Solar Street Light

Professional Production
Professional Production

Standardized production line, strictly control the manufacturing process.

OEM/ODM Service
OEM/ODM Service

Offer OEM/ODM service and one-stop solution as per your specific requirements.

Serve Clients Worldwide
Serve Clients Worldwide

Anern products have been exported to more than 180 countries and regions.

Double sided Solar Panel Solar Street Light(SL-X)

AN-SL-X series solar street lights are patented products independently developed by ANERN, with anti-wind resistance of level-16 and 180 degree adjustable angle, specially designed for hi-end project.

  • Power60W-200W
  • Solar panel >210lm/w
  • Solar PanelMonocrystalline
  • BatteryLiFePo4 Battery

Enlarged LED Module Solar Street Light(SLZ)

AN-SLZ solar street lights is a patented product developed by Anern in 2021. This series of products is made with the goal of creating a most cost-effective solar street light for engineering projects.

  • Power 40W-120W
  • Solar panel  >210lm/w
  • Solar Panel Monocrystalline
  • Battery LiFePo4 Battery

Adjustable LED Module All In One Solar Street Light (SLA)

AN-SLA series solar street lights are patented products developed by Anern, with appearance and performance upgrade, optional adjustable angle bracket to meet most of the main road lighting requirements.

  • Power30W-120W
  • Luminous efficiency>210lm/w
  • Solar panelMonocrystalline
  • BatteryLiFePo4 battery

Adjustable Solar Street Light / Panel Solar Street Light (SL)

AN-SL series solar street lights are patented products developed by Anern, with independent solar panel bracket, the solar panel power can be customized according to customer's demand to meet the max lighting time requirement.

  • Power30W-120W
  • Luminous efficiency>170lm/w
  • Solar panelMonocrystalline
  • BatteryLithium Battery

Classic Solar Street Light All In One Solar Street Light (ISSL-M2)

AN-ISSL-M2 series is one of Anern most cost-effective and classic solar street light, adopting high-quality Lithium battery, higher efficiency solar cell, intelligent controller, improved the lighting backup time greatly.

  • Power20W-100W
  • Luminous efficiency>100lm/w
  • Solar panelMonocrystalline
  • BatteryLiFePo4 Battery

2021 Solar Street Light New All In One Solar Street Light (ISSL-C)

AN-ISSL-C series is the latest integrated solar street light launched by Anern with high functionality and competitive price. Using imported LG 3030 chips, maximum brightness up to 150lm/w, snap-type battery box design.

  • Power60W-100W
  • Luminous efficiency>150lm/w
  • Solar panelMonocrystalline
  • BatteryLiFePo4 Battery

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