Home On-grid Solar System Solar power generation system


Anern supplies complete home on-grid solar system configuration. The excess electricity generated by the system can be sold to the government with a high return on investment.

Quick Information
  • Rated loads capacity:1KW- 6KW
  • Power generation:5KWH-32KWH
  • Solar panel:Polycrystalline / Monocrystalline
  • Grid inverter:MPPT
  • Solar panel bracket: Roof / Ground type

The Home-use solar grid-connected system adopts distributed power generation way. It refers to the grid-connected power generation system with smaller configuration at the user site or near the power site to meet the needs of specific users. This way has got support and policy support from many countries, encouraging self-sufficiency in electricity consumption through the installation of solar power generation systems, and it can also sell the excess electricity to the government.

How does a home on-grid solar system work?

The main equipment of a distributed solar power generation system includes PV modules, PV array brackets, DC combiner box, DC distribution cabinet, grid-tied inverter, AC distribution cabinet, as well as control device and environmental monitoring device. Its operating mode is that under the condition of solar radiation, the PV modules converts the solar energy to electric energy, and feeds to the DC distribution cabinet through the DC combiner box, which is inverted by the grid-tied inverter to AC power and supply to the building’s loads. Its surplus or insufficient power shall be adjusted by the grid.

Our Advantages

  • Solar power generation system is a kind of clean energy, and it is really clean energy that will not produce any pollution during power generation.
  • The solar grid connected power generation system can directly merge the generated electricity into the grid without any batteries, which greatly reduces the installation cost of the system.
  • Using well-known brand grid-connected inverters, global joint guarantee, and quality is guaranteed.
  • The excess electricity generated by the system can be sold to the government with a high return on investment.

Solar Panel

Poly Solar Panel, Mono Solar Panel, PERC Solar Panel, ETC
PID free PV module
0-5W positive power tolerance
100% full EL inspection
Superior quality control
25 years warranty

Grid Tie Inverter

5 years standard warranty
Max.Efficiency 99.6%,European efficiency 99%
Integrated DC switch for added safety protection
Power factor continuously adjustable
Transformer-less design and high power density,off lighter and more convenient installation
Flexible communication connection,support RF WIFI

PV Mounting Structure(Mounting Brackets)

Commercial Roof(Flat roof&workshop roof)
Ground Solar Mounting system
Vertical wall solar mounting system
All aluminum structure solar mounting system
Car parking solar mounting system


PV Cable&Connector: 4mm2, 6mm2, 10mm2, 16mm2, 25mm2, 35mm2
Colors: Black For STD, Red Optional
Lifetime: 25 Years


Model Solar panel On-grid inverter Power generation
ON-SP-1KW 4pcs 270W 1pcs 1KW 5KWH
ON-SP-2KW 6pcs 350W 1pcs 2KW 10KWH
ON-SP-3KW 9pcs 350W 1pcs 3KW 15KWH
ON-SP-5KW 16pcs 350W 1pcs 5KW 28KWH
ON-SP-6KW 18pcs 350W 1pcs 6KW 31KWH


Residential solar power system, Commercial solar power system, Industrial solar power system etc.

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