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8 Rules for Perfect Solar Powered Led Street Lights


How to light up your outdoor restaurant to make it unique?

Do you have a restaurant and want to light up your outdoor space? Read our advice on how to light up the tables, how to make the garden welcoming and how to welcome guests. You can try solar powered led street lights.

With the arrival of summer and heat, the desire to enjoy the outdoors, the sun and good weather has also arrived.

What are the aspects of a restaurant that invite you to return? First of all, let’s start by looking at some basic concepts.

Why to choose solar powered led street lights?

Lighting is to show objects! It is one thing to dim the lights to create a suggestive atmosphere, it is quite another to force customers to make an effort to read the menu. Think of lights as spotlights that need to make the dishes stand out.

Solar Powered Led Street Lights

Take into account the style of the place and the dishes they serve. There would be no sense in romantic lighting in a fast food restaurant, as well as fluorescent lights in an elegant venue. When you have defined the mood and the type of clientele, make your choices for perfect lighting.

It is one thing to illuminate the room used for guests, it is quite another to provide the right solar powered led street lights is important.

Let’s see together how to choose the right lights to best illuminate the open spaces of your restaurant and make it the most chic and romantic place for any type of evening.

Tips for Best solar powered led street lights

First of all, it is essential to remember that the external lighting of a restaurant must be extremely flexible and dynamic, in order to favor scenography in great style.

This means that the light must be able to enhance a garden, the driveway, the swimming pool or what really makes the difference outside the structure.

Be careful not to overdo it, however, because proper lighting of the outdoor space requires the use of warm tones and moderate intensities in order to avoid any form of glare.

But let’s get to the point, that is, those 8 rules to be good for the perfect solar powered led street lights lighting of an outdoor restaurant.


8 Rules for Perfect solar powered led street lights

  • Use several layers of light
  • Create a path of lights to guide people
  • Pay attention to space and design
  • Find the right atmosphere
  • Don’t go overboard with colors
  • Offer maximum comfort to customers
  • Focus on current trends (such as LED strips)

Let’s see now, solar powered led street lights solutions that can be useful for an outdoor space.

Let’s start with one of the most popular and easiest to install solutions for “shedding light” outside a room: recessed spotlights.

Particularly appreciated solution especially if the room has a large green space, are the garden lamps. Their operation is the same as recessed spotlights, the only variable is the fact that this type of lighting mounts on a support fixed in the ground. W.

Alternatively, if the venue does not have a garden but only a few tables outside, it is possible to focus on other lamps that can perform their task perfectly. Outdoor spaces of your restaurant and I will propose different solutions, so that you can choose the perfect lighting according to your needs and your spaces.

How to get solar powered led street lights?

If romanticism and intimacy are the emotions you want to arouse at first glance, then classic or antique solar powered led street lights are what are right for you.

Place a lamppost at each table and make sure it emits enough light to allow the customer to read the menu and see the courses he is about to consume.

You can recreate the same effect by using the tubular LED lights, with clean and simple lines. However provide the right lighting to illuminate any aperitif or dinner ad hoc. This type of solution is not very suitable for the green of gardens, but is more suitable to combine with yards and cemented grounds and with furniture in a modern and / or industrial style.


When it comes to restaurants located outdoors, the first images that could come to mind are those that reflect the typical American parties that take place in immense gardens full of lighted tables in a characteristic but at the same time functional way. How to recreate a similar style?

You can use this solution by using special poles or by passing them from one tree to another, trying to cover as much as possible the affected area.

Solar Powered Led Street Lights 2022

By doing so, you will give your outdoor area a timeless appearance and, at the same time, enveloping and welcoming through a soft light.

You can buy an assembled catenary or even add extensions, in order to obtain any necessary length.

You can learn more about the topic concerning energy saving for the environment using LED lighting in our dedicated article.

How to get best solar powered led street lights?

Pay attention to the size of the sconces, so that they can emit enough light to cover multiple tables. This is because using a large number of sconces could ruin the outward appearance of your restaurant and appear overly decorated.

Illuminate yes, but never overdo it! You can also choose to combine the outdoor wall lights with huge gazebos or umbrellas. It is in order to recreate indirect and soft lighting and, at the same time, protect the customer from humidity and any summer rains.


Last but not least, advice is to choose the right lighting for the table on which the diners will eat.

The use of lamps or candles offers the right theatricality and allows you to create a unique atmosphere for all those who will sit outside the room. It is easy to run the risk of lighting the table too little and forcing people to rely on the light of their smartphone to read the menu before ordering.


To answer this question we must first understand the style of the restaurant but, in principle, we can say that warm lights guarantee a romantic atmosphere.

Without fear of making a mistake, the rule is to choose the solar powered led street lights lighting according to the typical clientele of the restaurant.

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