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5 Life-Saving Solar Light 100w Benefits


What is solar light 100w?

The lighting and power industry is developing strongly thanks to knowing how to utilize the amount of solar radiation to convert it into a useful energy source. Among them, the most common source of solar energy is solar light 100w lamps.

Solar Light 100w

Solar energy is used everywhere in life. Even it is used in animals and plants. But how solar energy is used to produce light we discuss in this article. So what are solar lights 100w? What types are there? How to install and where to buy?

1. What are solar lights?

The lamp works by converting light energy from sunlight into electricity, then the lamp’s controller will charge the battery (this process will take 6-8 hours) after the electricity is fully charged.

The light of solar light 100w will glow for 8 -12 hours continuously (even on rainy days, without sunlight) at charging of at least 6 hours. The bigger the battery and the longer the charge in full sunlight, the longer the light will work.

2. Benefits of solar lights 100w

Solar lights 100w are becoming more and more popular thanks to the benefits it brings:

first. Save energy, repair, and maintenance costs

The most prominent benefit of solar lights 100w  is that there is no monthly electricity bill. You can comfortably use it, light it up all night without worrying about rising electricity bills. And it saves us from expanses.

Moreover, solar lights 100w also have a lifespan many times longer than conventional bulbs, from 50.00h-80,000h (about 10 years). Solar light helps to reduce lamp repair and maintenance costs.

Resistant to water, rain, dust

The solar lights all meet the high standards of dust and water ingress protection from IP55 to IP67, which can be used comfortably outdoors without worrying about affecting the operation of the lights.

Solar light 100w is waterproof, so dampness will not harm them. Also, indeed, a downpour is useful in that it will wash off a portion of the soil and flotsam and flotsam and jetsam that collects on the boards over the long run.

Solar Light is Easy to install and use

This type of solar light 100w does not need to be wired or powered, so you can install the light in any position. Women can completely install it themselves with a few simple steps without worrying about wiring problems.

All things considered, keeping up with your sun-powered charger is quite simple. Simply make certain to get a decent guarantee and great protection, and can keep your boards liberated from soil and debris buildup.

Solar Light 100w 2021

3. Structure of solar lights

Solar lights 100w have diverse and rich designs, many different capacities and sizes, but still basically include the following main components:

  • Rechargeable battery plate

Rechargeable panels, also known as solar panels, are one of the most important parts of solar lights. This rechargeable battery is made from Photovoltaic (PV) photovoltaic cells that absorb solar energy during the day.

This panel is oriented towards direct sunlight to absorb the most energy. The structure of the rechargeable battery is quite compact, with a long service life of over 20 years, so it is used to make rural street lights, park lights.

  • Battery, LED light, and controller

The battery of solar light 100w  is used to store electricity converted from solar energy. High-end LED chips to create a comfortable and safe light. The light intensity of the LED can be projected over a large range at the installation site.

When the battery stores enough energy, the controller part is responsible for interrupting the current to prevent the power source from becoming overloaded and causing a fire or explosion. This part has a light sensor which helps solar light to receive light at day and give at night

4. Working principle of solar lights 100w:

Energy lamps are called smart lights that can automatically turn on / off the light. During the day, the light automatically turns off and lights up at night. Time to fully charge the battery from 6-8 hours to receive light.

Depending on the energy lamp will give different lighting times, usually operating time from about 8-10 hours of lighting. When there is sunlight, the solar light 100w will automatically turn off the lighting power.

  1. Solar lights classification and usage:

There are many ways to classify solar lights by construction, composition, or application. In this article, we will analyze the components of solar lights, divided into two main types: solar lights with control and solar lights without control.

Manual of solar light 100w

Most solar lights 100w to come with a remote control to adjust. The following is the manual for the solar light controller:

  • Firstly, use the ON/OFF button to turn it on and off.
  • Secondly, there is an AUTO button to turn on the automatic mode
  • Brightness up/down button
  • Some controls will be the +/- button indicating brightness increase/decrease
  • Some controls are reset at percentage: 30 , 50%, 80%, 100%.
  • Also, timer off with buttons 3h, 5h, 8h.
  • When you see these numbers, it means that after 3h, 5h, 8h the light will turn off.
  • On the night and cloudy days, these numbers help to save more energy.
  • Solar lights without control and how to use

For models that do not use remote control,  solar light 100w will adjust the light directly on the buttons available on the lamp. Solar warning floodlight: Only 1 power button: 4 similar presses with 4 light modes: Strongest white light – medium-weak – blue red warning.

Solar-powered handheld headlamp: Includes 2 adjustment buttons: On/off the charging mode by the big button, and the smaller button is used to turn on the light with 4 modes: the first time you press and hold it for a while, it will light up. the strongest white, 3 times later you just need to press normally corresponding to medium light, low light, red green light warning.

 6. How to install solar lights 100w?

  • Firstly, install solar panels
  • Secondly, install the lights
  • Also, connect the power cable
  • Connect solar panels and lights
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