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What is solar street light cost in 2022 China?


Which price of solar street lights is being interested by many customers?

solar street light cost

Street lights using solar energy are one of the lighting and decorative measures that will become a trend in the coming years. There are many benefits from using this energy source such as being environmentally friendly, saving electricity, lighting in many different areas. Therefore, the solar street light cost has always been a matter of concern and research. Let’s find out the article below!

What are solar street lights?

Before learning about the price of solar street lights, let’s take a look at some basic information about this type of light. This is a type of lamp that works by converting sunlight from sunlight into electricity, and then the lamp’s controller will charge the battery (this process will take 4 to 6 hours).

Working principle of solar street lights

Solar lights use 100% energy from the sun completely free and automatically illuminate at night and automatically turn off during the day.

During the day, the lights will automatically turn off, the solar panel will absorb the radiation to convert it into electricity and store it in the battery. When storing enough energy, the light will automatically turn off the input power.


This process can take 4-6 hours. At night, the lights will automatically illuminate thanks to the previously charged solar street light cost. Each type of energy lamp will give a different lighting time, usually from about 10 to 12 hours.

Advantages of solar street lights

Cost saving: This is the first advantage to mention when using solar lights. It is thanks to the ability to convert light energy into electricity that this device helps people save significant monthly costs.

Environmentally friendly: Using solar lights helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce environmental pollution.

High safety: The light of the solar lamp is quite soft, so it does not hurt the eyes or cause harm to the user. In addition, because there is no need for electrical wiring, using this type of light will minimize the risk of fire and short-circuit causing electrical safety.

High durability: Thanks to modern production technology, solar street light cost has a very long life. The lamp construction materials are also highly resistant to oxidation, resistant to many harmful effects of the external environment. In particular, the LED bulbs also have a lifespan of up to 5-10 years of operation.

What is the selling price of solar street lights?

Currently, the selling price of solar street lights ranges from a few hundred thousand dong to several million dong. The solar street light cost depends on many factors such as brand, model, design… Therefore, you should consider your needs to make a reasonable choice.

Note when choosing solar street lights

A few notes below will help you choose to buy a quality solar street light:

Solar lights are often common outdoors, so you need to pay attention to their materials. You should choose lights made from high-quality, non-rust materials… to withstand the environment hard.

It is advisable to check the brightness of the bulb before buying.

Choose a quality, reputable manufacturer, and at the same time have a clear warranty for the product.

Solar lights are a clean energy product that is currently getting popular to use to contribute to limiting electricity consumption and protecting the environment. This type of lamp is often common for outdoor lighting, especially lighting the entrance area and garden.

Therefore, currently on the market, the line of solar lights is very diverse in design as well as integrating many smart functions. Let’s learn the basics of solar street light cost with us through the article below!

Concept Behind solar street light cost

Solar lights, also known as solar lights, are a lighting system consisting of lamps, solar panels, batteries, controllers, and chargers.

The lamp works by converting sunlight from sunlight into electricity, then the lamp’s controller will charge the battery (this process will take 4-6 hours), after the electricity is fully charged. . The light will glow for a period of 10 -12 hours continuously (even on rainy days, without sunlight).

How are solar lights made?

Understanding more about the structure of solar street light cost helps users better understand the principle of operation, how to use solar lights in life applications. The structure of solar lights includes the following basic parts:

Solar panels

This is an important and indispensable part for all energy lights. It has the effect of absorbing sunlight and converting it into electricity for lighting. This battery is easy to attach to the light (back of the lamp or above the top of the light) or removable panel, easy to move in the location with the most sunlight.

Solar light bulbs: Depending on the type of light, there will be different capacity and number of LED bulbs.

Lamp body: Most solar lights are made from PC material, high-grade ABS plastic, or from aluminum, tempered glass…

Battery: Each lamp is equipped with a super durable, high capacity Lithium battery.

Working principle of solar lights

The structure and design of each type of solar lamp is different. But its working principle is exactly the same.

During the day when the sun shines, the battery of the lamp will collect heat to convert into electricity. This energy will pass through the charge controller and then be retained in the battery to store energy. This is important to know solar street light cost.

When the battery fully charges, the energy controller will automatically disconnect the charge. So, When needed, the energy controller will automatically convert energy from the battery to provide LED lighting.

When the stored energy is common up, the light will automatically be turned off and the solar battery will continue to absorb energy. The charging principle of the battery will stop at a stable level and not exceed the allowable limit. When the battery is full or in the evening, the process of absorbing solar energy will stop.
solar street light cost 2022

Most Prominent Features of solar lights

Energy saving:

Solar lights use green energy from nature, replacing other energy sources, both limiting pollution to the surrounding environment and saving the family’s monthly electricity consumption.

Compared with 50W halogen lamps, which can convert 90% of electricity into radiant heat, only 10% into light, solar LED lights not only use 15% of the energy required by halogen lamps, but also provide up to 85 % light energy and less heat.

Long service life and good durability

The life of the solar lights is very long, using more than 50,000 hours, can light continuously throughout the night without fear of running out of battery. Families do not need to worry about having to change light bulbs often.

The lamp has high durability, the outer cover is a material that is very resistant to water and can be common in all harsh weather conditions such as sun, rain, wind, dust…

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