlight the beauty of the environment makes all the difference. It is important to check solar street light price.

The aim of your project is to make the street cozy and beautiful, and light is directly related to that. So, check out the 3 most important tips for your project.

  1. Purpose of the light project

It is always desirable to start with the goal in mind. There are three main ones:

  • Total lighting: bring good lighting to all parts of the street;
  • Highlight: to highlight some elements that makes up the street;
  • Functionality: use the lights to create a decorative element or facilitate the transition during the night.

If you want to focus on total lighting, it is important to have solar street light price knowledge. If you want to use light bulbs to enhance a spot in the street, you will need to think strategically.

But if your goal is to use for functionality, you need to figure out the number of lights you will need for your project.

What is the average price of solar street light?

The average price of solar street light starts from:

  1. 60usd for 66led
  2. $59 for 83 led light

2. Arrangement of lights

If the design objective is just total lighting, you can have a greater number of different light poles. The size of your street also influences the placement of lights.  Moreover, if it is small, for example, it is ideal to place them close to the wall.

If you’re going to highlight points in the street, decide which places you’d make the best use of the light and which elements you want to highlight. Moreover, if you put a lot of lights, the room will be well lit, but the effect will be less.

If you have beautiful plants, for example, placing the lights next to them will create a beautiful view. You can give them a stream of light by putting the lights in front or to the side; you can bring them closer to the wall so that they reflect on the plants.

How to install function led solar street light?

In functional situations, you just need to check solar street light price. For example, if you want to light a path through the street, use enough light to provide good light, without exaggeration. You can contact a reliable supplier for best price.

Regardless of the way you use the lights, invest in beautiful options that will add to your street’s aesthetics.

  1. Choice of lights

Anyway, the main part: choosing the lights. The most suitable are those that do not cause any damage to the plants. Therefore, LED technology is the most recommended. They do not hinder the development of the nature of your street, in addition to being more economical and durable.

Why you need to invest in solar led lights?

Investing in solar energy is a way for you to save money and ensure more good use of lights. A solar luminaire stores daylight, and projects it at night. And because it works by sunlight, your photoresistor detects the absence of light right after sunset. This automatically activates the lamp.

We invite you to take a look at solar street light price, with the various products we have to light up your street. You will find good options for solar energy, which will bring more lighting with economy and beauty to your street, without harming the plants in the space.


Energy saving is a subject that shines more and more on the conscience of USAs. After all, who doesn’t like to pay less on the electricity bill at the end of the month and, on top of that, still collaborate to reduce energy consumption? Due to the economy and high durability, LED lights have gained fame and are gradually entering more USA homes.


Despite being more expensive than incandescents and fluorescents, they still generate savings because they use less energy and, mainly, because they have a good durability. After all, if a light bulb works longer, you’ll need to make fewer changes, consequently, spending less on replacements.

But why do they last longer than other models? Does this longevity really make a difference when it comes to saving? Learn how LED bulbs work and understand how this is all possible.

The answer of solar street light in your operation

The “secret” of the durability of LED lights, in reality, is no mystery, as it can be explained by their basic characteristics. This LED is nothing more than a light-emitting diode, a semiconductor that emits light when energized.

Because of this, 95% of the energy that arrives in the lamp is transformed into light, while only 5% turns into heat. This also explains why LED bulbs heat up less than others. To get an idea, this ratio is much more effective than incandescent lights, which use copper wires and tungsten filaments.

How much energy solar street light saves?

In this system, only 5% of the energy that the incandescent lamp uses turns to light, while 95% results in heat. Fluorescent lights, which use a mixture of gases in tubes to illuminate, are more effective than incandescent ones, but they also don’t come close to the near-perfect efficiency of LED.

Thus, the simple functioning of the solar street light price and its high capacity to generate light already helps to understand why its quality and resistance are superior. After all, there is little loss of energy and less wear on parts.

The life of LED lights

There is another interesting detail about the durability of LED lights. Normally, the useful life of this object is the time it has before it burns out and stops working. This is what commonly happens with an incandescent lamp, since the heat it produces wears out the filament itself.
2000 lumen solar led street light

With LED, the same doesn’t happen. Most of these lights have a useful life of 25 thousand hours, which already represents a few years of durability. However, that doesn’t mean that after time it will stop working. When an LED light starts to reach its limit, it doesn’t burn out all at once. Instead, your light gradually dims.

Maximum hours of solar street light

At first, solar street light price is almost imperceptible. It only starts to be noticed when it is at 70% of its luminosity. It is when this value is reached that the “end” of the LED lights’ life is determined, following international lumen measurement standards.

Thus, the 25,000 hours of duration are for when it starts to lose its capacity, not when it stops functioning completely. Not to mention that the LED, when used correctly, does not run the risk of going through a sudden burnout, which damages the lamp before the end of its useful life.


All of this makes LED lights extremely advantageous and economical. Even though they are still expensive compared to the rest, in the long run they help to save energy and money. Visit our website and discover these and other solutions in solar energy and ecological efficiency.

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