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Product Classification and Advantages of Panel LED Lights


1. Product classification of the panel LED lamp

The panel lamp LED has the straight down-emitting type and side-emitting type.

The side-emitting panel lamp has the advantages of lightweight, thin body, convenient installation and transportation, etc. The disadvantage is that it is easy to emit uneven light. The advantages of the straight down-emitting panel lamp are sufficient brightness and good cost control. The disadvantages are it has inevitable glare and dark areas. And it has a heavy body, which is inconvenient for transportation and installation.

The price of the side-emitting panel LED lamp is more expensive than that of the straight down-emitting lamp. This is because the technology of the side-emitting panel LED lamp is relatively complicated, which is determined by the product structure of the side-emitting LED. The side-emitting panel LED lamp has more complex technology and process than that of the straight down-emitting lamp, which leads to the difficult control of product yield and product uniformity.

2. Advantages of the panel LED lamp

The panel LED lamp has a very soft light emitting method. The current used side-emitting method can emit uniform light from the surface of the lamp body, and the light is not glaring at all. It is used in various fields since it can effectively eliminate glare.

The panel LED lamp has gradually become the best product to replace the traditional grille lamp panel in the LED era with their good uniformity of illumination, high color rendering index, uniform and soft light. It will have more development space in the field of school and commercial indoor lighting.

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