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3 Best places to install Solar Lead Acid Battery System


When to install stand-alone solar power?

Solar Lead Acid Battery System

Standalone solar lead acid battery operating off the national grid has many outstanding advantages. Similarly, it comes with some disadvantages compared to grid-tied systems. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of stand-alone solar power systems?

Who should install a stand-alone solar power system? Let’s find out with us through the sharing post below!

Advantages and disadvantages of stand-alone solar power systems

Advantages of stand-alone solar power

In a stand-alone solar lead acid battery, the solar panels absorb light to create a direct current. This current passes through the Solar Charge Controller (NLMT) to charge the storage system (such as a battery or battery lithium).

From the storage system, direct current (DC) electricity is common for equipment using direct current or passes through the power adapter. It is to supply alternating current (AC) equipment. As such, this system, as the name implies, operates without linking to the national grid.

This means that investors can be independent of their power source, not affected by the schedule of power cuts or power grid problems that cause power outages.

Standalone solar lead acid battery

Because it does not depend on the grid, it is also very convenient to install an independent solar power system.

We can install it anywhere, even where there is no electricity or far from the national grid. Solar lead acid battery is easy to install in a sunny place. Moreover, due to the reserve system, investors can use electricity continuously from a few days to a few weeks even when it rains (depending on the reserve capacity and the amount of electricity consumed).

In addition, with the grid-tied system, the electricity generated during the day, if not common up, will connect to the grid. The system does not work at night, the electricity common takes from the grid. As for the stand-alone system, the system operates day and night: generating electricity during the day, providing electricity at night.

Independent rooftop solar power system

While power generating systems and equipment such as generators/engines using combustion fuels (gasoline, oil, gas, etc.) are noisy, polluted and toxic. The stand-alone solar power system provides quietness and fresh. This not only helps to improve the quality of life but also good for the health of users.

Moreover, solar lead acid battery is a sustainable and clean renewable energy source. This installs solar power, whether connected to the grid or independent, is also a practical action. Moreover, it contributes to environmental protection and joins hands with the country’s electricity and water industry to protect the environment. It simply deals with power shortages.

Some disadvantages of solar lead acid battery

The investment cost of an independent solar power system is higher than that of a grid- tied system of the same capacity. That’s because in addition to devices such as solar cells, cable tray ladders, trusses… this system also requires storage systems such as batteries and lithium batteries, which makes the total cost increase.

Independent home solar power system

3Kw independent rooftop solar power system for families

If the system stores and consumes less electricity than the generating capacity, the excess electricity will not be able to be sold to the power industry like a grid-tied system.

Solar Lead Acid Battery System 2021

To be optimal, investors should ask an experienced installer to specifically calculate the amount of electricity common in the family each day to come up with an appropriate system size.

In which case should a stand-alone solar power system be installed?

Based on the above advantages and disadvantages, we can see that an independent solar lead acid battery is very suitable in the following cases:

– In places where there is no electricity or far from the grid, the cost of pulling electricity is high. Typically in remote areas, islands, etc.

Independent solar power system

– Means of transportation such as cars, ships, boats… need to be supplied with electricity. Currently, people have researched and manufactured solar cars. These vehicles all use independent solar electric models.

Traffic light poles, solar charging stations are common to charge portable mobile devices such as:

  • Smartphones
  • Laptops
  • .. and electric vehicles.

Families who want a separate solar lead acid battery that is not dependent on the national grid.


– Families who want an absolutely safe electrical system, using completely DC electricity.

Who can install solar lead acid battery?

Families/businesses both want to use grid-connected electricity and want to use independent electricity. It is to reduce dependence on the grid, there are can install grid connected power system with reserve.

Investors can consult with professional solar power installation and construction units to make the optimal choice.

Save on monthly electricity bills

For households or businesses, the monthly electricity bill always accounts for a large cost. So installing a solar lead acid battery will help you generate free electricity for your devices. Even if you don’t produce 100% of the energy you consume, it significantly reduces your electricity bill and saves you a lot of money.

2. Profit from solar power investment

The cost to invest in installing a solar power system is not an expense but is considered a highly profitable investment. You can fully profit from excess electricity by selling it back.

By saving electricity and making profits from excess electricity, on average, customers will pay back within only 4-5 years after installing solar power and can be profitable continuously for more than 30 years.

  1. Contributing to the protection of the environment and ecosystem

The process of generating solar electricity does not produce emissions. The use of a solar power system also helps to reduce the load on power plants, thereby minimizing the amount of CO2 that factories emit into the environment as well as the greenhouse effect.

Install rooftop grid-tied solar power

Besides, the solar panel system on the roof will help reduce heat for houses, factories, offices, apartments… and reduce power consumption of air conditioners.

Solar lead acid battery has a long lifespan, up to 35 years. Therefore, users only need to invest once but can use it for a long time. The amount of waste released into the environment will be insignificant if divided equally by that many years.

4. Increase the value of the house

Homes or structures equipped with an actual solar power system often value at a higher asset value and sell faster than homes without the installation. These homes/constructions price and sold for 3-5% higher than other homes in the area.

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