2021 Solar Street Light New All In One Solar Street Light (ISSL-C)

 Solar Street Light
 Solar Street Light
 Solar Street Light

AN-ISSL-C series is the latest integrated solar street light launched by Anern with high functionality and competitive price. Using imported LG 3030 chips, maximum brightness up to 150lm/w, snap-type battery box design.

Quick Information
  • Power:60W-100W
  • Luminous efficiency:>150lm/w
  • Solar panel:Monocrystalline
  • Battery:LiFePo4 Battery
  • Lighting mode:Light control + Time control
  • Material:Aluminium alloy + PMMA

The housing of this series of products adopts the method of integral die-casting, regardless of the material thickness and structural strength, coupled with single crystal high-efficiency solar panels and power-type lithium iron phosphate batteries, they are all designed in accordance with engineering standards. Taking into account the lighting needs of different roads, an adjustable angle lamp arm and two LED modules are also added for selection.It is an integrated solar street light with high functionality and competitive price.

Advantage Of All-in-one Soar Street Light

Anern integrated solar street lights are the solar street lights that combines high-efficiency solar panels, 8-year long-life lithium batteries, high-efficiency LEDs, intelligent controllers, and PIR human body sensor modules.

The advantage of the integrated solar street light is that it is easy to install and light in weight. Generally, two workers only need a special wrench in the product to complete the installation in 5 minutes without using heavy equipment and tools.

The working principle is basically the same as the traditional solar lamp, except that the integrated solar street lamp is different in that it has a lamp holder, a battery panel, a battery, and a controller system. The control system controls the charge and discharge mode. If everything is integrated into one lamp holder, the lead-acid battery will be replaced with a lithium battery, which is easy to install and light in weight.

Cost advantages of integrated solar street lights

  1. The biggest advantage of integrated solar street lights is to save expensive installation, construction and commissioning cost, and product transportation costs, usually only 1/5 of the cost of traditional lights, if it is exported abroad, only 1/10 of traditional split solar street lights.
  2. The integrated solar street light has a long life of 8 years and is the world’s first lithium battery management and control technology. Compared with some ordinary battery products that need to be replaced in two years, the future after-sales service and component replacement costs for the integrated solar street light can be greatly reduced Generally, there is no need to replace the battery or maintenance within 8 years. Even when it needs to be replaced after 8 years, due to the unique product structure design, the user only needs a few minutes to complete the process without technical support and engineer’s guidance replace.

The most important thing to do for a solar street light project is to consider the overall cost in addition to the cost of the product, including transportation costs, installation and commissioning costs, after-sales service costs, convenience of maintenance and so on.

Our Advantages

  • We have our own solar panel factory, and invest in a battery factory and a shell factory, which have an advantage in the cost.
  • The capability of independent design and development, with multiple products patents.
  • Focus on solar lighting engineering design and provide professional DIALux design solutions.
  • Engineering quality, promise that the raw materials used do not contain defective or second-hand products.

Integral Die-cast Housing

High mechanical strength, up to 16 typhoon resistance.


Imported LG 3030 LED Chips

Maximum brightness up to 150lm/W, 30% higher than similar products.


Snap-type Battery Box Design

Convenient for battery and controller maintenance, save maintenance costs.


Adjustable Angle Lamp Arm

Can be used in 2 different types of lamp pole.


Power 60W 80W 100W
LED 200/144pcs 300/216pcs 400/288pcs
Luminous flux 150lm/w 150lm/w 150lm/w
LiFePO4 battery 128WH 160WH 192WH
Mono solar panel 30W 40W 50W
Solar charging time 5-6 hours by bright sunlight
Lighting time in rainy day 5 days
Lighting mode 3hrs 100% + 2hrs 70% + 5hrs 50% + 2hrs 25% can be customized based on customer needs
Material Aluminium alloy + PMMA
IP class IP 65
Work temperature 0℃ to 50℃


Title Language Size Type
2021 New All In One Solar Street Light (ISSL-C) Manual English 11366kb application/pdf


Roadway Lighting, Countryside road lighting, Pathway lighting, Parking Lot lighting, courtyard lighting, Landscape lighting

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