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What is off grid solar inverter? Types and Advantages


Solar power is an inexhaustible source of green energy that nature gives us. Currently, the whole world is tending to invest and develop this energy source. It creates many great economic benefits with practical applications. In the structure of the off grid solar inverter system, we need to learn something.

In addition to the energy panels, the inverter is an indispensable part. So you already know the inverter yet? Let’s find out together in this article.

What is off grid solar inverter?

The DC-AC inverter generator (or off grid solar inverter) is one of the most important devices of a solar power system. It converts the direct current (Direct Current – DC) output of the solar panels into alternating current (AC). AC current is now compatible with most electrical appliances in your home as well as can bring solar power to the grid for storage.

How does a solar inverter work?

As is known, the grid-tied inverter has the function of converting all the energy obtained from the solar cell into electrical energy to supply the consumed loads. Inverter has a smart mode that finds and synchronizes the phase between solar power and grid power as one.

Off grid solar inverter in general and grid-tied in particular has a fairly simple operating principle. When solar energy absorbs by solar panels, it is then converted into direct current.

Direct current (DC) will convert into alternating current (AC) by the inverter. After that, it automatically finds and synchronizes the phase between solar power and grid power as one, and then the solar power source will automatically mix with the grid power for consumption.

How to properly use off grid solar inverter?

The power converted by the inverter is equal to the power consumed by the loads. At this time, the loads consume 100% of the solar energy.

The power source converted by the off grid solar inverter is smaller with the power consumed at the loads. At this time, the loads will have to draw more electricity from the grid to operate.

The power source due to the inverter connected to the grid is larger than the power consumed by the loads. At this time, the excess electricity will return to the grid and you can sell it to the State.

Different Types of Inverters

There are two types of grid-tied inverters on the market today. That is inverter with storage and inverter without storage.

Grid-tied inverter with storage

This off grid solar inverter has an extra battery included with the system. The principle of operation of this inverter is that when the inverter converts solar energy into AC power, it will get charging to the battery for storage and then supplied to the consumed loads.

Grid-tied inverter has no storage

This no-storage inverter will not have an extra battery included with the system. The principle of operation of this inverter is that when solar energy absorbs by the panels and converted into DC current, the inverter will convert this DC current into AC current.

Then supply the load to consume and if the excess power returns to the grid without storage. Therefore, if the mains power is cut off, the system also stops supplying power to the consuming loads.

How to solve problem of electricity shortage?

In order to solve the problem of electricity shortage, the state has issued a series of policies to support the purchase and sale of solar power, serving as a foundation to encourage people to invest in off grid solar inverter, both saving monthly electricity bills and selling electricity.

However, what should be noted when installing solar power? Let’s analyze the points with us before investing in installing a solar power system

Demand for electricity and desired energy savings

In order to invest in an efficient and economic off grid solar inverter system, the first task must consider the current electricity needs of the family.

How much is your monthly electricity bill?

An effective solution to invest in solar power is to cut electricity consumption at a high level.

Currently, the electricity purchase and sale policy has been specifically promulgated by the state. So if there is a need to sell solar power, this period is worth the investment.

Available installation area for off grid solar inverter

Determining the correct available charge will help optimize the system design capacity. Similarly, it depends on your roof texture.

If the bearing capacity allows, it is possible to install solar batteries, it is necessary to calculate accurately because the system operation time is very long, up to 20-30 years.

Usually 1kWp need from 7-8m 2 premises for installation and space for cleaning panels later.

Direction of installation of solar power

The off grid solar inverter installation direction is very important, so that the system can achieve the highest output. The main south direction is the most optimal for solar power because it will receive most of the light in a day.

On average, the southern region 1kWp will generate 4-4.5Kwh/day.

However, the reasonable layout will bring beautiful images to the landscape and optimal performance.

Shading problems affect power output

The influence of the shadow of a tree or a house next to it greatly affects the solar battery system, which will greatly reduce the efficiency.

Therefore, the design of an optimal off grid solar inverter system depends on many factors. You need a professional solar power designer and consultant to own the best system.

Choose the right solar panels

The solar panel is a component that will determine the performance of the entire solar power system. It comes up of many photovoltaic cells.

There are many solar cell technologies. Depending on the area, the appropriate technology will be selected.

Summary off grid solar inverter

To choose the right battery panel, you need to base on the installation location. If the area has low light radiation, use mono to ensure performance. However, the price of Mono panels is quite expensive.

Poly solar panels are still popular the most today due to their good price and high performance.

Pay attention to the solar battery company. The average lifespan is 20-30 years, so it is necessary to choose a reputable company to get the best warranty policy.

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