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AN-UHL03 series is currently the most popular LED high bay light. UFO design, with new linear driver solution, high stability and cost performance.

Quick Information
  • Power:50W-200W
  • LED chip:EPISTAR
  • Luminous efficiency:90-100m/w
  • CRI:>70
  • Color temperature:3000-4000K/5000-6500K
  • Working voltage:AC85-265V

Compared with the traditional design, AN-UHL03 series adopts a unique dis-shaped, one-step molding technology through high precision, full-automated equipment, better performance on heat dissipation. Meanwhile, dispense with large radiator like traditional high bay light, it is volume weight smaller, cost saving on transportation and much easier to install.

The design principle of UFO high bay light

Everyone often sees ordinary high bay lights, but when everyone sees this UFO LED high bay light, they will be surprised. On one hand, it is because of its shape of a “flying saucer”, so many people commonly call it “UFO high bay light”, and on the other hand it is because it gets rid of the impression that high-power LED lamps must have a bulky appearance, achieving high-power and small lamp body Exquisite combination. The reason for this design is actually the result of multiple considerations.

Inside the “flying saucer”-shaped lamp housing, similar to the shape is a uniquely designed heat sink. Compared with the common “cylindrical” radiator, this fan-shaped design conducts heat more effectively and reduces the lamp faster. The temperature in the body. This kind of heat dissipation design not only solves the heat dissipation problem of high-power lamps, but also the size of the radiator is far smaller than the traditional high bay lamp, which can also save a lot of transportation costs.


Good Heat Dissipation

Die-casting aluminium body, efficiency heat dissipation, directing heat up and out, make little lumens depreciation.


PC Optical Lenses

PC Optical Lenses, not only have excellent high light transmittance, strong impact resistance, but also reduce glare while optimizing light performance. 60/90/120° three angles available for selection, meet demands of professional light distribution.


IP65 Waterproof Grade

No afraid of outdoor rain / snow / wind / sand and other bad weather.


Intelligent IC Constant Current Power Supply

Built-in high quality driver with CE certificated, no strobe, low radiation.


Item No. 100W 150W 200W
CRI 80
Color temperature 3000-3500K/6000-6500K
Warranty 5 Years
Working voltage AC220V
Flux 8000-9000lm 12000-13500lm 16000-18000lm
Size 278 × 278 × 101mm 328 × 328 × 106mm 388 × 388 × 111mm


Stadium lighting, Tunnel lighting, Railway station lighting, Outdoor & Landscape lighting, Loading dock lighting.

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