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Where to get solar street light for sale China in 2022?


solar street light for sale
Factory solar street light for sale with the advantages of better light quality, extended lifespan and energy saving have become the smart choice and solution for factories and workshops.

The workshop area is where the machines work continuously. When one machine starts up, the load consumption of the whole area will be affected. With older generation factory lights, when the load consumed changes, the lights will flash.

Frequent flashing of lights will greatly reduce the life of the lamp. In other words, the old generation lamps used in workshops have a very short life. They often have to be replaced constantly. Therefore, solar lights are an extremely useful alternative.

Note to not choose the wrong solar street light for sale of poor quality

When choosing to buy factory and warehouse led lights, in addition to viewing the catalog, warranty, . . . You need to quickly test the product before deciding whether to buy it or not. If the lamp has one of the following signs, do not recommend buying:

The light turns blue.

After turning on 4-5 minutes, the light is hot.

When starting, the light vibrates and when lit it makes a noise.

For peace of mind not to choose the wrong solar street light for sale, you should choose a reputable supplier, factory lighting products must have a warranty period for many years, and during the first 1 year, if the product defective product, you must be exchanged for a new product.

Important notes when installing factory solar street light for sale

  1. Ensuring lighting standards in the factory

Enterprises need to ensure that the design meets the lighting standards. In each working area, there are common requirements for luminance. The color rendering index of light (denoted Ra) needs to be between 60-100. It is to ensure the true color of the light. This will create convenience when working, limiting errors that cause poor product quality.

Lighting standards need to ensure worker safety, not cause glare and glare for workers.

Supplier of high quality genuine solar street light for sale

Currently on the market there are many types of lights installed for factories and warehouses. That causes many difficulties for owners of factories and warehouses in choosing.


With the application of the most advanced and advanced technology, Anern Marketing solar street light for sale are integrated with many outstanding advantages over ordinary light bulbs. It is not surprising that it is used in almost all areas all factories and enterprises today.

Solar street lights for public lighting such as parks, urban areas or streets are a lighting solution chosen by many modern investors. If you are still wondering about the great advantages of solar street lights as well as a reputable address providing this product, do not miss the following article!

Structure of solar street light for sale

Solar streetlight system for parks and urban areas is an outdoor lighting system using green energy, which significantly saves energy used for lighting. This is an extremely suitable solution for outdoor lighting, where pulling and connecting electricity is expensive and complicated.

Solar Street light for sale has a fairly simple design but are extremely effective in converting light energy into electricity, giving a strong, clear and extremely durable light intensity:

LED headlights:

LED headlights use advanced LED chips, which significantly improve light quality compared to conventional halogen headlights. In addition, solar LED lights consume 70% less electricity than traditional bulbs used as headlights as before.

Storage: Power storage or batteries are used to store the amount of electricity produced. With the development of lithium ion batteries, power storage has more outstanding advantages and is gradually replacing conventional batteries.

Solar panels: Solar cells do the main job in converting light into electricity.

Working principle of solar street light for sale

During the day, the solar panel will have the role of collecting energy directly from the sun, then converting it into electricity, passing through the controller and transferred to storing electricity in a rechargeable battery.
solar street light for sale 2022

At night, the light will automatically turn on to illuminate when it is dark, draw power from the charged battery and store it during the day. This provides power for the solar street light for sale to glow at night.

What areas are solar street lights for?

Solar street lights for parks and urban areas are suitable for all outdoor areas that need to be illuminated. Lights are easy to use in places where there is no power supply, locations far from power sources that make pulling electricity complicated such as:

  • Streets, highways, walkways
  • Parks, playgrounds, sidewalks
  • Parking
  • School, hospital, security area
  • Amusement parks
  • Factory campus, construction site, farm
  • Golf course, eco-tourism area
  • Other public works
  • The outstanding advantages of solar street lights

Energy saving solar street light for sale

For large -capacity solar street light for sale, investors often need a lot of electricity for the lights to work efficiently and stably. However, when using a solar light system for parks and urban areas, you will no longer have to worry about this problem.

Sunlight is a sustainable, renewable and completely free source of energy, so after the initial investment, you won’t have to pay for electricity throughout the life of the lights.

Fits almost any place

Because of its simple structure, does not require the use of electrical wiring and connection to the grid, the solar light system for parks and urban areas can stand completely independently.

Therefore, solar streetlights can be placed in almost any location. This includes remote areas that are difficult to access to the national grid. In addition, the maintenance and repair process for this lamp is also quite simple.

Efficient lighting, long life

Compared with traditional lamps, solar street light for sale can distribute light more accurately and efficiently, helping to spread the light evenly over the area to use and saving energy. Solar streetlights for parks and urban areas also help to enhance the sharpness of objects, assist vision with white light, ensuring safety for users at night.

Environmental friendliness

Unlike other lighting methods, solar streetlights do not emit harmful gases or consume fuel, so using a solar light system is also a method of reducing energy efficiency greenhouse effect and effective carbon emissions. This is the trend of the times to help people develop sustainably in terms of economy and life.

Solar light systems for parks and urban areas require a higher initial investment than conventional street lights, and solar light energy often depends a lot on the climatic conditions of the place of installation lamp. However, with the above great advantages, solar street light for sale are still an optimal choice for lighting public places.

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