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Parking Lot Solar Lighting Project for Government

Date: January 2019 Location: Nairobi, Kenya
AN-ISSL-M-project (1)
AN-ISSL-M-project (2)
AN-ISSL-M-project (3)

In this project, a client in Nairobi, Kenya needed to provide lighting for the parking lot of a local government agency. The client learned that the government agency wanted affordable, energy-saving and practical solar street lights, and took into account the client’s limited budget. Next, we recommend to our customers the AN-ISSL-M2 series that has both aesthetics and cost-effectiveness.

AN-ISSL-M2 series is one of Anern’s most cost-effective classic all in one solar street lights. The appearance design of this series combines the shape of high-speed rail, stylish and beautiful. Each light is equipped with a remote control, which can be adjusted according to needs. Mode, truly realize personalized lighting. And this all-in-one solar street light is also equipped with an intelligent dimming solar controller and a human sensor. The intelligent dimming solar controller can flexibly adjust the brightness of the lamps by detecting the remaining battery capacity. Even in the case of rainy days and insufficient light during the day, the lights can be turned on all night without turning off the lights. At the same time, with the human body sensor module, some people enter the full-light mode, and no one enters the energy-saving mode, further extending the lighting time.

The customer purchased 120 sets of Anern AN-ISSL-M series street lights. After installation, it not only fully met the lighting needs of the parking lot, but also the exquisite appearance model perfectly matched the architectural style of the site, which was also very affirmed by the customer.


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