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Government Solar Lighting Project for Highway

Date: August 2020 Location: Saudi Arabia
solar lighting, AN-SLA-project-3
solar lighting , AN-SLA-project
solar lighting

This solar lighting project is located in a road still under construction in Saudi Arabia. Due to the high cost of laying cables there, it is impossible to bear the cost of trunk wiring and trenching. The local government requires solar street lights to be used as the main lighting for the road to improve and update the existing infrastructure. In order to meet the requirements of the other party. Anern provided them with a set of solar street light solutions . After learning about the local conditions based on the pictures provided by the customers. In this solution, Anern provided the project with light poles with a height of 10 meters. this equipped with our independent research and development product-1000 sets of AN-SLA 100W integrated solar street light.

The AN-SLA series of solar street lights patented product developed by Anern. This series of products innovatively uses LED module adjustable angle design. Also ultra-bright Philips lamp beads and large-capacity lithium iron phosphate battery. The maximum power can achieve 120W . Then Optional adjustable angle bracket, each module can adjust the angle independently.  To meet the lighting needs of different road conditions.

At present, it sees  that the integrated solar street lights of the road have been put into use. The lamps are also working well, providing a good lighting for the originally dark road.


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