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Review and Buying Guide for LED Street Light 2020


Most of the times LED street light that improves security and the elegant finish does fail in delivering the expected performance that manufacturers promise

We are very well aware of the promised benefits of an LED street light. It is an instrument that helps in illuminating the darkest areas and location during night time. Thus, becoming a fundamental device that ensures safety and security from unfortunate and non-social incidents. Therefore, with this attachment, we have somehow developed a sense of sentimental connection.

These sentiments thereby promise us of well-being as well the prevention of any unwanted mishaps. While promising a lot of uncountable benefits, modern street light does fail in a number of ways. This thereby entails a series of cautions that one must keep in mind while purchasing a piece. The advantages and benefits that manufacturers promise hardly meet the performance criteria. That is why one must look for certain things to avoid any low-quality purchase.

LED street light


Before getting into the details of a variety of LED street lights, it is imperative to understand what these are. LED streetlight is an electrical device that emits bright light using a light-emitting diode (LED). The device is hence famous for lighting the outdoor facilities. The working mechanism of the LED streetlight is simple and effective. This streetlight most of the time consists of a capacitor, a resistor, a triode tube (not always), a MOS tube, and the basic parts.

These components in amalgamation make an LED. Apart from more exhibiting the brightest composition of light energy along with an energy-efficient system, LED pageants ecologically well-disposed off the light. This is because these lights do not contain any of the residuals of mercury. The element that is hazardous both for the environmental ecology as well as human well-being.

This thereby makes LED a more secure modern phenomenon. Similarly, the device happens to work in a very low voltage which makes it a stable instrument. The heat dissipation of LED light way higher. Therefore, with high heat dissipation, the life-span of the LED increases considerably to several thousand hours. The average life of an LED streetlight spans up to 50,000 hours.

This doesn’t mean that after this the device will stop working. However, it will lose its life and efficiency just by 20%. Furthermore, the LED light display a much better and aesthetic visual experience. The light displays a more efficient, energy-saving, and radiant light display. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the best-LED streetlight below.

Flat LED Street Light (SLN2)

The first piece of light that we discuss here is an AN-SLN2 series LED street light. It is basically an engineering city circuit light. The streetlight is most suitable for its usage as the main road lighting device. This is because the outermost constructive body comprises an integral shell-like structure. This structure complies with the methods of a die-casting system that withstands high temperature and resistance up to Class 16 typhoon. The main features of AN-SLN2 comprise:

Power: 40W-200W

LED Chip: Philips

Lumens Efficiency: 100-110lm/W

CRI: >80

Temperature Color: 3000-4000K/5000-6500K

Working Voltage: AC85-265V

The AN-SLN2 series of LED lights for street application equips the highest quality Philip LED chips. It increases efficiency as well as makes it a more stable lamp. Unlike the ordinary LED lamp, the AN-SLn2 series covers the lens with a specially designed 10mm thick tempered glass cover. This glass effective in that it can easily withstand and resist the high energy impact of 4J. It resists water up to IP67. The light holds the PMMA optical lens with 93% light transmittance. The light comprises a driver box that contains electronic components which makes maintenance an easy job.

Adjustable Bracket LED Street Light (SLH6)

AN-SLH6 is an adjustable LED street light that works extremely well for streets and main roads. This material uses a PC material lens and also comprises high transmittance as well as low light attenuation. AN-SLH6 comprises features as:

Power: 50W-200W

LED Chip: Philips

Lumens Efficiency: 100-110lm/W

CRI: >80

Temperature Color: 3000-4000K/5000-6500K

Working Voltage: AC85-265V

AN-SLH6 adopts a modular design that appeals to the maximum heat dissipation in the lamp. This thereby helps in bringing more life and thus performance to the LED. The adjustability factor helps in adjusting the angle depending upon the size of the pole. Furthermore, in order to achieve the best engineering solution, light sensors and protection features add more meaning.

This, ultimately makes it the best choice for streetlights and main roads. The addition of PC material, in comparison with the glass lens, is much stronger and more reliable. Furthermore, with silica gel core sealing the device achieves waterproof and dustproof sustainability. This thereby makes it suitable for outdoor lighting. With a removable lamp handle, the user can get and meet a 90-degree transformation as required.

COB LED Street Light SLM2

The AN-SLM2 is the COB LED street light that comprises a classical LED lamp that casts an aluminum die-cast shell. It also contains COB integrated beads of LED lamps. This LED light is perfect for outdoor and streetlight purposes as it contains:

Power: 30W-200W


Lumens Efficiency: 100-110lm/W

CRI: >80

Temperature Color: 3000-4000K/5000-6500K

Working Voltage: AC85-265V

This product remains the most favourite item in the list of domestic and foreigners. They prefer it above all the items by Anern-Marketing because of its productivity and cost-effective performance. The product comprises an SMD lamp bead and an integrated piece of a lens. It also comprises a high-quality LED chip with an improved LED drive box.

All these features thereby guarantee an improvement in the gathering of light, stability, and lighting performance. It is designed specially to dissipate heat by supporting the air convection mechanism. The device holds an intelligent IC constant current driver that protects it from overvoltage and overload. AN-SLM6 is available in customized lumens from 105lm/W to 140lm/W. Furthermore, it contains an LDR sensor that turns it ON and OFF by detecting the atmospheric light.

WYZM LED Street Light

The WYZM offers its new product in the series of an LED street light. The device comes and equips with a feature of free-dusk. This mechanism thereby helps in improving the performance and reducing the power consumption by 50% and more. the device comprises a 120-277V AC LED lamps. The Key Features of the WYZM LED light contains:

  • Adjustable Direction for Light
  • Hard Material of Aluminum, PC, and Shady Plastic
  • Net Weight: 2.4 Pounds
  • Cord-powered electrical device
  • Features liner fixture

This device also offers an adjustable system for light direction with 5500 Kelvin of daylight color. This feature offers a wide 180-degree illumination of light spread. The low energy consumption also reduces the chances of low maintenance hence thereby reducing the repairing cost. This facility, furthermore, reduces the chances of replacement at a constant interval.

The WYZM LED streetlight also offers 300W shoebox parking light that replaces HID lamps of 1000W of 45000 lumens. The aluminum, PC, and plastic material help in making it a suitable device for outdoor applications.

Advantages are:

  • Sufficient Light
  • 10 years of warranty
  • Maintenance Friendly
  • IP protection

The only disadvantage is that it lacks the instruction for assembling the devices.

LED street light

Gebosun LED Outdoor Street Floodlight

For outdoor floodlights, the Gebosun LED street light doesn’t mean that it is a solar device. It, however, operates on-grid power using a corded electric source. Nevertheless, this device does function as a smart technology in its operation. By this, we mean that the Gebosun features an LDR sensor. This thereby helps the device in automatically turning ON at dusk and OFF at dawn. The LED floodlight uses the input energy source of 100-277V AC. By this, it successfully transmits the lumens of 9200W of output.

This is not just it. Yes! It offers more. this streetlight saves a lot of energy. Therefore, this device makes a perfect replacement for 200-250W conventional HID. Furthermore, the cost efficiency, low energy consumption, and heat dissipation thereby help in improving the overall performance and life-span of the light. By this, the light becomes a very bright source of energy. Therefore, the high performance thus helps in making it a perfect choice for outdoor lighting. Its key features include:

  • Adjustability in terms of light direction
  • Bumps, Vibration, Shock Resistance Fixture features
  • Aluminum made shade Design
  • Powered through Corded Source
  • Design: using aluminum Die-Cast
  • Heavy Weight 7-pounds
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Lumens per watt: 6000

The advantages of WYZM LED street light includes:

  • A modern style Design
  • Offers a warranty for 5-Years
  • Super Easy Installation Process
  • Durability Guaranty for Lamp

The device, however, comes with disadvantages as

  • The brightness is not as it should be.

STASUN LED Security Street Lights with In-built Cree LED Chips

STASUN offers its best LED street light for fulfilling your security purposes. The reason for adding this product to the best LEDs for streetlights is its anti-glare properties. The glass of the LED is designed in a specific way to minimize reflection or shadow formation. This thereby adds in more efficiency in lighting. It further provides extra safety to your vicinity. Therefore, there is no need to get worried about security as well as high efficiency in terms of cost and performance.

However, the best thing about this product is that it contains Cree LED chips. These Cree LED chips are 30 in number that ultimately produces in combination up to 13500 lumens of high brightness. Furthermore, this effective bright light, in comparison to conventional lighting saves up to 88% of electrical energy. This is why this device makes its way amongst the best LED streetlights.

LED street light

Additionally, the STASUN, equips and features a shock resistance PC lens. This lens fits in a specially designed aluminum die-cast that ensures maximum heat dissipation. The higher the heat dissipation the optimum performance would be. This ultimately adds more life to it. This PC lens is an impact resistant Polycarbonate Lens. This lens is pretty much safe for normal usage as well the material helps in protecting LEDs from debris, dust, and water. Furthermore, the device features a fin heat sink. It attached with a device using an aluminum plate inside the light. This unit further helps in dissipating the heat emission.

Its key features are:

  • Cree LED Chips
  • Resistance to Shock, Bumps, Debris, Dust, and Water
  • Equips PC lens
  • Aluminum Die-Cast for Robust Heat Dissipation
  • Impact Resistance Polycarbonate Lens
  • Fin Heat Sink (Upgraded)

The advantages are:

  • Safety
  • Heat-Dissipation
  • Cost-Effective
  • Long-Lasting

The disadvantages are:

  • None

BBOUNDER Light Pro LED Street Light

Bbounder Light Pro LED street light is the next object that we enlist in our best street light products. This device features an automatic function that makes the device to work on its own by sensing dawn and dusk. This dawn-and-dusk photocell thereby equips the device with an LDR sensor. This thereby eliminates the use of installing a separate flip switch whenever you want to turn it ON or OFF. The photocell in a device means that it contains as we discussed an LDR sensor. LDR sensor basically is a resistor that controls the flow of the current upon detecting the light.

Furthermore, the Bbounder light holds special safety and security features that make it more resilient and protective against certain outside conditions. The device enables DLC and ELT features, along with an IP65 water-proof feature. These features further assure the safety and durability of the light. There is more to its safety by the way. This time the device also equips itself with a corrosive resistance material and an aluminum housing feature.

Furthermore, the installation process of this device is very convenient for the users either on walls or on mounting arms. The products carry a wide range of voltage that makes them ideal for outdoor usage. Hence, parks, garages, parking lots, walking paths, backyards, etc. get the most benefit. The five years warranty scheme by the manufacturers eliminates the need for regular complaints.

The key features of the product are:

  • Weight:4 pounds
  • Material: Aluminum and PC
  • Construction: Glass Shade
  • Directional Movement: Up/Down
  • Color: Dark Bronze
  • Lifetime: 50,000 hours
  • The fixture features: No option for Dim light
  • Shape: Globe shape

The device offers multiple advantages as:

  • Corrosion-Resistance
  • Installation-Ease
  • Aluminum Rugged-Housing
  • Five-Years Warranty
  • IP67 Characterized
  • Durability and Reliability

The Disadvantages are:

  • No

LEONLITE 75W LED Security Street Light

LEONLITE offers its reliable product in our list of best LED street lights. This product offers an ultra-efficient lighting device the surpasses its contenders in performance. It equips a set of built-in LED chips along with an addition of SMB technology. Bothe features hence enhance the overall brightness of the product. By their combination, the user gets the brightest outdoor light experience during nights. Furthermore, it carries a variety of model that depends upon the purpose of usage for outdoor activities.

For an instance, the DLC premium product offers the best solution for local outdoor yards. DLC offers the best lighting ends for farming, garages, outdoor yards, large porches, parking lots, and commercial areas. Additionally, the best feature for outdoor light is the LDR sensor.

LEONLITE also equips this photocell that helps in illuminating dawn to dusk. The sensor helps in automatically turning ON and OFF the device with no need for manual maintenance. Thereby eliminating the need for a flip switch. The light features an IP65 top dust-proof and water-proof technology. This hence makes it a reliable product for outdoor harsh weather. Last but not least is the built-in surge protector. This prevents the device from high voltage up to 10KV

The key features of the LEONLITE are:

  • LED Chips: Built-in
  • Features: DLC Premium Light Yard
  • LDR/Photocell Sensor: Auto ON and OFF
  • Protection: IP65 for dustproof
  • Water-Proof Rating

The device offers a number of advantages as:

  • Warranty: Five Years
  • Material: Durable
  • Installation: Easy installation with no need for drilling
  • Performance: Stable in Performance
  • Life: Longer-life

However, LEONLITE does hold a disadvantage that is:

  • Photocell of Poor Quality

LEDMO 200W LED Street Parking Lot Lights

LEDMO LED street light offers its users a top-rated LED street light. This light also features, like its contenders, and LDR sensor. This sensor helps in detecting the atmospheric light. Upon which the sensor automatically turns the light ON/Off. This thereby helps in eliminating the need for manual operation. Furthermore, the device equips a hollow design that encourages the heat sink phenomenon. This feature enables maximum heat dissipation. This factor ultimately brings more life and improved performance for an LED light.

The LEDMO offers 200W of LED streetlight that provides a super bright vision for dark hours. The 200W gives out a total of 26,000 lumens. Additionally, it comprises a high-quality LED lamp with no infrared or ultraviolet radiation hazards. The absence of these fatalistic rays provides eco-friendly protection to our atmosphere as well as human wellbeing. The manufacturer offers a long 5 years of product warranty that also increases the span of light.

The key features of the LEDMO are:

  • Protection: IP65 Water-Proof
  • Energy Output: 26000 Lumens
  • Features: Photocell for Automatic Functions
  • Weight:7 Pounds
  • Adjustability: Direction for Light
  • Power Source: Corded Electric Source

LEDMO also offers several advantages that include:

  • No Noise or Buzzing
  • Durability
  • The lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • Save Energy
  • Robust Material for harsh weathers
  • Easy Installation
  • Illumination angle flexibility

With this number of advantages, the disadvantages are:

  • None


HYKOLITY comes up with an LED street light. The chances of this product in terms of saving the electricity cost reached up to 70%. This is because the device offers 40W LED lamps that help in illuminating the brightest light with 44000 Lumens. 44000 lumens are something seriously bright when you talk of LED street lights. To make it’s material super durable, it features a die-cast aluminum. This material provides extra strength to the product by making it durable, corrosive, and shock-resistant to bumps.

HYKOLITY also equips an IP65 water-proof technology. This, therefore, makes the LED light the best solution for wet and outdoor activities. The overall lifespan of LED streetlights lasts up to 50,000 hours. The corded electric power allows it the best option for farms, garages, parks, and outdoor locations. Its key features are:

  • Power Source: Corded-Powered Electric Supply
  • Material: Rugged Die-Cast
  • Features: LDR Sensor
  • Life-span: 50,000 hours

The advantages of HYKOLITY are:

  • Style: Modern Design
  • Warranty: 5-five years
  • Frequency: Reduced Re-lamp
  • Electric Safety: 70% save energy
  • Installation: Easy to Install
  • Output: Efficient Light

The reviewers however could find any considerable disadvantages.

Buying Guide:

Till now we have come across a variety of LED street lights. However, when you face such a huge number of products the selection of one single item becomes a headache. Therefore, searching and going through every single product seems a hassle. For this reason, we have compiled a list of features that we must keep in mind before buying it. The features areas:


It is of utmost importance to cross-check wattage before considering getting an LED street light. The centre of importance lies with its consistent use which means that the greater the wattage the more production of light. LED lights have lower wattage which rather means a win situation as it is making itself the ultimate priority for one purchasing it. The lower the wattage and the higher the lumens of the lamp gives a unique selling point on the market.


One of the significant factors on which LED street light is strongly dependent on is its building structure. Build outdoors, usually, the design is crafted with aluminum housing. The is thus to ensure its reliability and its long-lasting finish. This also helps maintains the lamp temperature. To further ensure its weather resistance the LED street light, waterproof designs are designed to protect them from crucial weather.

Ease of mounting

When mounting an LED street light, problems should not occur instead everything should go at a smooth pace. In case something goes wrong while fixing it extra expenses are borne that of a technician. LED light having installation gears easily settles down at its desired place. It eradicates the extra cost of buying extra materials.

Number of lumens

The number of lumens is a dependent factor that tells about the light output. The most dependent factors are the wattage and chips which determine the number of lumens for an LED street light. The one having a higher rating will give more light. LED lights are featured while possessing higher lumens than those having the traditional lights with consistent watts.


The LED street light does not account for a simple bright light, instead, it defiantly adds to the scenic beauty of the street. The brightly lit street will surely make a passerby joyful. The safety measure is there as with the massive throw of the light it easily enables us to see at night and evens out the costs of hiking.

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