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How to choose outdoor solar street lights in 2022?


Outdoor solar street lights are famous for their smart lighting capabilities and flexible use in many different locations. In addition, many people consider it a super durable outdoor wall mounted solar light. Thanks to its long service life as well as its perfect weather resistance.

outdoor solar street lights

Table of Contents

  • Wall mounted solar lights
  • How to install wall mounted solar lights
  • Durability of solar lights when installed outdoors
  • How to choose to buy outdoor solar lights
  • Genuine models of super durable solar lights

Wall mounted solar lights

Wall mounted outdoor solar street lights are LED lights with compact size, using solar electricity to operate. The design of this lamp consists of two main parts:

  1. the solar panel
  2. led light

Solar panels come in a place with lots of sunshine and connect to the lights via a durable waterproof cable. The lights control by remote control with simple and easy-to-operate press functions.

Solar lamp products are often common for lighting at night or in dimly lit areas. The panel will place in places with a lot of sunshine to generate the amount of electricity needed for the lamp’s use.

The full charge time of the battery is about 4 hours – 6 hours and can provide the lamp to operate within 8 hours -12 hours depending on the type of lamp.

How to install outdoor solar street lights?

To install outdoor solar street lights, follow these steps:

Install solar panels: find a reasonable location, get a lot of sunshine and not be shielded to install the panels. Use drill to punch holes and install screws into the 2 holes of the solar panel support rod. Then, adjust the orientation of the panel so that it can get the most sunlight and tighten the screws to secure the panel.


Fix the lamp part: determine the position to install the light and install it according to the same steps as installing solar panels. Adjust the lighting direction and lighting angle according to your needs, and then tighten the screws to fix the lamp.

The distance between the lamp position and the panel should not be too far apart because the cable will not be enough to connect.

Connect the cable between the battery and the light

Use the 2 ends of the wire to fit into the connection positions on the battery and light. Do not walk on the rope or use heavy objects on the outdoor solar street lights as this may cause damage.

Control and use: After installation is complete, use the remote control to open and adjust the parameters of the lamp according to the needs of use.

Durability of solar lights when installed outdoors

Solar lights have good water resistance and weather resistance. So, despite being placed outdoors, both solar panels and lights are less likely to be damaged during use. Normally, genuine solar lights when installed outdoors will have very high durability, some types can be common for more than 15 years and rarely damage during use.

The lifespan of the solar lights is up to 50000 hours, equivalent to about 15 years of continuous use. This is a very long time to use for a lighting product. However, this is not too surprising because LED lights are known for their durability and long service life.

How to choose outdoor solar street lights?

Should you buy the product intact, no scratches, and external damage? The panel surface is flat and has clear origins and labels. You can consult with previous buyers for a more detailed review of the products to buy.

Prioritize solar lamp products of famous brands because those are products that test for quality and are highly appreciated by customers who have common them. Besides, a reputable supplier will also be a good choice to get genuine products with reasonable price with quality.

If you are still wondering which outdoor solar street lights to choose, you can refer to us. This is a leading brand in the field of providing solar lighting products and has been positively evaluated by many customers after using it for a long time.

Should buy solar lights or not?

Solar lights are becoming more and more popular all over the world. Therefore, solar light products will be suitable for the current general development trend, so they are good to reduce a part of the electricity load on the national grid and bring interesting experiences to customers. a completely new type of electric light.

Solar lights, including panels and light accessories, come with:

  • to improve quality
  • performance
  • and cost balance to match the needs of use.

Therefore, choosing to use this type of lamp also becomes easy and reasonable for both households and other large and small projects.
outdoor solar street lights 2022

The advantages of using outdoor solar street lights

Solar power does not pollute and emits no greenhouse gases after installation. Furthermore, it reduces dependence on oil and fossil fuels for electricity generation. Clean, renewable electricity available every day of the year, even on cloudy days, generates some electricity

  • The return on investment will be effective if common for a long time
  • Virtually maintenance-free as solar panels last more than 20 years
  • Create more jobs for factories producing solar panels, construction services and installation of solar power, etc.
  • Moreover, excess electricity can be sold back to the utility company through grid integration

Be proactive in using electricity, not too dependent on the grid, especially in the hot season

Outdoor solar street lights are easy to install almost anywhere from urban to rural areas, high mountains to remote islands

Use the battery to store extra energy for use at night

Solar power will be safer than traditional electricity in connecting and using electrical appliances every day.

The efficiency of solar cells is always improving so the capacity of existing solar panels of the same size can become more efficient in the future.

Increasingly improved aesthetics make the use of solar power more flexible in installations

Can solar lights replace electric lights?

There is no denying the variety and good usability of current electric lights. Because it appeared very early and developed and common for hundreds of years, traditional electric light products have achieved certain successes.

Following the successes from those traditional electric lights and thanks to scientific and technological advances, the solar lights created are equally effective. In addition, it also possesses many more outstanding features such as good weather resistance, long life, using solar power, etc.

Therefore, it can completely replace outdoor solar street lights for familiar electric lights to contribute to reduce the amount of electricity consumed from the national grid and follow the current general development trend.

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