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What are the benefits of using smart solar light at home?


smart solar light
There are mixed opinions regarding smart solar light. Some people love it, some people don’t. Here are some facts about this line of lights, from which to help you have the right view.

1. The cost of using solar lights is very cheap

The initial cost for a quality solar lighting system can be overlooked by many people because the price is always higher than the common ground compared to electric light models often.

However, when considering the costs of energy LED lighting system, one needs to factor in the cost of electricity bills and maintenance costs. With zero electricity cost of lighting and almost zero maintenance, solar lights are a great choice.

2. Solar lights work normally when it’s not sunny Solar

We know that smart solar light work most effectively in the summer because this is the time when the sun is strong and lasts continuously. And it is a fact that in winter, rainy days or less sunny days, the lights still charge and shine normally. The difference here is that the charging time will last 2 – 5 hours depending on weather conditions.

The reason for this is that the solar panel will charge energy from any light source including daylight, other electric light bulbs, etc.

3. Solar lights are easier to use than electric

Why do you say that? Let’s take a look at the analysis with these two types of balls.


With electric lights, you need to turn on the switch every time you use it and turn it off when not in use to avoid wasting energy. But with smart solar light, the use becomes simpler because you do not need to manually turn them on and off, but it will automatically light up, turn off the power and charge itself based on the principle of light sensing. .

Introducing solar lights

Currently, the whole world is looking to a clean source of energy, which is solar energy.

Installing solar lights is the best solution to save electricity, use the inherent energy to protect the green, clean and beautiful environment.

Solar lights are made from semiconductors, so they are explosion-proof, shockproof, and depending on the type of light, they will have different water resistance (from IP55 to IP57). This will help users feel secure about the safety of the lamp.

Solar lights have a long lifespan, usually over 50,000 hours of light. The light is not harmful to the eyes.

Smart solar light also have a delicate and beautiful design and are the trend of the world, so the demand for installation is increasing. With the variety of energy lamps, you can choose the right type to install in the desired location.

The installation of solar lights is also quite simple, the cost of construction and installation is also quite reasonable.

 Installation instructions for solar lights

Solar lights have many different types, depending on the type of light that we offer a reasonable installation method.

Preparation before installation

Energy lamp set includes: Energy lamp, lamp body (lamp holder or base), solar panel, battery support bar, screws, and remote control.

     – Installation kit: Ladder, drill, switch, pliers, screwdriver, wrench (lock 10, 13, 14), hexagonal set, wire, dedicated extension cord of energy lights.

Topographical survey, installation environment

The survey before installation will help you determine the distance and height of the lamp installation position.

Determine the location of the solar panel to ensure adequate light, no matter what type of lamp, you also need to install it so that the panel is facing up to receive the most sunlight.

Installation steps for smart solar light

– Step 1: Attach the light to the lamp body

The manufacturer designed for us 6 positions of hexagon screws to fix the lamp to the lamp body. In case the lighting angle is not suitable after installation, you can loosen the screws to adjust the lighting angle.

     – Step 2: Attach the horizontal support bar to the battery panel

This step has to be a bit tricky. After attaching the light, you can still change the light receiving angle for the solar panel.

     – Step 3: Attach the battery plate to the lamp body (according to the manufacturer’s design)

Depending on the case of smart solar light, we should mount the battery right on the lamp body or not. The answer is already there, when we survey before installation.

In this step, if mounting on the lamp body, you will need 2 screws included in the kit, use wrench 13 (lock 13) or wrench 14 to secure the horizontal support bar to the lamp body. The horizontal support bar has been attached to the panel in step 2.
smart solar light 2022

     – Step 4: Attach the lamp or lamp body to the position to be installed

Using ladders, drills, switches, screws, depending on the case, we can also use steel wire to fix.

What is solar energy?

Solar power smart solar light will be the future and it will be better than what we have now. Solar energy has been around for a long time, but many people have never thought of it. It’s used around the world and it’s amazing for many reasons.

Solar energy is a natural, renewable source of clean energy that can power your home and provide electricity during times of darkness. Use solar panels to harness the power of the sun to provide a clean and sustainable solar alternative to traditional energy sources right in your home.

What are the benefits of using solar energy at home?

  • Save money by using stored energy from the sun
  • Can be used anywhere (as long as you have direct sunlight)
  • Auto On and Off
  • Weather resistant, can withstand extreme heat and heavy rain
  • Put it and let it, minimal maintenance
  • There are many types of low-to-ultra-high wattage LEDs on the market
  • solar panels for sale

Tips for buying solar lights and panels online

Look at the prices and check the variations accordingly, don’t jump on the low prices.. you get what you pay for. Usually there’s a lure and conversion happens when you see low prices, they may be selling a lower wattage variant.

Read the specs, they really matter. Some may be cheaper than others and some actually offer more than others for the same price, you need to see that deal.

Check out the smart solar light remote control and the buttons and features they offer.. it may be the same but may bring about small differences that are important to you.

Choose the wetting agent you want white

Basic remote comes with on and off switch, dimmer and basic modes.. Some have fixed timer setting, it’s important to choose those with Auto setting, to minimize remote control and lighting handling. (less handling, less chance of damage, longer lasting)

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