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How much solar battery cost in 2021?


How is the maintenance of solar battery cost carried out?

To find out solar battery cost, we are going to take the stationary 6V and 480Ah as an example. If you have these batteries in your photovoltaic system, remember that they require periodic maintenance so that their performance is maximum throughout their useful life.

This process can range from 15 days to 3 months depending on how you use them.

Generally the cost of solar battery is $1,000 per kWh.

Before starting, you should know that you need some elements to perform maintenance:

Which elements need to perform maintenance?

  • A funnel to easily fill the battery cells with distilled water.
  • Nitrile gloves to work with chemicals.
  • A hydrometer, with which we will measure the density of the internal electrolyte of each glass of the battery.
  • Protective glasses to avoid splashes of acid that can get into our eyes.
  • A metal brush for cleaning the terminals.
  • Vaseline to clean the terminals and avoid their sulphation.
  • A clamp meter to measure the battery voltage.

Before doing maintenance, it is essential to disconnect the energy from the solar battery cost system to work with greater safety. We remember that you also must disconnect the solar panels and any source of energy that the system may have: panels, we turn off the inverter, battery disconnector and batteries.

Steps to perform solar battery cost maintenance

First, we check the condition of the battery which depends on two factors: the density of the electrolyte and the voltage. To measure the voltage, we make use of the voltmeter which must be in direct current voltage position. We measure and we must check that the battery voltage is at 6V.

solar battery cost

The next step is to measure the density of the batteries. As this model has 3 vessels, the density of each vessel must be measured separately. Remember that the density of your solar battery cost should be between 1.20 and 1.26 and the acid level should stay at the green mark on the hydrometer.


fill the internal acid levels of solar battery

Now, with distilled water we are going to fill the internal acid levels. As this model is not translucent, we look inside each glass to fill the necessary amount. We use the funnel and distilled water and fill carefully to avoid splashing. Once this process is done, we can close the solar battery cost caps and clean it with paper.

Finally, we do the external maintenance of the battery. With the metal brush, we will clean the terminals in case there is a possible sulfation. This will ensure a perfect continuity and transmission of energy.

use a special lacquer for solar batteryapplication.

If we observe sulphation, it means that the battery has been in places with high humidity or that we have overexerted it. With the petroleum jelly, we will smear the terminals so that they do not sulfate and to protect them against any deterioration. You can also use a special lacquer for this application.

To protect solar panels, it is essential to know what the manufacturer’s warranty covers and how you must insure them to do it correctly.

Solar battery cost takes special care with the damages

Buying solar panels is a significant initial investment. It is advisable to take special care with the damages that can be caused and to insure them correctly with insurance for solar installations.

Regardless of the quality of the photovoltaic system and the guarantee, there are material damages that may arise and we can take care of them by hiring insurance for solar battery cost.

There are several ways to protect the photovoltaic installation. What is the best option for your home? We will tell you!

What insurance for solar panels best protects my installation?

Home insurance is the most appropriate option to keep your solar panels protected. However, it is important to bear in mind that there is insurance that does not cover the damage caused to the v.

It will be necessary to know the specifications of the policy to know if the damages not covered by the guarantee of the solar panels are included.

The difference is that each insurer considers that the solar panels are, that is, if they are a component of the construction of the house or if, on the other hand, a part included in the home, that is, if they are continent or content.

solar battery cost 2021

Solar battery cost insurance would cover all the damages

When the panels are approached as a container, in other words, as a component of the construction of the house, they are as fixed devices necessary for their operation, in the same way as electricity, water, gas installations. or heating. In this situation, the insurance would cover all the damages experienced by the plates.

On the other hand, if the photovoltaic system is as content, it is important to contract an insurance that serves the content of the home, because the home insurance does not take care of the damages associated with the fixed systems, as components of the domicile.

What is important to know when taking out insurance?

When insuring a solar installation for own consumption, it is necessary to carefully examine what prejudices it covers. It is advisable to use home insurance:

– For Civil Liability. This type of insurance is essential when installing photovoltaic panels, as they protect third parties from harm.

Solar battery cost For Civil Works.

When problems related to the photovoltaic system appear, the Civil Works insurance offers legal assistance at the time of claiming.

– Which protects in case of physical damages that may appear due to rainfall, hail, blizzards, etc. and against theft or damage. Insurers generally do not include damages generated by inadequate or no maintenance of solar battery cost.

Insurance for solar panels

Companies that obtain solar energy can insure their facilities against:

– Theft and looting of photovoltaic systems.
– Fires, detonations or lightning.
– Damage to facilities and electronic devices.
– Decrease in profits.
– Defects in the machinery

Conclusion solar battery cost

At Auto Solar we have photovoltaic panels with 25-year warranties granted by the manufacturer. When they reach 25 years it is not that the photovoltaic panels stop working but that their power may decrease between 10 – 20%.

Regarding the solar panels, it has a guarantee that covers the integrity of the solar battery cost and protects them from possible factory incidents, early wear, etc.

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