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How to choose perfect solar led street light with lithium battery?



solar led street light with lithium battery

Technology is invading our daily lives more and more. After the Internet, smart driving and smartphones, it is the turn of solar led street light with lithium battery to experience a new revolution with the democratization of smart lighting. But you still have to choose a suitable connected bulb.

Thanks to this type of LED bulb, the lighting of our homes and offices becomes intelligent. Lighting that turns on automatically according to various criteria or that we control via our telephone, color of the light that changes… Everything is possible, or almost. But you cannot install just any connected bulb, there are sometimes prerequisites. Here is how to choose.

Choosing led street light

First of all, let us specify that we find solar led street light with lithium battery; you will not be limited by this parameter. Here are the main possibilities:

By colors:

  • White smart bulb: the white smart bulb can diffuse a warm, cold or adjustable light depending on the model
  • RGB connectedbulbs: this type of connected bulb allows you to choose a color among 16 million possibilities

By type of connection:

With this communication protocol, the connection with the bulb is made via the Bluetooth of your mobile device (phone or tablet), or in a mesh if they are equipped with Bluetooth Mesh technology. The downside of this system is that you can only manage your lighting at home

Wifi connected solar led street light with lithium battery

The connected bulb joins your wifi network, so you can control it from anywhere you have internet access. Please note that some solar led street light with lithium battery require the installation of a gateway (supplied)

Movement detector, light sensor, etc  

separate or integrated accessories allow a connected bulb to light up in the event of movement, when natural light falls below a certain threshold. Pay attention to compatibility, there is no interoperability among the different brands

Bulb connected wifi or bluetooth?

In short, the advantage of a Bluetooth connected solar led street light with lithium battery is its ease of use. Just install it in its socket, download the manufacturer’s app that will detect bulbs in range of your device, which takes a total of a few minutes.

How to connect solar led street light with lithium battery?

It is a little more tedious for wifi connected bulbs, since it is necessary to authorize the connection of the bulbs by communicating to them the pass mode of the wi-fi network.

This additional step nevertheless allows you to control your lighting from anywhere, while with Bluetooth bulbs you must be nearby.

Is it possible to control the brightness of the LED spotlights? For example, it is to benefit from a subdued atmosphere in your living room for watching a movie or a romantic meal. Yes, but you have to acquire specific equipment in order to obtain this LED lighting effect.

First requirement for controlling the brightness of LED spotlights: an LED compatible dimmer

The dimmers of classic bulbs do not always ensure a constant transit of electric current. This is likely to damage your LED spotlights or prevent them from working properly. The first step is therefore to equip yourself with dimmers that are compatible with LED spots. With an older model, your solar led street light with lithium battery might blink, for example.

How to choose solar led street light with lithium battery?

solar led street light with lithium battery 2021

The easiest way is to buy universal RLC models, which work with any type of LED, whether 12 V or 240 V bulbs. RC dimmers only work with 12 LED bulbs or spotlights.

LED spotlight: how to choose?

With the dimmer problem fixed, you now need to make sure that your LEDs can accept a variable current load. In LED jargon, we say that a bulb or a spot is “dimmable” or not. If it is dimmable, it means that the solar led street light with lithium battery can be associated with a dimmer.

Do you already have bulbs or spotlights, but you do not know if they are dimmable? Look for the reference on the nipple: the Internet should give you the answer very quickly.

Why not all led street are light dimmable?

In order for a bright LED to be dimmable, a special component must be added to the bulb or spot. In LED terminology, this is called a driver. This complexification required to obtain this LED light effect means that a dimmable bulb or spotlight is more expensive than a model that is not.

You have to combine several colors to get a white LED bulb. What are the components of a white LED, how does it work? “It’s not rocket science”, we explain everything to you right away.

What is solar led street light with lithium battery in short?

Solar led street light with lithium battery is actually an electronic component of the semiconductor type (silicone, zinc, etc.). This solution is more economical and green. The lifespan of an LED bulb is much longer than a traditional bulb. It also consumes much less electricity.

Any LED comes with an anode (positive pole, longest leg) and a cathode (negative pole). Light is generated when current flows from the anode to the cathode. However, a single diode never produces white light.

Components of a white LED: 2 major technologies

There are 2 main methods to obtain white LED lighting:

The RGB method:

The components of a white LED are in fact 3 LEDs. One red, one green and one blue. This method of adding colors makes it possible to obtain white. Equipped with the appropriate technology, these white RGB LED bulbs can change color by adjusting the intensity of the different colored diodes that make up a white LED.

The phosphor method:

With such led street light with a lithium battery, the bulb comes with only one type of diode, which emits blue LED light. The blue diode is covered with a layer of yellow phosphorus. Some blue photons pass through the phosphor layer unchanged, others turn yellow.

Their mixture then generates a white light. By adjusting the type and thickness of the phosphor, we are able to obtain a specific color of light

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