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30KW Solar Roof off-grid Power System for Residential

Date: July 2019 Location: Valparaiso, Chile
30KW solar roof off-grid power system (1)
30KW solar roof off-grid power system (2)

Another solar off-grid system was successfully installed in Chile, South America. “No more expensive electricity bills, no more power shortage for the next decade”-Great feedback from the homeowner of the villa.

Anern has more than 10 years of industry experience in the supply of solar power systems. In order to provide customer with suitable systems, we carefully checked the local lighting conditions and found that the lighting conditions in the places where the customer live are very good. According to the roofing drawings provided by the customer, and understand the villa’s annual power consumption, our company customized a scientific and reasonable 30KW solar off-grid system solution for it, and customized a slope-mounted solar bracket for its villa roof for installing polycrystalline solar panels. The conversion efficiency of our solar panels is as high as 22%, and the power generation capacity is large. It can store and generate electricity even in cloudy days.

About the battery, we configured it the 12V/230AH AGM valve-regulated lead-acid battery, fully sealed, deep cycle, free maintenance.

At the same time, Anern have high-quality and perfect after-sales service to ensure the safe and stable operation of the system. A few months after the installation, the customer gave positive feedback and found that the electricity bills saved were amazing. They were very satisfied with our solar power system.

Want to reduce your electricity bill? Solarize your home with Anern residential PV solutions and let your rooftop pay for your rising energy costs.


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