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550W Shingled Monocrystalline Solar Module

The 550W shingled solar module is a cut cells shingled design monocrystalline solar panel. This solar pv technology avoids additional interconnectors between the cells and also increases the area efficiency of the solar panel because the full area of the solar panel can be covered with the active solar material. Anern solar panel limited time offers, a large existing stock on sale, super discount ever. ( *SEND INQUIRY, GET DISCOUNT NOW! )

Quick Information
  • Solar Cell:210*210 PERC solar cells
  • Power Range:550W
  • Size:2148*1188*35mm
  • Certificate:TUV, ISO, ETL, CSA, CE
  • Warranty:25years

Advantages of 550W Shingled Monocrystalline Solar Module

1.The solar panel conversion efficiency is improved
The power of the PV module is increased by more than 10%: the higher the cells efficiency, the more advantages the shingled PV panel can gain.
Compared with conventional PV modules, the theoretical power of shingled PV module can be increased by 15%, and for mass production the power can generally be increased by 10%-12%. Based on the M2 specification monocrystal PERC cells, the power of a 60-size conventional monolithic module can reach 315W, and after adopting the shingle enclosure technology, the module power can reach 345W (the power of the whole level, the actual power may be higher).
The increase in power of shingled modules mainly comes from the increase in the number of cells with reduced packaging and blanks, and secondly from the reduction in current consumption caused by the elimination of solder ribbons and the reduction of cells slices. In addition, due to the elimination of the welding ribbon, the frontal shielding of the shingled module is reduced, and a small amount of power is also increased.

2.Effectively reduce the power loss and hot spots caused by shading
Since the shingled module has more cells strings, when shading occurs, it can effectively reduce the power loss and hot spots caused by the shading.

3.Reduce the impact of defective cells
The comparison of the two groups of data in the figure shows that for conventional PV module, when there are serious fragments, data such as Vmp, Imp, Pmp are all significantly reduced; for shingled PV modules, when there are serious fragments, the drop rate of Vmp, Imp, Pmp are significantly lower than that of conventional modules. This indicates that the shingled PV modules can effectively reduce the impact of hidden cracks (fragmentation) on power generation performance. Comparing the circuit structure of shingled modules and conventional modules, the above phenomenon can also be explained theoretically.

Key Features of 550W Shingled Monocrystalline Solar Module

Specification of 550W Shingled Monocrystalline Solar Module

Mechanical Characteristics Temperature Characteristics
Dimensions 2148x1188x35MM (L×W×H) NMOT 42.3℃(±2)
Weight 28.07kg Temperature Coefficient of Voc -0.27%/℃
Front Glass White toughened safety glass, 3.2mm Temperature Coefficient of Isc 0.04%/℃
Cells 210*210 PERC solar cells Temperature Coefficient of Pm -0.34%/℃
Back Sheet high weatherability backsheet Maximum Ratings
Frame Anodized aluminum profile Maximum System Voltage [V] DC 1500IEC)
Junction Box P68,TUV,two diodes Series Fuse Rating [A] 20
Cable Length 900mm, 1×4mm² Maximum Surface Load Capacity [Pa] 5,400
Connector Compatible with MC4 Temperature Range [°C] -40~+ 85
Withstanding Hail Maximum diameter of 25 mm with Impact speed of 23 m/s  


Electrical Characteristics at Standard Test Conditions(STC)

AN-210X30_10_38 550
Maximum Power-Pm [W] 550
Open Circuit Voltage-Voc [V] 45.74
Short Circuit Current-Isc [A] 15.00
Maximum Power Voltage-Vm [V] 38.76
Maximum Power Current-Im [A] 14.19
Module Efficiency-η [%] 21.55

Details of 550W Shingled Monocrystalline Solar Module Manufacturing

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Our Advantages

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