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What type of solar light with camera is best for your home?


solar light with camera
Do you know all types of solar light with camera available on the market? Do you know the differences between them and how it can affect your daily life? See the main features of each of the models and see why the LED solar light can be ideal for your home.

Types of solar light with camera

Incandescent solar light

It is the oldest model on the market. It emits light due to a process in which an electrical current passes through the tungsten filament, generating light inside the bulb. They are inefficient as only 5% of the energy is turned into light – the rest is turned into heat.

Fluorescent solar light

It is currently the most used type of solar light with camera in USA because of its high efficiency, low energy consumption and durability – a fluorescent solar light can have 6 to 15 thousand hours of use. The tubular was the first model to be manufactured and requires external reactors to function; the compact is the one adapted mainly for residential use.

Discharge solar light

It gets its name because an electrical discharge is applied between the electrodes so that the internal components of the tube produce light. This process, however, makes it take 2 to 15 minutes to fully turn on the device. It is the type of solar light used on poles and other places that need a very strong light source.

Halogen solar light

It has the same method of operation as an incandescent solar light with camera, but they are named for the fact that they contain a halogen substance in their composition – usually iodine or bromine. It is a widely used model for lighting in businesses.

Led solar light

Led is the acronym in English for light emitting diodes. These devices present in the solar light convert electrical energy directly into luminous form with minimal heat production. In other words, it is a low-consumption and high-performance product, which can be used in various places, such as general lighting in homes or as a highlight in commercial areas.

Why choose solar light with camera for your home?


The LED solar light has a much higher luminous efficiency than other models, that is, it needs less electrical energy to produce light. In addition, its intelligent system means that there is no waste of this energy in heat production.

Solar light with camera of this model can last, if used correctly, at least 25 times longer than an incandescent model and up to 4 times longer than a fluorescent one. This represents a considerable saving also in relation to spending on exchanges.

It is also important to point out that the LED solar light does not carry any heavy substance in its composition, such as the mercury present in compact fluorescent solar lights. In other words, it does not pose a risk to your health or the environment, as it can be disposed of in common garbage.

What do you think of the LED solar light?

Do you believe it is a smart and economical alternative for your home? So, visit our website and see what we have to offer for you.


The technology has brought several benefits to facilitate lighting in your home and at the same time not harm the environment. One such solution is the solar light with camera. Do you know what the advantages of this lighting over conventional ones are? See below in this article.

What is LED light?

Solar lights and luminaires today serve not only to light the environment, but to add more value and functionality to the environment. This is the case with LED solar lights.

LED is a material that allows light to be emitted by electroluminescence, that is, by the passage of electrical current. It is the material of the solar light itself that causes the energy to be transformed into light.

The difference with other types of traditional solar lights is that in many cases they need a heated filament to emit light. This is the case with incandescents. Others need an electrical discharge in the gas. This is the case with fluorescents. The solar light with camera, on the other hand, does not need metallic filaments, ultraviolet radiation or gases to emit light.

See below for the other advantages of using this type of lighting.

  • More light and more energy savings at the same time

This is undoubtedly a huge advantage. The light of this type of material leads to savings ranging from 50% to 80% on the bill when compared to traditional models. That’s because it is stronger and more intense than conventional light bulbs.

solar light with camera 2021

  • Greener


This type of lighting helps to reduce electricity consumption. It means less carbon emission into the environment. Solar light with camera also does not emit UV radiation and do not have mercury in their composition. This means that they can be used in environments where this type of radiation is not wanted.

• More possibility to adjust color spectra

As it is an easier material for the industry to use, there are more chances of having models on the market with varying light. You can choose the type that most closely matches the style of your home.

In addition, the color composition can be designed for offices, open spaces and wherever else you want to light. There are white, green, blue LEDs and several other colors.

Solar light with camera Gives Longer lifespan

Solar lights with camera have a much longer lifespan compared to traditional ones. Incandescent light lasts about a thousand hours and fluorescent light lasts for ten thousand hours. The LED has the capacity to work for about 50 thousand hours.

This means that the investment is very worthwhile, as you will not need to change the solar light as often as conventional ones. It does not heat the environment. The space is well lit and much more comfortable.

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