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What are solar power systems prices in 2021?


power systems prices
You can customize solar power systems prices in a very simple way. You can do with components that are easy to find and buy such as:

  • energy panels
  • led chip circuits
  • energy batteries
  • protective covers

Only with those components, you will immediately have a completely different solar lamp such as:

  • a battery that stores more electricity
  • a panel that absorbs more energy

List of solar power systems prices

Solar power systems prices can start from $2.50 to $5.50 USD per watt. Simultaneously, a 1000 watt panel can start from $3000 to 45, 00. Moreover, it depends on the life and supplier of solar system.

Construction of solar lights

You can make your own solar lights by adding storage batteries, solar panels. But first, to customize a solar lamp you need to know about the components. The components of energy lights are to understand the lights. You can easily adjust the lights to your liking.

Solar power systems prices structure 

Solar panels are an indispensable part of solar lights. It has the task of absorbing sunlight and converting it into electricity. Thereby storing electricity into the battery is to power the light bulb.

Storage battery: is a battery, a battery that stores energy, allowing it to be used in extreme temperature ranges. All our energy lamp products are used with high-performance Lithium batteries, providing superior power storage capacity compared to other power storage lamps on the market.

LED bulbs: Depending on different types of lights, the size and brightness of solar power systems prices are different. By using super bright small LED chip, the light intensity is much higher than normal LED bulbs.

Lamp body: For each type of lamp and different uses, the lamp body will also be designed to be most suitable. By using materials such as high-grade ABS plastic such as HVS95 street lights, or copper-clad aluminum, aluminum alloys such as high-end segment lights such as HVS91, HVS92 or HVS94,…

Mechanism of solar power systems prices action

  • During the day: The solar power systems priceswill absorb solar energy into electrical energy. The conversion is done on solar panels. The time to charge the battery depends on each lamp, usually only 6-8 hours.
  • At night: the light will automatically turn on (when AUTO mode is set) and illuminate your home space. Lighting time from 12-14 hours. The light will automatically turn off when the battery is low or according to the preset mode to preserve the storage battery performance.

How to measure solar lights?

If you’re a fan of using different products and are a little savvy with the physics, you can give your solar power systems prices the extra use you need:

More efficient solar panels for lights

You need to prepare 1 solar panel by buying it outside the store. Change always gives the solar light a different panel that is larger than the current panel of the solar light you are using. One thing to note is that you should buy a battery with an output of 6V to ensure the most effective current for the lamp.

Increase the brightness of solar power systems

You can customize a new LED chip for a better light-emitting diode. We will give you an example of two types of solar power systems prices that often integrate in energy lights: the first is a square LED chip SMD, or a round COB led chip. The SMD Led chip has many small led chips in one Led circuit, and the COB led chip is a large round Led chip.

SMD Led chip is capable of creating color changing light with many different color effects suitable for those who want to decorate the lights. As for the COB Led Chip, it comes with many small chips. It is to create a led chip with high brightness suitable for household and industrial lights.

Extension cord for solar lights to be able to use the lights in more places 


Most solar lights have panels with separate lights. The length of the light cord will be about 5-10m long. You can buy more wires to make it longer. Longer wiring makes it easy to run hidden wires along the corners of your roof. This eliminates long wiring making it easier for you to move the lights anywhere in the house. You are more active in the area.

Remove the sensor so the light stays on

You can adjust the sensor of the lamp so that the sensor light can be day and night to be able to better absorb sunlight so that the light glows better at night. Especially solar power systems prices with built-in sensors also have the ability to Very effective anti-theft.

Step 1: Remove the light 

The first step is to remove all the solar lights, remove the circuit of the lamp sensor in the lamp
power systems prices 2021

Step 2: Proceed to repair the sensor

You need to remove the luminaire sensor, and then attach the capacitor in the place of the removed sensor in the circuit.

Step 3: Check the lights 

After attaching the capacitor, check the light output of the sensor lamp. Make sure the lamp will glow longer than the old one.

Increase the lighting time of the solar power systems

When the solar power systems prices are no longer in sensor mode, the lamp will need a higher battery capacity to ensure long-time performance. Therefore, you should increase the number of batteries inside the lamp or increase the capacity of a battery

Usually in solar lights there are only very few batteries stored in the lights. So if you want to increase the ability to store electricity to use your lights to become higher, you should add batteries according to the following instructions.

  1. Preparation step:

Lithium – ion battery (Li-on): You should use Li-ion battery because this is the type of battery that you can easily buy outside the electrical store. Li-ion batteries are batteries used for everyday electronic devices and have a lifespan of up to 5 years. Can you tell them where to get solar power systems prices?

Battery charging circuit: Put an electrical circuit in to help regulate the battery of the energy lamp, it has the function of disconnecting the load to protect the case when the battery’s electrical energy is high and low to avoid damage.

DC scale power meter: used to measure the number of volts of the storage battery

  • Electric tester
  • Soldering pen: used to weld electrical connections together.
  • Zinc: to connect the current between the batteries.
  • Tape: to fix the batteries together firmly.
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