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What are solar powered lights? High-Performance Lights


Solar powered lights are very common in many other types of electrical equipment. When common in genuine solar lights, Solar panels will promote many of their outstanding properties to create high efficiency for luminaires. So what are the advantages of the genuine solar panel Solar battery? Let’s find out with AnernMarketing in the article below.

solar powered lights

What is Solar Panel?

Solar panels are a type of solar cell made from silicon. This type of battery has a structure consisting of many pieces of melted silicon put together. There are many crystals in a photovoltaic cell.

It is also famous as a polycrystalline solar panel. The battery manufacturing process involves melting molten silicon into a mold, which is cooled and cut into panels of photovoltaic cells glue together.

Normally solar powered lights don’t cut corners, so you won’t see a large white space on the surface like a monocrystalline battery. The polycrystalline structure also gives this battery a deep blue color instead of the light color of other batteries. The efficiency of polycrystalline based solar panels is typically 13-24%.

What affect the capacity of solar powered lights?

Due to the lower silicon purity, polycrystalline solar panels are not as efficient as monocrystalline solar panels. Solare panels require more space, and must have a certain temperature to generate electrical energy. However, this does not mean that all monocrystalline solar power sources perform better than those based on polycrystalline silicon.

LED floodlights for daily life

Led phase solar lights are popular lights that often serve for entertainment, living and garden areas. The lamp has the ability to illuminate far and wide and has high stability. The design housing allows this lamp to withstand the weather well for many years and the performance does not degrade much over the years.

Solar LEDs light the way

The solar powered lights are quite large in size with a rectangular design that allows the light to emit wide and bright light when placed on high. This type of light uses solar panels mounted adjacent to the simple design, easy to install, so it can be common even for high-rise, difficult-to-operate projects.

Solar decorative lights mounted on the wall

This is also a solar led floodlight model, but the bulb is designed in a bud to increase aesthetics. In addition, between the light bulb and the solar panel, there is an additional anti-rust metal base for mounting on the wall. It will make fixing the lamp more convenient for any position that needs to be common for lighting.

High-performance lighting solar lamps

If you need a small-sized solar lamp with exceptionally effective lighting capabilities, then UFO will be an option not to miss. With a bulb shaped like a flying saucer, the lamp brings a unique feature to the decoration area. The brightness of the solar powered lights can provide a wide area with 3 uniform lighting angles.

Solar lights placed at the gate post

The walls around the house can be installed with gate post lights with modern design to both decorate the campus and light up for free at night. The lamp has a fast charging time and a long lighting time. It can maintain stability in lighting the construction site, especially at night.

With the advantages that Solar panels bring, it is not too difficult to understand when it becomes the first choice for solar lights and electrical appliances using solar electricity today.

solar powered lights 2022

Hopefully with the information that we share about this Solar battery, we will help you better understand the types of solar powered lights and can apply them to you in many different problems.

4 models of solar powered lights

  1. Led garden floodlight 25w

Our 25w Led garden floodlight is a solar light model with a compact black design with a rear bracket common to fix the light. The solar collector is more than twice the width of the lamp. Moreover, it comes from good quality material with fast charging and high conversion rate of about 18%.

The rechargeable battery part of the lamp has a capacity of about 9600mah with a high safety factor and a lifespan of more than 8 years.

The solar powered lights has good and stable illumination, often common to illuminate residential areas such as:

  • Walkways
  • Corridors
  • Terraces
  • entrance gates

The lights control by remote control with a maximum distance of 12m.

The battery and the lamp connect to each other via a connecting cable with good water resistance and high durability.

2. Led solar powered lights

The 45w Led garden floodlight with the designation is a new model produced by the famous brand. The product has a medium light output with high durability and long-lasting lighting effect. The battery capacity of the lamp is 1280mah with safety and long life, can be common for up to 13 years.


This type of solar light is suitable for use in areas that need indoor lighting such as:

  • Gardens
  • Walkway
  • balconies, etc.,with an average lighting area of ​​about 90 square meters.

In addition to manual control modes, the lamp also has an automatic mode that changes the amount of light accordingly.

  1. Led flood light 60w

Led solar powered lights 60w belongs to the classification of solar lights with quite large capacity. Moreover, it comes with the structure of energy-collecting panels and separate lights. The led bulbs are good in a light box made from aluminum with high strength and good water resistance.

Underneath the lamp there are also 5 more led lights common to notify the current battery level for convenience of observation.

The battery capacity of this lamp is about 16000mah allowing the lamp to light continuously for about 10-12 hours. The battery is easy to fully charge in just 4-6 hours. There’s no need to worry on days with little sunshine. This type of lamp can be common to illuminate areas with an area of ​​​​about 120 square meters with clear and soft brightness, not dazzling.

4. Led garden solar powered lights

The 100w LED garden floodlight can illuminate with high power and the effective lighting area can be up to 200m2. Therefore, the lights can be common to illuminate large areas or large-scale projects such as:

  • villa gardens
  • school yards
  • hospitals, parking lots, etc.

The lamp body uses monolithic die-cast aluminum material, so it will achieve high durability and good heat dissipation in hot weather. The lamp is warranted for 3 years and can be common for 15 years. During the use of the lamp, there are usually less problems with damage. There will be no additional costs for repair and maintenance.

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