Adjustable Solar Street Light / Panel Solar Street Light (SL)

Adjustable Solar Panel Solar
AN-SL (2)
AN-SL (3)
AN-SL (4)
AN-SL (5)

AN-SL series solar street lights are patented products developed by Anern, with independent solar panel bracket, the solar panel power can be customized according to customer's demand to meet the max lighting time requirement.

Quick Information
  • Power:30W-120W
  • Luminous efficiency:>170lm/w
  • Solar panel:Monocrystalline
  • Battery:Lithium Battery
  • Lighting mode:Light control + Motion sensor + Time control
  • Material:Aluminium alloy + PMMA

Adopting integral die-casting for lamps housing, this series of lamps integrate the light source, controller and battery together, with solar panels installed independently. The solar panel bracket can be adjusted horizontally and vertically, maximizing the use of light resources according to the actual lighting conditions. In addition, the independent design of solar panels can flexibly adjust the power of solar panels. For some areas with poor lighting conditions, the power of solar panels can be increased to increase power generation and solve the problem of insufficient lighting time.

 Analysis on the effect of sunlight on solar energy utilization


The angle between the solar panel and the sun is an important factor affecting the photoelectric conversion efficiency of the solar panel. If the solar panel is always perpendicular to the direction of sunlight, the conversion efficiency of the solar panel is closer to the design parameters. For solar photovoltaic systems, the azimuth angle is 0 degrees from the south, the east is a negative angle, and the west is a positive angle. For example, when the sun is in the true east, the azimuth is -90 degrees, and when the sun is in the west, the azimuth is 90 degrees. The azimuth angle determines the incident direction of sunlight. When the solar panel faces true south (that is, the angle between the vertical surface of the solar panel and the true south is 0 degrees), the solar cell generates the largest power. In different seasons, the peak insolation time of each azimuth is different. If you want to adjust the azimuth angle to the time when the peak load moment of the day is consistent with the peak power generation moment, the azimuth angle = (the peak load moment of the day-12) × 15 + (longitude-116 degrees).

Our Advantages

  • We have our own solar panel factory, and have invested in a battery factory and a lamp housing factory, which has a cost advantage.
  • Independent design and development capabilities, with multiple product patent.
  • Focus on solar lighting engineering design and provide professional DIALux design solutions.
  • Engineering quality, promise that the raw materials used do not contain defective or second-hand products.
Solar panel angle adjustable

Solar Panel Angle Adjustable

Solar panel can be adjusted according to different environment and make full use of solar energy.

140 degree lends

140 × 70 Degree Lens

Unique lens with 140×70 degree beam angle, can provide much wider effective lighting area compared to the conventional solar lights for mounting in the same height.

Easy to replace the battery

Easy to Replace the Battery

Just unscrew the lamp back cover and take out the battery box, no need to unload the whole lamp from the pole for battery replacement, very simple and convenient.

Decorating function with aesthetic design

Decorating Function with Aesthetic Design

6 colors switch by turns.


LED3030 Bridgelux High Efficiency LED Chip
Luminous Flux3000lm5000lm6000lm8000lm10000lm12000lm
Lithium Battery12V/18AH12V/28AH12V/36AH12V/42AH12V/75AH12V/86AH
Mono Solar Panel18V40W18V65W18V80W18V100W18V170W18V200W
Install Height3~4 meters5~6 meters6~7 meters6~7 meters8~9 meters8~9 meters
Solar charging time6-8 hours by bright sunlight
Lighting time4-5 nights
MaterialAluminium alloy + PMMA
Waterproof IP 65
Work temperature -25℃ to 65℃


Adjustable Solar Panel Solar Street Light (SL)ManualEnglish1310kbapplication/pdf


Street Lighting, Road Lighting, Expressway Lighting, Country Road Lighting.

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