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How to maintain solar energy storage with zero cost?


The birth of solar energy storage i.e. solar LED lights is a breakthrough of science and technology. This helps people to replace traditional lights that have to use the national grid. It is to help save costs and protect the environment.

Further developed is the LED light sensor that makes it easy for people to use and saves time. To learn more about solar energy storage and such types of lamps, follow the article below.

What is a solar led light with a light sensor?

This is a lamp line that, in addition to operating on the principle of solar lights, has an infrared sensor. It turns the light on/off, also common as a motion sensor. Similarly, a temperature sensor is an automatic device.

It detects turning on the light when someone enters the sensing area and automatically turns off the light. This is a smart mode that helps people save time on/off the lights.

At night (or put the light in a dark area during the day), the solar energy storage only works in low light mode to save power. When there is movement into the sensor area, the light will light up at full capacity.

Working principle of solar led lights with light sensor

During the day: When it is morning, the solar panel will absorb light. Similarly, it converts light energy into electricity to supply the battery to store electricity in the device until it is full to provide lights to operate at night. .

Some features of solar led lights with light sensor

Using completely natural solar energy storage saves energy and being environmentally friendly. Built-in rechargeable battery inside and automatically charged under solar energy without going through complicated and dangerous electrical lines. Integrated components: motion sensor, light sensor and solar power.

You do not need to adjust this light automatically turns on at night and turns off automatically during the day. Light design with waterproof standards for peace of mind when using outdoor lighting

Application of solar energy light sensor technology

This is the trend of smart and energy-saving lighting systems being common more and more widely today. Easy to install and suitable for many family or public living spaces: balconies, corridors, gardens, swimming pools, football fields…

So how do solar lights have a control structure?

The types of solar energy storage with control now have many different capacities, diverse designs, sizes, so many people will wonder: What is the structure of solar lights? Does the lamp have different designs, the structure is different?

It can be affirmed that, although there are many different models and capacities, today’s controlled solar lights all have a common structure including the following main parts:

Solar panels: Solar panels are an important part of this type of lamp. It has the function of absorbing light and converting light energy into electricity so that the lamp can shine.

This battery is easy to attach to the lamp or is a removable panel.

What is indoor solar energy storage?

Indoor solar lights are like ordinary lights common to illuminate the interior spaces of the house or to decorate your home to become more sparkling and warm. But solar energy storages have a big difference that the power source that these lights use is solar energy.

solar energy storage 2021

The structure of a solar light consists of two main parts, the lamp and the solar panel. This panel is placed in a place where there is a lot of sunlight to help the panel absorb energy and convert the light energy into electricity to help the lights glow.

How does solar energy system work?

We can simply understand that it is a light by absorbing sunlight energy to create an electric current and provide electricity for lighting. A typical set of solar energy storage will include the following parts: Solar panels to collect energy, storage batteries, LED bulbs, cables connecting the panels and lights to work.

Applications of indoor solar lights

The application of solar energy storage in life is enormous. Using solar lights is one of today’s smart lighting solutions. With the ability to effectively save electricity, take advantage of solar energy to limit environmental pollution.

There are many solar lights made for indoor lighting that you can choose from. If you like compactness, both ensuring light quality and not affecting the aesthetics of the house, you should choose solar wall lights, apple solar wall lights. , or peach wall sconce. If you want to light up the balcony or porch, you can use solar floodlights.

Comparison of indoor solar lights and conventional electric lights

Through the above comparison table, it can be seen that indoor solar energy storage has advantages over conventional electric lights. You will not need to lose electricity for lighting, install it anywhere, outstanding durability without worrying about damage and frequent replacement.

 Some frequently asked questions when using indoor solar lights

Does solar energy storage work when it rains? On days with little sunlight, the lights will still work normally, but the energy level will be less and the full charge time will last about 2-3 hours compared to a sunny day.

On rainy days, the lights still shine normally because the energy storage battery is still there. Normally solar lights will work for 4 more days without sunshine.

How to maintain solar lights?

You do not need to maintain the lights regularly, but only need to clean the solar energy storage when the dust is too much or clean 2-3 times a year. The storage battery should be replaced every 5 years to prolong the life of the lamp.

How to use motion sensor mode?

This sensor mode is fully automatic, it will recognize when there is close movement or not within a certain distance and adjust the brightness accordingly.

How to use automatic night lighting mode – turn off during the day?

You just need to press the AUTO button on the remote to start this mode. If you don’t want to use this mode anymore then press the AUTO button again to turn them off and you will use the ON/OFF button to manually turn them on and off.

Indoor solar lights come with a compact design, but enough to be a highlight for the house space. A handy lamp that can be common flexibly, fixed and also mobile very easily. Therefore, solar lights are always the first choice of consumers for a home space that is not only beautiful but also cost-effective.

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