Commercial On grid Solar System

commercial on grid solar system

Commercial solar grid-connected power generation systems are used in commercial, industrial, and government power stations. Anern supplies the most complete solar on-grid configuration on the market.

Quick Information
  • Rated loads capacity:8KW- 200KW
  • Power generation:40KWH-1000KWH
  • Solar panel:Polycrystalline / Monocrystalline
  • Grid inverter:MPPT
  • Solar panel bracket: Roof / Ground type

The grid-connected solar power generation system converts solar energy into electric energy without storing energy into the battery, and directly sends the electric energy to the grid through the grid-tied inverter. The characteristics of electricity consumption in these places are mainly: large electricity consumption, long daily electricity consuming time, high voltage (mainly three-phase voltage), and high annual electricity bills. Through the solar grid-connected power generation system, most of the city power use can be saved every year, and the electricity bill is greatly reduced.

Our Advantages

  • Use clean, renewable solar energy to generate electricity instead of consuming non-renewable resources, and no greenhouse gas and pollutant emissions.
  • The generated energy is integrated into the grid which acts as an energy storage device and saves batteries, reducing the construction investment than off grid solar power systems by 35%-45%, thereby greatly decreasiing the cost of power generation.
  • In the design, the solar panels are perfectly combined with the building, which can not only generate electricity but also be used as building materials and decoration materials, so as to make full use of material resources to perform multiple functions.
  • Distributed construction, decentralized power supply nearby, and flexible integration into and exit from the power grid, which will not only enhance the power system’s ability to resist natural disasters but also improve the load balance of the power system and reduce the loss of transmission lines.

Solar Panel

Poly Solar Panel, Mono Solar Panel, PERC Solar Panel, ETC
PID free PV module
0-5W positive power tolerance
100% full EL inspection
Superior quality control
25 years warranty

Grid Tie Inverter

5 years standard warranty. Max.Efficiency 99.6%,European efficiency 99%
Integrated DC switch for added safety protection
Power factor continuously adjustable
Transformer-less design and high power density,off lighter and more convenient installation
Flexible communication connection,support RF WIFI

PV Mounting Structure(Mounting Brackets)

Commercial Roof(Flat roof&workshop roof)
Ground Solar Mounting system
Vertical wall solar mounting system
All aluminum structure solar mounting system
Car parking solar mounting system


PV Cable&Connector: 4mm2, 6mm2, 10mm2, 16mm2, 25mm2, 35mm2
Colors: Black For STD, Red Optional
Lifetime: 25 Years


Model Solar panel On-grid inverter Power generation
ON-SP-10KW 30pcs 350W 1pcs 10KW 53KWH
ON-SP-15KW 44pcs 350W 1pcs 15KW 77KWH
ON-SP-20KW 60pcs 350W 1pcs 20KW 105KWH
ON-SP-30KW 90pcs 350W 1pcs 30KW 157KWH
ON-SP-50KW 144pcs 350W 1pcs 50KW 252KWH
ON-SP-100KW 288pcs 350W 2pcs 50KW 505KWH
ON-SP-200KW 576pcs 350W 4pcs 50KW 1000KWH


Residential solar power system, Commercial solar power system, Industrial solar power system etc.

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