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Island Road Lighting Project in Dubai

Date: July 2019 Location: United Arab Emirates
Island lighting
Island lighting
AN-ISSL-I-project (3)

We cooperated with our customers to provide lighting for an island under development in Dubai. Because of the high cost of digging trenches due to the buried wiring of the city, the customer chose Anern’s solar street lights to illuminate the construction roads to improve the night security and visibility, while saving installation labor and utility costs. Due to the high requirements of customers for lighting, after our understanding and communication with them, we recommended Anern classic split solar street lights AN-ISSL-I for the project.

This split-type solar street light uses high-brightness Bridgelux chips, which are efficient and low-loss; at the same time, it is equipped with high-power, waterproof monocrystalline silicon solar panels, and large-capacity batteries that can be recharged efficiently at any time without a long-term cycle. ; It is also equipped with an MPPT controller, which can automatically identify day and night, with extremely low sleep loss, and truly achieve full power lighting for 12 hours to meet customer requirements.


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