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What is the life of solar storage battery system?


Below we explain step by step how to mount a structure for solar storage battery system.  It is best for the structure inclined at 30º for 3 solar panels. It is a structure designed to install on a flat floor or ceiling where the panels come vertically and with an inclination of 30º on the horizontal plane.

solar storage battery system

The assembly of this structure is the same whether it is 1, 2, 3 or more solar panels.

Steps to follow in assembly

  1. The first thing is to arrange the profiles in a single row and place each module guide joint next to them.
  2. In this step we are going to make the assembly of the solar storage battery system. We will have to open them because they are already pre-assembled. With the screws and the nut that they incorporate, they fix with the help of an Allen key. It is important to ensure that all the triangles are correctly fixed at their vertices.

How to set solar storage battery system triangles?

When the triangle secures, you will see that in the diagonal profile there are two holes at each end; We will use the ones closest to the edge to insert the fixation. This process must repeat in the 3 triangles that the structure incorporates to complete the anchoring of the base.

  1. We place the profiles on the ground. With the help of a tape measure and a marker we make a mark on the 50cm. This is where the first triangle of the frame will attach. This process must repeat at the other end of the profiles.

How to set profiles in battery system for solar panels?

  1. Once the profiles of solar storage battery system mark, the triangles come on the marks and we fix each profile. Remember that the mark should be in the center of the triangle for a better grip. Once it correctly positions, it must tighten without much pressure and with the help of a ratchet to fix the triangle profile.
  2. We place the central triangle on the mark and fix following the same procedure.
  3. When the lower profile is fixed, we go on to fix the upper part.
  4. With the structure already preassembled, we correctly tighten each of the fixings with the help of a ratchet.
  5. It is time to move on to placing the solar panels on the structure. It highly recommends carrying out this process between two people due to the volume and weight of the panels.

What is Standalone Solar System?

Stand-alone solar storage battery system is a solar power system that converts energy from sunlight into DC electricity by solar panels (PV) and stores it in a battery then through an independent inverter. This system is suitable for places without electricity such as remote areas, remote areas and islands.

Working principle of off-grid solar power

– Radiation from the sun hitting the solar panels will absorb and convert into electricity. At this time, the system will generate DC current

– DC current will transmit to the Inverter Off-grid. The inverter will convert the DC current into a 2-way AC current, and then supply it to the electrical appliances in the home for consumption.

– If the family does not use excess electricity, the inverter will perform the task of reconciling this amount of electricity with the national grid. This system does not need to use batteries or Lithium batteries to store electricity like a stand-alone system

Why should you install an Off-grid solar storage battery system?

Installed in remote areas, sea and islands, areas without grid electricity or unstable electricity grid, independent solar storage battery system is suitable for installation on boats, mountain resorts.

Ensure that the family always has electricity to use. It does not depend on the grid, uses independent solar power to control the power source, safe, and does not make noise, Non-toxic like a diesel generator

Where we can install solar storage battery system?

Independent inverter with new technology and helps to convert electricity directly from solar panels to AC power for use, high efficiency to help limit conversion loss compared to the old generation often damaged chargers.

The system is easy to install anywhere without being entangled likes the grid system. Bringing economic efficiency and improving people’s lives more modern and civilized.

What is the life of solar storage battery system?

Solar storage battery system is a new environmentally friendly technology, 5-year product warranty, up to 15 years of service life. Compared to the lead acid battery line, it is toxic and has a poor lifespan.

Should you install solar power yourself with storage?

solar storage battery system 2021

This is a question many people take interest in. Because the solar power system with storage install in remote areas, many people want to buy equipment and install it themselves.

Although a stand-alone solar power system can be easily installed in many places, there are nevertheless some precautions.  We need to take when installing and using this stand-alone solar power.

It is necessary to calculate the common capacity of solar storage battery system to see if the solar power system can meet enough, that is, the capacity of the system must be equal to the consumed capacity.

  1. The design of the storage solar power systemmust be technically correct
  2. The installation process must carefully calculate, so that the panels can absorb the most solar energy.
  3. Technical connection, remote monitoring settings, setting parameters of storage battery charging and discharge also require technical skills.
  4. Select brand panels solar, inverter solar quality

Power types of solar storage battery system

Solar panels are easy to classify based on the number of cells that compose them:

12V solar panels: made up of 36 cells in series. These panels are common in small installations that do not require a lot of power since the consumption is low. We recommend this type of solar panels for basic consumption such as small lights, LED signage or motorhomes.

24V solar panels: they contain 72 cells and are common in medium and large installations. You can find powers from 200W to 540W.

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