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How to properly install solar security light with camera?


Solar security light with camera is popular in people’s lives, not only used to light up family spaces, streets or parks… but these lights are also good for decoration. However, not everyone knows how to install and operate it properly.

solar security light with camera

To solve those difficulties, below we would like to suggest how to install optimal, simple and effective solar lights that you can install yourself at home. Here are the detailed steps to install the lights, please follow along!

How to install the most optimal, simple and effective solar lights at home that not everyone knows?

What are solar lights?                                                   

Solar security light with camera is one of the types of outdoor LED lights that use the energy of sunlight to convert into electricity to power LED lights.

According to the professional way of solar led lights, during the day, the solar panels will charge into the battery backup system. When it is dark, the solar led light system will automatically turn on. LED lights and dims the brightness when it’s late at night.

Steps to install solar lights:

Step 1: Check where on your house the sunlight shines strongest and longest. From there, determine the location to install solar panels so that the panels work most efficiently.

Step 2: Install solar panels

– Use a drill to drill the 2 marked holes and then put the support bar and screw with the machine to firmly fix the support bar.

– Place the solar panel on a stand in an outdoor location where it can absorb the sun’s light. Then tighten the screws and adjust the tilt angle of the panel towards the sun.

Step 3: Install the LED light                          

Depending on your purpose and intentions, you choose the location to install solar security light with camera for your apartment.

After you have selected the installation location, then we go to determine the location of drilling screws similar to the step of installing solar panels.

Install the lamp in the position where the screw has been drilled, then tighten the screw to fix the lamp and adjust the lighting angle appropriately.

Step 4: Connect the power cord

You just need to screw two wires connecting between the solar panel and solar security light with camera. It is to complete the installation and use of control and use.

In addition to self-installation, you should also note the following steps during installation and use to take advantage of the efficiency that led lights bring:

Avoid obstacles before installing solar security light with camera:

The effect of solar panels is to absorb energy from sunlight. Therefore, when installing, we should avoid places with large trees.

Tree branches or lines, light poles, etc. will cast shadows on the surface of the panel and will reduce its ability to absorb energy. And will not fully charge the energy used for the night.

Adjust the angle of the panel:

solar security light with camera 2022

Choose a reasonable right angle; adjust the panel to catch direct sunlight for maximum efficiency, increase usability and at night

Do not place the panel with the lamp too far apart:

Because if we place it far away, we will use two-core wire, which will waste energy and reduce the lighting efficiency of the lamp.

The capacity of the battery should be suitable for the lamp:

In order for the energy generated from the battery to be sufficient to support solar security light with camera, we should choose a battery with a capacity suitable for the lamp. For example, if you are using a 50W LED, you should choose a battery with a capacity of 100w.

Choosing panels with a smaller capacity will not have enough energy to support LED lights and in the long run will reduce the life of both the lamp and the panel, causing damage and costs.

Do not leave solar panels in the house: When buying energy lights, we should leave them outside for the battery to be fully charged. So need to put separate panels and lights separately so they connect with each other by cables

Using solar security light with camera must be accurate

The energy lamp controller has very intelligent design. It has the function of disconnecting the current from the solar cell when the charger is full and automatically turning on the lights to illuminate at night. Many customers have to return or make mistakes when using.

Therefore, before buying, you need to learn carefully about how to use it as well as ask for the advice of the staff to be able to use it in the best way.

Solar security light with camera is not a strange phrase for domestic and foreign consumers. It is no coincidence that it is the best-selling lamp in Europe. More specifically thanks to the technology that solar LED lights dominate over any traditional lights.

Because of its excellent properties, LED lights have long become one of the perfect choices of consumers. So why are they so chosen by consumers, let’s learn about the highlights that imported solar lights bring through the article below.

What kind of lights are imported solar lights?

Imported solar lights are currently being common a lot on the market. On the principle of operation of solar street lights: The solar panel will absorb the incoming solar radiation and convert it to convert light energy into electricity.

This current will be sent to the controller, which helps to charge the battery (battery) to store electricity. This power source will continue to use in solar security light with camera. In addition, the light also comes with a light sensor to help the light automatically turn on and off.

Highlights of imported solar energy lights

As a product of current and future technology, solar lights have many outstanding advantages over conventional lights:

Large lighting range of imported solar lights:

This type of lamp has an outstanding advantage that attracts users as it has a very large lighting range. Depending on the operating capacity of the lamp, there are different ranges and levels to suit human lighting purposes.

The illumination of solar security light with camera is very strong. It corresponds to 80% of the light from conventional lights. The light projects with a very long field of view. We can see from a distance from 2m to 100m depending on the power that the light brings.

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