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10 Reasons Why you can’t Ignore Solar Light Manufacturer


Solar Light Manufacturer
Today, most people are looking for new ways to cut their electricity bills. Until recently, solar light manufacturer is a great alternative to traditional lighting methods. With today’s advancements, it is becoming more popular than ever. The following information will show you some of the reasons why solar energy is beneficial and choosing solar lights is the right decision.

Effective cost reduction with solar light manufacturer

The selling price of solar lighting products may seem a bit high at first glance, but considering the ability to save electricity in the long run, this is the cheapest product. Assuming 1 year you save 1 million dong on lighting electricity, with 10 years of life you can save 10 million dong.

Environmentally friendly solar floodlights

One of the main problems affecting the environment is the carbon emissions that come from the production of energy using gas energy sources. However, you can greatly reduce your carbon footprint by using solar light manufacturer solar lights.

Low maintenance of solar lights

You won’t have to worry about costly maintenance requirements when it comes to solar lights. During the product’s 10-year life, you will rarely or rarely experience a lamp failure that requires repair or replacement. Lamp maintenance is usually quite simple, only includes cleaning the panel or replacing the battery every 5 years.

Unlimited energy source

Solar LEDs operate on an unlimited amount of energy – as long as they are placed where they can be exposed to sunlight. That makes the product will work regardless of the space, not affected by the common power grid.

Solve prolonged power outages

If the area you live in often suffers from power outages or storms that make electricity flicker… then solar lights are the great solution you need.

In July 2012, India suffered its biggest blackout in history, with an estimated 700 million residents without electricity. In January last year, about 80% of Pakistan – about 140 million people – were left in the dark after the explosion damaged transmission.

Just a few months ago, more than 161,000 citizens in the city of Washington were without power for nearly a week after a major storm.

Candles and kerosene lamps are great at such times, but both can be serious fire hazards and the light is often dim, damaging to the eyes. Meanwhile, solar light manufacturer would be a much safer option.

Solar light manufacturer eliminates the need for power cords

With conventional outdoor luminaires, they usually require a power cable when installed. This is often potentially dangerous. The power cord could leak from an animal bite or especially if outside in wet weather the danger of electric shock would be high. But if you use solar lights, this worry is completely eliminated.

Standard silicon panels, common for photovoltaics (PV) to convert energy from photovoltaic energy into electricity, are safe in inclement weather. It uses only one safety conductor for connection panels and lights together.

Installing solar lights is easy

Due to the elimination of complicated wiring, solar lights will save more installation time. You just need to hire reliable solar light manufacturer.

Solar Light Manufacturer 2022

Automatic operation mechanism increases user convenience

The solar light can automatically illuminate at night. In the morning it will automatically turn off, and charge itself without any further operation.

Besides, the 90W solar street light also has a motion sensor feature automatically turns on the maximum light. Someone passes through the sensor range and then reduces the brightness to 30% to save energy and prolong the time.

Solar lights can be applied to any space

Solar lights not only meet the needs of the home and garden for the family. Moreover, they are good for public lighting, factories, parks, schools, hospitals… You can also move around with solar light manufacturer.

There are mixed opinions regarding solar lights. Some people love it, some people don’t. Here are some facts about this line of lights, from which to help you have the right view.

The cost of using solar lights is very cheap

The initial costs for a quality solar lighting system can overlook by many. The price is always higher than the common ground compared to conventional electric lights.

However, when considering the costs of energy LED lighting system, one needs to factor in the cost of electricity bills and maintenance costs. With zero electricity cost of lighting and almost zero maintenance, solar lights are a great choice.

Solar lights work both sunny and shady days

We know that solar light manufacturer works most effectively in the summer because this is the time when the sun is strong and lasts continuously. And it is a fact that in winter, rainy days or less sunny days, the lights still charge and shine normally. The difference here is that the charging time will last 2 – 5 hours depending on weather conditions.

The reason for this is that the solar panel will charge energy from any light source including daylight, other electric light bulbs, etc.

Solar LED lights for automatic lighting

Why do you say that? Let’s take a look at the analysis with these two types of balls.

With electric lights, you need to turn on the switch every time you use it. You turn it off when not in use to avoid wasting energy. But with solar lights, the use becomes simpler because you do not need to manually turn them on and off, but it will automatically light up, turn off the power and charge itself based on the light sensor principle.

Waterproof and rainproof LED solar light

On the market today, solar light manufacturer lights are a line of lights that always possess an extremely high water resistance index, even those that are optimized for indoor use.

In particular, IP protection standards always print on the front of the LED light. Moreover, you can easily identify and choose quickly. Most of these products can work properly when it rains, and can be soaked, washed with water.

Summary solar light

You can refer to  the LED model  with an IP rating of up to 67 – is easy to submerge in water for a short time, under a depth of 15 cm to 1 meter. In addition, it is also common a lot in life such as: common for gate yards for Solar power storage products

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