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Should Shingled PV Modules Be Installed on Iron Roof?


Shingled PV Modules
What is installing solar panels on a corrugated iron roof?

Installing shingled PV modules on a corrugated iron roof, also known as the installation of a corrugated iron roof solar panel system. It is the process of assembling solar panels placed parallel to the direction of the corrugated iron roof. In the middle of the roof sunlight and avoid shading.

This system of solar panels will absorb and convert solar energy into electricity. The solar current through the inverter will convert into high voltage alternating current compatible with the power consumption load and connected to the grid.

Why should you install solar panels on a corrugated iron roof?

Many people are wondering if it is possible to install shingled PV modules on the corrugated iron roof and whether to install it or not.

It can see that the most popular roof architectures today are three types of roofs: concrete roofs, corrugated iron roofs and tile roofs. Of the three types above, corrugated iron roofs the easiest to install solar panels, follow by flat roofs and tile roofs.

Therefore, we can see that it is possible to install solar power on corrugated iron roofs, even very easily.

Should solar power be installed on the corrugated iron roof?

The answer is definitely yes. Because installing shingled PV modules on a corrugated iron roof brings a lot of benefits. These include the following major benefits:

We all know that corrugated iron roofs usually absorb a certain amount of heat and radiate it to both the top and the bottom of the corrugated iron roof. Especially in the hot summer, the space of houses, workshops, and business and production areas under the corrugated iron roof is also hotter than the other two types of roofs.

How does shingled PV modules help?

Therefore, people often choose heat-resistant corrugated iron roofs, or heat-resistant corrugated iron roofs, ventilating houses with corrugated iron roofs.

However, there is another way to both help prevent heat and bring economic value. This is to install corrugated iron roof shingled PV modules. These solar panels will absorb solar energy and reflect this heat back to the outside. Therefore, it helps to make the space under the roof cooler. According to measured data, such an installation can reduce 2 – 10 degrees Celsius.

Installation of a solar panel system: Storm protection

As we all know, corrugated iron is a thin, flexible material that can easily turn on if not firmly fixed. Therefore, the installation of a solar panel system contributes to fixing the corrugated iron panels firmly before the storm. Rooftop solar panels make the roof thicker and heavier. At the same time, the mounting frame of shingled PV modules on the roof makes the roof sturdier by the truss.

Therefore, the corrugated iron sheet tightly clamps below to prevent the roof from being blown up even in wind and storm. Therefore, learning to install solar panels on the roof and applying them is extremely necessary.

On the other hand, genuine solar panels design according to high IP standards, withstand harsh weather, durable over time and withstand external forces such as wind and snow. So, installing solar panel systems also contributes to making the house structure stronger and more durable.

Installation of shingled PV modules: bring high aesthetics

Shingled PV Modules 2022

When installing solar panels on a corrugated iron roof, the roof is not simply a corrugated iron roof. This has made the building more modern, more advanced. On the other hand, solar panels design with a luxurious, eye-catching and elegant appearance.

Thus, it contributes to a significant increase in the aesthetics of the building. Thanks to that, the value of the building and the house also increases.

It can be said that corrugated iron roof is the easiest roof type to install solar panels. If your house/building already has a solid corrugated iron roof. Why not install shingled PV modules to use electricity for free and easily. If the roof tiles, we need to consider whether the layer structure is still good, rotten or broken to decide to renovate.

Use electricity for free

As we all know solar power system produces electricity from available and free solar energy. Therefore, users only need the initial investment and can use free electricity for decades.

Here is how to install solar panels on a corrugated iron roof, including preparation, mounting of trusses and process of installing solar panel systems:

Notes before installing solar panels on corrugated iron roofs

There are two main types of shingled PV modules commonly good today: grid-tied and stand-alone solar power systems.

For grid connected power system installed on corrugated iron roof. The generated electricity can both serve daily life, business, and production. And can mix the excess electricity into the grid. EVN will buy back that amount of electricity.

The independent power system usually installs in places where it is not possible to connect to the power grid, in remote areas or where local conditions do not allow it. This system is usually more expensive because of the need to install the power storage unit. However, this is still the optimal solution in special cases of need.

Consider solar cell technology

Currently, there are two types of shingled PV modules technology commonly good: monocrystalline and polycrystalline. Here, monocrystalline batteries give higher power production efficiency but also higher cost. And polycrystalline electricity is the opposite.

Each manufacturer of solar panels also has its own outstanding advantages. Therefore, always choose the type of battery with the most satisfactory battery technology. Please contact Vietnam Solar for a free and fastest consultation.

Consider the type of corrugated iron roof truss system

As we all know, to install the solar panel system on the corrugated iron roof, there needs to be a truss system. And this truss system also directly attaches to the shingled PV modules.

Currently, the 3 types of trusses install on corrugated iron roofs. Stainless steel truss, aluminum truss, aluminum truss, box tube truss. Each type of truss will have its own compatibility, advantages and depending on the project.

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