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What are smart solar street lights and why do you need it?


smart solar street lights
Have you ever heard of smart solar street light? They are sustainable accessories that help lighten spaces while lowering your energy bill! In this post we will talk more about how these luminaires work, where they are easy to install and the advantages of purchasing them.

How do smart solar street light work?

They work from a small solar plate install inside that is responsible for transforming solar energy into electricity.

Through batteries and with the aid of a charge controller, energy stores during the day, so that at night the luminaire automatically lights up, illuminating gardens, garages and even the interior of houses.

Basic elements of smart solar street light

There are a wide variety of smart solar street light on the market, but most work in the same way. We list here below what are the main elements of a luminaire and what they are common for.

Photovoltaic Solar Panel

It consists of photovoltaic cells that compose of a layer of silicon. Together they can capture the sun’s rays that fall directly on the plate and convert solar energy into electricity. A small panel installs in the luminaires, which is easy to charge on cloudy days, depending on the day.

Charge Controller

After the sun’s rays reach the photovoltaic plate and convert into electrical energy, it is the charge controller’s turn to act. As its name suggests, it controls voltage and current so that the battery’s input parameters are sufficient for charging without burning or other damage.


It is responsible for storing the energy captured by solar panels during the day to consume at night. These batteries can be lithium ion, lead acid or nickel cadmium.

Photoresistor smart solar street light

This equipment works as a sensor that detects when the lighting starts to dim. When this happens, it turns on the lamp automatically, so we don’t have to worry about turning on the lamp because it already does this by itself.

Led lamp

They are smart solar street light emitting diodes that have a great range and duration. These lamps are more efficient than others on the market, as they can emit the same amount of lumens (light) with a considerably lower amount of energy.

Where can we install smart solar street light?

Its installation is very easy to do, it takes about seconds. And they also have the advantage of not having to break walls or floors as they don’t need to be connected to the public energy network.

Smart solar street light is easy to install in gardens, garages or even at the edge of swimming pools. This way the whole area is easy to light without increasing your electricity bill!

Advantages of Using Solar Fixtures

In some cases, solar luminaires can end up being more expensive than conventional ones. But this price difference may be irrelevant when analyzing the advantages, check it out!

Easy installation

In a matter of seconds a luminaire is easy to install, without needing to make many renovations, as it doesn’t need to break walls or the floor to install them, in most cases.


Due to the automatic activation system of the smart solar street light, the lamps turn on by themselves at dusk, so you don’t always have to remember to turn them on, because it will happen automatically!

Sustainable smart solar street light

Working independently without emitting any harmful gas to the environment, by purchasing solar luminaires you will be helping to reduce the use of non-renewable energy sources.

Savings on electricity bills

You will be able to enjoy a well-lit garden without increasing your electricity bill! The luminaires produce their own energy from the sun, and do not need to be connected to the public electricity grid.

smart solar street lights 2021

Using solar energy in favor of the aesthetics of your home’s outdoor area and also the economy seems like a good idea, doesn’t it? There is a way to make this happen and it is affordable and very easy to install in your backyard, the solar led reflector.

Discover this great tool in this post that we prepared for you. See the main points to consider and even how to install the technology. Check out more!


The concept of the solar led reflector is very simple to explain: a way to light up your home’s outdoor area  in a sustainable and economical way. The general purpose of the system is to replace electricity with solar energy, when lighting, with quality and practicality.

The reflector smart solar street light connects to a plate to capture sunlight. This energy captured by the technology is routed through wires and “stored” inside a battery present in the reflector.


The main difference is that the reflector we are talking about in the post captures sunlight. And it works through it, while the rechargeable reflector needs to plug into an outlet to complete the charge.

Another factor is that the reflector that works by sunlight, of course, needs smart solar street light to recharge. The kit is not easy to keep in the toolbox, for example, and then left on for days indoors. Unlike the rechargeable device, which if you ensure that the charge is complete, you can leave it in the attic or any dark room in the house, brightening the room.

We must consider it that in case there is a lack of electricity, the rechargeable LED reflector cannot be common, which is not the case of the one operated by sunlight, which does not plug into sockets for charging.


The smart solar street light, as the name implies, uses solar energy to work. The necessary capture we give by a solar plate. Throughout the day, this board collects energy and stores it in the reflector’s battery. When night falls, the reflector will turn on automatically, as there is an illumination sensor on the pickup plate.

Realize that at no time electrical energy mentions. In addition to the appliance working cleanly, it will provide you and your family with great energy savings.

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