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4 Most Popular Solar Panel Street Lights in 2021


The best types of solar lights today

Solar Panel Street Lights

You want to decorate your garden, house, path with solar panel Street light. Moreover, you want to get the most comfortable space at home on the weekend. No need to pull complicated wires and cause bad situations when encountered, automatically turn on and off according to day and night mode.

Someone enters the area of ​​​​the black car with a sensor system. Sometimes if you go on a picnic, go out or go on a trip, go to work, go to a place where there is no electricity but only sunlight, this item is quite effective.

However, you don’t know which solar panel street light to buy?

Where to buy solar panel street light for the most reasonable price to use? Perhaps this is a question that bothers a lot of people. Therefore, to solve this problem of customers, we will provide the necessary information about some of the most commonly used solar lights today.

You will learn how to choose the lights to decorate your garden in the most satisfactory way. Here are the best solar lights today worth buying that you should choose for yourself and your family.

Solar round flat solar panel street light

The bulb has a circular design with a flat back that is easy to install on the wall, on the ceiling to save space and increase the aesthetics of the room. Round solar panel street light has 2 types: 1 ball 1 battery and 2 balls 1 panel, depending on the lighting needs of each person to choose from.

Type 1 bulb with a capacity of 180W, with a diameter of 20cm, lighting 10-12h automatically suitable for lighting needs for 1 room.

Type 2 bulbs have a capacity of 150W with a diameter of 15cm, lighting time as well as type 1 and have a 10m connection wire to install 2 bulbs in 2 locations far apart. So you can save money when you buy 2 bulbs individually.

90W Solar panel street light

Solar panel street light has the ability to illuminate for 8-12 hours continuously and have a built-in charger on the lamp, which helps to charge the phone even when the power is out.

In addition, the Blulb 90W indoor solar light is IP44 waterproof: the electrical equipment is able to prevent the penetration of solid objects larger than 1.0mm into the electrical equipment; Prevents water ingress from nozzles in all directions.

Solar led flood light


This is one of the best solar light models currently on the market because of its high applicability, convenience and strongest lighting performance. The headlight set includes 1 lamp and 1 removable battery with connection and control wires for use.

4 Popular solar panel street light models

This lamp model has many different capacities, of which the most prominent are the following 4 types:

  1. 40W
  2. 60W
  3. 100W
  4. 200W

Here are a few features and features of solar LED floodlights:

40W indoor solar panel street light owns 90 LED bulbs with 4000LM intensity 8.5 times higher than conventional LED bulbs. Lamp size 19x22cm, lighting within 80m2.

60W indoor solar floodlight owns 136 LEDs with a luminous intensity of 6000LM 7.5 times more than ordinary LEDs and illuminates within 120m2.

Indoor solar panel street light

Indoor solar flood light 100W, 200W super peak lighting efficiency with 10,000LM – 20,000LM, used for all needs, including lighting for factories, large livestock…

This type of indoor solar light has the ability to illuminate for 16 hours continuously, just leave the panel outdoors and it will automatically charge and illuminate, no electricity costs at all.

Hanging Solar Balloon Indoor Lights

Solar Panel Street Lights 2021

Hanging lantern solar  street light with specialized bulbs for indoor use (indoor solar lights ) are mainly installed by hanging on the ceiling. The lamp is very easy to use with a remote control, illuminating with an intensity of 800 – 1000LM, can project 360 degrees. Besides, the lamp has good IP65 water and dust resistance.

HLS6 . Solar led street light

HLS6 solar led street light is combined with high quality solar panel. Offers outstanding power saving capabilities and is completely safe during use. With those advantages, the product is evaluated by experts as one of the best solar lights today.

  • HLS6 solar led street light works with main parts: HLS6 led bulb, solar panel, rechargeable battery, charge controller, optical sensor, connection cable, light poles and brackets.
  • Using high-quality components from leading manufacturers today. Guaranteed to help the lamp work stably and have a long life.
  • The panel is designed in the form of a compact and delicate panel. The panel works by absorbing solar energy during the day. Then convert the light energy into electricity to help lights up at night.

Solar lights are also the beginning of a strong development trend by making full use of sunlight to form and convert into electrical energy to make life easier. And the main function of solar lights is to light up for people to easily operate.

Which brand of solar lights to buy?

This is solar panel street light with a very modern design, this lamp line was invented in an advanced way to meet the needs of users even the most demanding customers through:

  • Saving on monthly electricity costs for consumers
  • Solar lights work for many hours without any loss of light.
  • Designed with a smart sensor, it can automatically light up even at night.
  • Rechargeable energy panels to store electricity when your family has a sudden power outage.
  • There are many different designs and colors but still meet the light source for users.

Nowadays, with environmental pollution, the risk of resource depletion is happening, people are gradually aiming for modernity and savings, using green and clean energy sources such as solar energy. And the application of solar lights is being applied a lot in life by people.

Because of its preeminent features, it is very modern and sophisticated, environmentally friendly and brings a better life to people.

Conclusion solar panel street light

Through the above article, we have also provided you with a few basic and highly-rated solar panel street light from today’s users.

It is very useful for those who are in need of buying them but are not knowledgeable, as well as choosing which type is suitable, beautiful, and durable and worth the money they spend. Thank you, hope you find the lamp that suits you best soon.

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