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5 Best Features of off Grid Solar Power Systems


Types and Models

Design is not normally the strong point of off grid solar power systems. There are still different types and models of solar lamps.

Let’s say that the shape essentially changes according to the environment in which we want to place them, the use and the type of lamp. We have managed to select some models with an attractive design. This is in order to give you the possibility to add a useful and functional element to your exteriors, but without depriving them of a touch of decoration.

Among the most common types we can find:

off grid solar power systems

They are ideal for illuminating paths and passages, especially if equipped with a motion sensor. Often very industrial and essential in design, these are simple lamps with a panel placed above or next to them;


Normally more contained, often embedded in a wall or another element, they are also more decorative or, at the limit, “invisible”;

Wall lights

Just like off grid solar power systems, these are wall lights. Whether small or large, they are perfect for terraces and environments where too strong light is not required. However difficult to direct;


Among the most original and customizable elements, these lamps emerge from the ground to accompany us side by side towards the front door. From the most disparate designs, they can also be taller and brighter to illuminate larger areas;

Decorative off grid solar power systems

In the shape of a sphere, a diamond, a cube or an animal, these are all those design solar lamps which, in addition to the primary purpose of illuminating, decorate and enhance the outdoors.

How to choose the solar lamps?


The off grid solar power systems charging time in the sun (so make sure the lamp is well exposed) is usually between 7 and 10 hours. During the day, therefore, the solar panel will recharge the battery, which will accumulate energy to stay on.

The autonomy in operation ranges from 8 hours to several nights, depending on the power of the lamp, the integrated functions, the ignition system chosen.

Intensity and color of off grid solar power systems

Normally outdoor lights can have two different types of color, namely cold (white) or warm (yellow). The intensity or flux of light is measured in lumens; they range from the most basic ones (about 1000 lumens) to the strongest ones (5000 and more lumens).

This depends on where we place them. The higher the brightness, and therefore the higher the power of the electronic system, obviously corresponds to a higher energy consumption.

Power on

The ignition system of off grid solar power systems may vary depending on the model and the use we want to make of it. Almost all solar lamps are equipped with manual ignition, which can be via a switch or remote control.

In this way, you can easily decide when and whether to activate them, a useful feature if you need to be away from home for several days.

Different Models of off grid solar power systems

Other models are instead equipped with automatic ignition, normally linked to specific sensors; the twilight sensor turns on the light from the moment it gets dark, so in the evening hours and, very cleverly, depending on the season and the length of the day.

Obviously, the off grid solar power systems will go out at dawn. The motion sensor, very useful for driveways or second homes, turns on the spotlight as soon as someone passes under or in front of a connected photocell, which activates the lamp for a predetermined period of time.

Position of off grid solar power systems

Different models require different spaces. Therefore carefully consider where you are going to place your solar lamps; the wall lights are normally placed near entrances and sensitive points, such as terraces and French windows.

The lanterns usually accompany the owners and guests in the driveway or on prepared paths. As for recessed spotlights or other types of lamps, they are designed to be more useful where they are needed.

Additional features of off grid solar power systems

Some outdoor lamps have interesting extras, which can prove to be very useful. For example, we have wall lights with a sanitizing UV lamp. This passes objects and bags, backpacks, surfaces (but not eyes and skin) under the lamp before entering the house. The ultraviolet light immediately exterminates viruses, bacteria and other dangerous pathogens.

Still others may have alarms, cameras and sound and footsteps detectors to integrate the home’s control and alarm system. Not infrequently they can therefore be associated with their own intercom.

Budget for solar lights

In some cases these are items with a sustained price; as always, pay more to pay once. Then calculate your budget based on the needs and overall expenditure of the exterior off grid solar power systems.

Energy LED lights are increasingly popular, but the installation and use of lights still need to be studied. Because these lights only work at full capacity and promote its full effect when installed correctly and in the right process.

How to use solar led floodlights?

Solar led floodlights include many types: security floodlights, landscape floodlights, motion sensor floodlights, floodlights with separate panels, full-featured integrated floodlights, and solar floodlights. Mixed amount of sun

Depending on the purpose of different use, users can choose the appropriate type of lamp. Regardless of the type of light, the installation and use are quite similar.

Note the use of solar led floodlights

How to use this solar led light also need to note some of the following issues:

Do not install near other light sources to avoid the light sensor of the lamp being interfered by a lot of light.

Regularly clean the off grid solar power systems to ensure the best absorption of energy. Avoid letting dirt affect the life of the whole luminaire.

How to install off grid solar power systems?

Selection of installation area: The installation area needs to ensure two factors that are to satisfy the needs of decoration, lighting and ensure that the lamp can absorb maximum sunlight. Trees need to be trimmed and lawns or paths are well trimmed prior to installation.

Install the off grid solar power systems with a reasonable distance so that the photosensitive lights do not affect each other and still satisfy the decorative layout of the lights.

When installing the lights, it is necessary to remove the labels from the solar cells because these stickers prevent the solar cells from charging. Then connect the lamp to the power supply from the battery the lamp will work normally.

Note the use of solar garden lights

Since the lights are powered by solar panels you need to make sure the panels are charged for at least 4-6 hours of sunlight per day.

Install properly so that the solar panels can receive maximum sunlight.

How to install solar led recessed lights?

Installing off grid solar power systems is a little different from other types of lights.

You install the floor lamp as usual; the electrical connector alone will connect to the solar panel on the ground, not the power source.

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