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How to install 3 in 1 on grid solar light easily?


You can install on grid solar with a single panel or multiple lights with a large solar panel. This depends on the design of the lamp.

Install the panels in the right direction to absorb maximum solar energy.

Arrange the appropriate lamp spacing so that the photosensitive panels of the panels do not affect each other.

Regularly clean the face of the solar panel; to avoid dust affecting the absorption of sunlight.

How to install 3 in 1 on grid solar?

3-in-1 on grid solar is an item that functions as a flashlight, a light source and a backup battery feature (charging for phones, tablets, etc.). So when installing, you just need to put the desired lighting position, no need to spend too much time.

The product integrates solar charging mode, using 3 AAA batteries to help you flexibly change for convenient use. The lamp uses LED bulbs for true-color light, with high durability, the ability to illuminate continuously for 4-6 hours.

Note the use of 3 in 1 . solar lights

To ensure that the light can illuminate and function fully, make sure that you fully charge the battery during the day. And the charging time is about 4-6 hours.

Benefits of using solar lights

Currently, a lot of people have switched to using solar lights; by the benefits it brings, which can be mentioned as:

  • Low cost because no industrial electricity is used
  • Solar lights use solar energy, replacing fossil energy sources

On grid solar not only limits pollution to the surrounding environment but also saving the family’s monthly electricity consumption.

Environmental Protection with on grid solar

The advantage of solar lights is that they use solar energy. Moreover, there is no noise and no radiation.

This is an environmentally safe green product that is recommended to use.

Safe to use

The light emitted by solar lights does not contain any ultraviolet rays, ultraviolet rays. The lamp also does not contain substances harmful to humans when exposed such as mercury, lead, etc.

Solar lights use low supply voltage, operate quite safely; No electric shock or fire.

The light has the advantage of being easy to install and easy to use, automatically turning on / off at night or during the day thanks to a smart sensor system,

Long life

On grid solar using energy from the sun not only save a lot of energy, but the lamp life is also quite high, extending the life of the lamp from 8-10 years.

Most solar lights are designed for outdoor operation, so they are very durable and have a long life.

Tips for using on grid solar

Some tips for using solar lights to maximize the benefits and efficiency of lights that you should refer to are:

3.1 Where to place solar lights

Solar lights work on sunlight so the lights need to be positioned in direct sunlight for as long as possible (south facing is best).

The longer the lamp is charged, the greater the charge in the battery; so the better the performance of the light. Please ensure 8-10 hours of charging time per day to ensure the lamp works at its best performance.

3.2 How to maintain solar lights?

Over time, on grid solar can become dusty, hindering their ability to absorb sunlight; negative impact on the performance of the lamp.

If you find that your solar lights are not working as they should; then you should clean the lamp.

If in winter, the lights do not stay on for too long. Turn them off for a few days to allow the battery to recharge without constant draining. Then turn it back on and they will last longer.

3.3 How to arrange solar lights?

Solar layout depends on your usage needs. You should determine this is the greater purpose of using lights to arrange accordingly.

If your larger purpose is security. Then you should choose a solar light with motion sensor

If you intend to use more decoration, then you must consider placing lights in accent positions.

3.4 What to do if the solar lights do not work?

  • Double check if they are enabled
  • Check to see if the battery still has power
  • Clean the luminaire
  • Turn off for 72 hours and then charge and turn on again

If using all 4 methods above and the light still does not light up, you need to contact the manufacturer for support.

4. Which brand of on grid solar is good?

Currently on the market there are many companies that provide on grid solar. Therefore, when choosing a lamp you need to consider the following factors:

  1. Lamp supplier with good quality, reputation, many years of experience
  2. The supplier has many models of lights to choose from
  3. The supplier allows to test the goods carefully before buying
  4. Warranty and reasonable warranty period.

Hopefully, the above information will be useful to you, so that you can better understand this cycle.

Why should you buy on grid solar?

on grid solar 2021

On grid solar lights are one of the world’s most valuable inventions of man, creating success in solving essential needs and difficulties in daily life and social production. Help us save costs, easy to use, ensure efficiency and protect the environment.

But with an increasingly fierce competition from the source to the production of quality products, to find a place that sells cheap and reputable solar lights to use is really very difficult, a headache. .

What are solar lights?

-A type of lamp that uses energy panels to absorb light and convert it into electrical energy to provide for travel, daily life and social production activities.

-There are many different types of solar lights to match the location of use: solar led flood lights, solar street lights, factory lights, solar pendant lights, lights Solar gate post, high-class park pillar light, ground lamp…

How do solar lights affect people?

Placing lights in the right place at the right time helps to reduce accidents at construction sites, dangerous long, steep and hilly roads, ensuring life safety.

  • Brings comfortable warmth to the user
  • For production
  • Ensure safety and cleanliness for the living environment.

Tips to choose and buy solar lights?

– Reach out to major brand suppliers on websites or on social platforms like Facebook.

-Find out their brand personal information.

-Learn about the service system.

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