LED Flood Light

Professional Production
Professional Production

Standardized production line, strictly control the manufacturing process.

OEM/ODM Service
OEM/ODM Service

Offer OEM/ODM service and one-stop solution as per your specific requirements.

Serve Clients Worldwide
Serve Clients Worldwide

Anern products have been exported to more than 180 countries and regions.

LED FlashLight Cost-effective LED FlashLight (NFL08)

AN-NFL08 series LED flood lights are independently developed by Anern, equipped with a multi-function RGB mode, to meet users' different requirement.

  • Power50W-200W
  • LED chipLG
  • Luminous efficiency90-100m/w
  • CRI>80

Big Power LED Flood Light (TGD05) For Events And Functions

AN-TGD05 series LED flood light is a high-power LED lamp which is specially designed for engineering lighting, like square, stadium, warehouse lighting, adjustable angle for flexible installation.

  • Power200W-1000W
  • Luminous efficiency140-150m/w
  • CRI>80

Modular LED Flood Light (TGD03) Adjustable Led Flood Light

AN-TGD03 series LED flood light is an engineering lighting fixture with LED module angle adjustable. Customers can adjust each LED module individually to achieve regional key lighting.

  • Power100W-1000W
  • Luminous efficiency100-110m/w
  • CRI>80

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