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How to find off grid solar kits supplier in China 2021?


off grid solar kits
Want to start an off grid solar kits business but don’t know where to start? You want to know how much capital is needed, where to source goods from? Let’s find out with us through the article below.

What to do to start a solar light business?

Learn about solar lights:

How should you learn about the off grid solar kits industry on the market today?

The climate of China is tropical, on sunny days, the sun is extremely hot. Most of us do not like the sun but that is the inherent weather condition. Hot weather makes us easy to get frustrated but it helps to make energy lights more popular.

Business plan to create a new type of off grid solar kits model

So, just in the territory of China, you can be an agent selling solar lights. It happens not only China but also many places selling solar lights around the world. Like countries with tropical climates in the world such as the US, Japan, China, is also using solar lights.

Looking for a reputable off grid solar kits supplier:

The off grid solar kits industry is developing, so there are many popular wholesale solar lights on the market today. You should also note that because the product is receiving attention from customers, there are also suppliers who produce low-quality solar lights to compete in terms of price.

You can visit Anern Marketing website to refer to the solar lights and the policy of wholesale solar lights here.

Find suppliers of off grid solar kits


How much capital does it take to start a solar lamp business?

If you really want to start an off grid solar kits business, HV Solar will answer for you, firstly for you to start a business, you need to have a capital of about 300 million to pay the following expenses:

Import costs: the essential cost that must be spent is importing goods to be an agent to sell solar lights, at Anern Marketing you are supported on the number of products to be imported at wholesale prices.

Business cost of off grid solar kits


Selling costs: No customers will know about you, so you need to spend a lot of money in the process of increasing your brand awareness to consumers through images. Marketing method, running ads through social networking sites as well as Google.

If you have a companion to develop this field, that’s fine, but if you let another party do it, it’s about 50 million for this area.

Operating costs of off grid solar kits

You will not be able to do all the work alone, so you will need to spend things such as paying staff salaries, space rent, bonuses, …

Amount of capital to trade solar lights

Not only selling off grid solar kits, but almost all product lines on the market today sell based on 2 forms of Online and Offline.

Online is a form of sales by bringing their products to customers through e-commerce sites:

  • Google
  • Facebook

You can also run Ads to increase reach to more customers. However, with selling online, you need to build credibility with customers.  There are many cases of selling low-quality energy lights online.

Focus on off grid solar kits Display Products

off grid solar kits 2021

Offline is a form of sale when you have a good space to display sample products. It is to help customers experience the product in the best way. This ensures that customers will trust off grid solar kits. Your heaven is over. But you will not be able to spread widely, unless you have many branches, many locations selling solar lights across the country.

Off grid solar kits Demands Trust

If after a period of time in the lamp business, you receive a lot of trust. This creates a high reputation. You can expand both retail and wholesale as well as expand products to develop more.

Today, electricity is an indispensable energy in daily life, used for industries and production for the whole country. So when not saving electricity, it will negatively affect life and the environment. We will bring you the best way to use and save electricity.

What is energy saving?

What is energy saving? Is the fact that you use less electricity but can still ensure efficiency in the production process as well as your family’s daily activities? Saving energy with off grid solar kits contributes to ensuring a better future.

Always Prefer High-Quality off grid solar kits

Active energy means to choose machines and equipment for home use. It saves more electricity when choosing to buy.


Passive energy saving is when you are forced to stop using household products that consume most of your household’s current electrical energy. Instead, a product with a similar function can save electricity.

Benefits of saving electricity with off grid solar kits

Environmental protection: most of electricity comes from fossil fuels such as petroleum, coal, gas,… which are fuel sources from nature.

Protecting the environment by restricting mineral exploitation

You also know that when these fuels exploit. They cannot regenerate themselves. This affects nature as well as human health. You can read more about the benefits of energy lights for the environment here.

Save money on family activities

Monthly electricity bills are getting higher and higher, everyone wants to cut electricity bills. With off grid solar kits that is no longer a problem.

The lamp itself absorbs solar energy and uses that energy to light itself, so it is easy to see and is also the benefit of most users who want to save electricity to achieve this benefit.

 Save money for the family with off grid solar kits

Saving electricity for the country: saving electricity is not only for your family but also saving electricity for the state. This saves fuel for the country, reducing pressure on the national grid.

Solar lights lighting up villages and hamlets

The fact that you save is the way to help people in remote areas have the opportunity to access the extremely valuable national electricity source, improve their simple living, and contribute to the development of the country.

Where is the power saving application?

Saving electricity in school

Using natural light in the daytime at school, you can make use of sunlight instead of electric light. Most of the classrooms will have large windows and doors, light will pass through the window frames to illuminate the classroom every morning.

Using conventional off grid solar kits in schools will use incandescent and fluorescent lights. These lights use a lot of electricity. Currently, in countries with tropical climates or developed countries, the use of solar lights is applied in schools. You can also use the lights in the stadium grounds, stadiums, and halls.

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