Home Off grid Solar System

Home Off grid Solar System

Home-use solar power supply system is one of the most widely used products of solar energy in the civilian market. Application in residential without grid connection, to power home appliances. Full complete kits, easy installation.

Quick Information
  • Rated loads capacity: 3.5KW / 5.5KW /10KW / 15KW / 20KW
  • Power generation: 10KWH-70KWH
  • Solar panel: Polycrystalline / Monocrystalline
  • Battery: GEL Battery / LiFePo4 Lithium Battery
  • Controller: MPPT
  • Solar panel bracket: Roof / Ground type

The system is built by installing solar panels on the roof or open ground and placing inverter in the house to provide electricity for the household appliances. For some households where the mains is not reachable, or the mains supply is unstable, it can solve the problem of daily power shortage and maintain a normal life.

How does a home off-grid solar system work?

Home-use off-grid solar power supply system generally consists of a PV array composed of solar panels, solar charge/discharge controller, battery bank, off-grid inverter, DC loads and AC loads, etc. If the output power is AC 220V or 110V, an inverter is also required. The solar panel converts solar energy into electric energy when there is solar radiation. The solar charge controller supplies power to the DC loads meanwhile charging the battery pack; when there is no solar radiation, the battery pack discharges to supply power to the DC loads through the controller. The storage battery also needs to directly supply power to the independent inverter which converts DC voltage to AC voltage and power the AC loads.

Our Advantages

  • A scientific and reasonable plan can meet more than 90% of household electricity needs.
  • The conversion efficiency of solar panels is as high as 22%, and the power generation is large, even in cloudy days.
  • Wall-mounted lithium battery solution, stylish design, long service life, small size, and space saving.
  • The installation is simple and convenient, and detailed installation instructions and video are provided.
  • Perfect after-sales service to ensure the safe and stable operation of the system.

Solar Panel

Poly Solar Panel, Mono Solar Panel, PERC Solar Panel, ETC
PID free PV module
0-5W positive power tolerance
100% full EL inspection.
Superior quality control
25 years warranty

Solar Inverter

WIFI & GPRS available for IOS and Android
Work with or without battery
Smart charger design to optimize battery life
High efficiency MPPT based on pure sine wave inverter


Lead Acid GEL / LiFePo4 lithium battery Optional
Deep cycle, Free maintenance
Up to 8 years service life
Battery capacity can be expanded

PV Mounting Structure(Mounting Brackets)

Pitched roof mounting structure
Flat roof mounting structure
Ground mounting structure
Ballast type mounting structure
Car parking lot mounting structure
Compatible for all types solar modules


PV Cable & Connector: 4mm2, 6mm2, 10mm2, 16mm2, 25mm2, 35mm2
Colors: Black For STD, Red Optional
Lifetime: 25 Years


Model-1 Solar panel LifePo4 battery MPPT inverter Power generation
OFF-SGHP-3.5KW 6pcs 350W 1pcs 24V200AH 1pcs 24V100A 3.5KW 10-11KWH
OFF-SGHP-5.5KW 10pcs 350W 2pcs 48V100AH 1pcs 48V100A 5.5KW 17-18KWH
OFF-SGHP-8000W 15pcs 350W 4pcs 48V100AH 1pcs 48V100A 8KW 23-26KWH
OFF-SGHP-10000W 24pcs 350W 1pcs 96V300AH 1pcs 96V100A 10KW 34-42KWH
Model-2 Solar panel GEL battery MPPT inverter Power generation
OFF-SGHP-3.5KW 6pcs 350W 4pcs 12V250AH 1pcs 24V100A 3.5KW 10-11KWH
OFF-SGHP-5.5KW 10pcs 350W 4pcs 12V250AH 1pcs 48V100A 5.5KW 17-18KWH
OFF-SGHP-8000W 15pcs 350W 12pcs 12V250AH 1pcs 48V100A 8KW 23-26KWH
OFF-SGHP-10000W 24pcs 350W 16pcs 12V250AH 1pcs 96V100A 10KW 34-42KWH
OFF-SGHP-15000W 28pcs 350W 16pcs 12V280AH 1pcs 96V100A 15KW 40-49KWH
OFF-SGHP-20000W 40pcs 350W 32pcs 12V200AH 1pcs 92V100A 20KW 56-70KWH


Residential solar power system, Commercial solar power system, Industrial solar power system etc.

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