Solar Garden Light All In One Solar Garden Light (ISGL05)

Solar Garden Light

The AN-ISGL05 series of solar lights is a really hot product in the civilian market, use aluminum housing with high lumen led chip and LiFePo4 battery, widely used in road lighting and park lighting.

Quick Information
  • Power:60W-180W
  • LED chips:EPISTAR
  • Solar panel:Monocrystalline
  • Battery:LiFePo4 Battery
  • Lighting mode:Light control + Motion sensor + Time control
  • Material:Aluminium alloy + Glass

Compared with the cheap PVC solar lights on the market, the Anern AN-ISGL05 series of solar lights use a die-cast aluminum shell, which is much more waterproof and anti-corrosive than the PVC shell. Equipped with high conversion rate solar panels and large-capacity lithium iron phosphate batteries to achieve long battery life. This series of products can be used in home courtyards, sidewalks, parks, parking lots, industrial parks and other places.

How to open the civil solar lighting market

First of all, civilian use solar street lights are different from the engineering street lights market. Engineering use solar street lights are generally purchased in batches by governments, institutions or enterprises, and more often through public bidding. Therefore, the market channels are mainly brand manufacturers to purchasing units, or the model of brand manufacturers + cooperative engineering companies. The proportion of solar lamps sold in retail in the market is very low.

But civilian use solar street lights are different. Their market channels and consumer behavior are more complicated. There are traditional engineering lighting sales models and market wholesale channels retail models, and the ratio of the two is not much different.

The abundance of channels means that the frontline has to be stretched. At this time, if it is still like the engineering street lamp market, it will be very weak to rely on manpower to go to the key procurement units of public relations. You must rely on the power of brands and channels to open up the market.

At present, Anern has successfully figured out a suitable road, and we have achieved good results by using both engineering street lighting channels and retail channels. At present, many distributors are willing to distribute our products as agents.

Our Advantages

  • Operate with many years of experience in developing solar lighting market, Also have developed various cost-effective products.
  • Self-made patent housing design and controller scheme ensure product stability and competitive price.
  • A complete supply chain ensures the quality of raw materials and the delivery date of products.
  • Provide OEM and ODM services, and can recruit agents and distributors from various countries. Welcome negotiation and cooperation.

5050 LED Lamp beads

Using high-lumen, high-brightness LED Chip, the maximum power can be 180lm/watt, Upgrade 30% brightness higher than the previous one.


Removable glass housing

Battery cover and glass can be opened and replaced easily.


Large capacity lithium battery

Built-in brand new lithium battery, full deep cycle reach 2000 times, 8-10 years lifespan.


Monocrystalline solar panel

More than 20% conversion efficiency rate, 25 years long service life, also can be charged on cloudy day.


Rated power 60W 120W 180W
Solar panel 12W 18W 24W
LifePo4 battery 3.2V 10000mah 3.2V 15000mah 3.2V 20000mah
Control method Light+Time control
Charging time 6-8H
Lighting time 2-3 nights
Working temperature 0℃˜ + 65℃
Sensing distance 6-8M
Package 31 × 27 × 55cm/4pcs/12.6kg 67 × 26 × 30cm/3pcs/13.5kg 79 × 27 × 32cm/3pcs/18.6kg


Title Language Size Type
all-in-one-solar-garden-light-manual(isgl05) English 8091kb application/pdf


Street Lighting, Road Lighting, Expressway Lighting, Country Road Lighting.

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