Lithium Battery Solar Storage System

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Anern's series of lithium battery solar storage system are mainly for household use and small commercial use, 500W to 5000W generator optional, and are favored by local solar system providers and end users in many countries.

Quick Information
  • Rated loads capacity:500W- 5000W
  • Power generation:600WH-4500WH
  • Solar panel:Polycrystalline / Monocrystalline
  • Battery:LiFePo4 Lithium Battery
  • Controller:MPPT
  • Solar panel bracket: Roof / Ground type

The solar lithium battery power storage system is a kind of power generation system by integrating the controller, inverter, and battery pack into one integral cabinet and can be used only by connecting with the solar panels. This kind of solar system allows end users to use it just by connecting the solar panels without complicated wiring process. It has played a very good role in promoting the popularization of solar power generation systems.

Solar storage system VS traditional solar power system

  • Easier

The integrated solar energy storage cabinet system does not require complicated wiring. It is easier and more convenient to use.

  • Save time

The solar energy storage cabinet system can be used as long as it is connected to the solar panel, without wiring, saving a lot of time to install the system.

  • Better management

The controller, inverter, and battery are all built-in which are making subsequent maintenance and management more convenient.

  • More space

The solar energy storage cabinet system covers a small area, a closed design, and strong environmental adaptability.

Our Advantages

  • Innovative integrated design, convenient transportation, simple installation and use, the first choice for household solar power systems user.
  • Using MPPT controller, the solar energy conversion efficiency is as high as 98%, and it only takes 5-6 hours per day (with sufficient sunlight) to fully charge.
  • Built-in brand new lithium battery with large capacity and long service life.
  • 500W to 5000W generator optional, customized solar energy storage solutions is available.

Solar Panel

Power: 350W Polycrystalline ( Monocrystalline optional)
Max Power Voltage: 38.9V
Max Power Current: 9.00A
Open Circuit Voltage: 46.68V
Short Circuit Current: 9.45A
Dimensions:1956×992×40 mm

Solar Storage Cabinet

Rated output power: 500W / 1000W / 3000W / 5000W
Rated DC Voltage: 12 /24 /48V
Built in battery: Lithium / LiFePo4 battery
Controller: MPPT
Output voltage: 110V /220V
Output wave: Pure Sine Wave

PV Mounting Structure(Mounting Brackets)

Commercial Roof(Flat roof&workshop roof)
Ground Solar Mounting system
Vertical wall solar mounting system
All aluminum structure solar mounting system
Car parking solar mounting system


PV Cable & Connector: 4mm2, 6mm2, 10mm2, 16mm2, 25mm2, 35mm2
Colors: Black For STD, Red Optional
Lifetime: 25 Years


Model MPSG-500W MPSG-1000W MPSG-3000W MPSG-5000W
Battery rated voltage 12V 24V 48V 48V
Rated power 500W 1000W 3000W 5000W
Input voltage range 140-275V
Output wave Pure sine wave
Specification of built-in lithium battery 600WH 1200WH 2600WH 4500WH
Communication RS232
Solar panel rated power 240W 480W 1440W 1440W
Rated charge current 20A(MPPT) 30A(MPPT)
5 VDC USB output 2 Pieces /MAX 2A
12 VDC output ports 2 Pieces /MAX 2A
Heat dissipation/cooling Temperature control by intelligent exhaust fan
Display Digital LCD
Electricity charging Yes
External size(W × D × H) 420 × 220 × 270 mm 430 × 230 × 330 mm 545 × 507 × 580 mm
Package size(W × D × H) 507 × 295 × 355 mm 512 × 310 × 405 mm 635 × 600 × 761 mm


Title Language Size Type
Lithium Battery Solar Storage System English 6631kb application/pdf


Residential solar power system, Commercial solar power system, Industrial solar power system etc.

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