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What is Mono Perc Panel Price in 2022?


Mono Perc Panel Price
Mono perc panel price
 starts from $465. Generally it is for 200w mono lights panels.

Users need to calculate the amount of electricity consumed and the amount of electricity that may be needed to choose a solar power system with an appropriate capacity. Thus, both investment and installation costs are saved and the benefits are optimized.

Choose a quality construction and installation unit

In order to have a synchronous and smooth corrugated iron roof solar power system, customers should choose a reputable and quality contractor. Typical of which is ANERN Marketing, one of the leading suppliers, construction, installation and warranty companies for solar power systems in Vietnam.

Customers can completely feel secure using ANERN Marketing’s services and own a mono perc panel price that they like best.

Attention before proceeding to install

  • Do not use Broken panels
  • Never disassemble the panel components or remove components
  • Do not install when the battery is wet or when it is raining
  • Check the connector before installation
  • Make sure to match the positive and negative poles

What types of scaffolding are there on corrugated iron roofs?

We have 3 types of truss systems on corrugated iron roofs as follows:

  • First Install 304 stainless steel truss system on corrugated iron roof
  • Install aluminum frame truss system on corrugated iron roof
  • Install truss system with pipes, boxes, zinc, V steel, Z legs on corrugated iron roof

Moreover, to choose the right type of truss for your project, please contact ANERN Marketing for a free consultation.

Process of installing mono perc panel price on corrugated iron roof

Instructions for installing solar panels on corrugated iron roofs need to go through 3 main stages:

3.1. Prepare

  • Gather solar panels to a convenient location to prepare for construction.
  • Testing solar panels.
  • Carry out disassembly with specialized pliers, place them vertically in a fixed position, do not overlap.
  • Conduct comparative survey

3.2. Installing

  • Shoot or tighten bolts directly onto purlins, roof frames, support bars and clamps.
  • The gap between the panel and the roof is at least 15 cm to dissipate heat, cool quickly and increase battery life.
  • The panels are spaced at least 1 cm apart.
  • Moreover, fasten the panels ofmono perc panel price to the brackets with stainless steel bolts, black bolts, etc.
  • Use clamps to fix the frame
  • Assembled into a solid block, resistant to wind storms as well as thermal expansion.
  • Wiring, gutter and connection to the solar power system, inverter and grid connection.

3.3. Acceptance and put into operation

  • Conduct a one-time check, make sure there are no problems or mistakes
  • Trial operation and monitoring
  • Put it into operation

When should you install solar panels on a corrugated iron roof?

Mono Perc Panel Price 2022

It would be a waste if our building had large and empty roof spaces. If installing a mono perc panel price, we can take advantage of this idle space to participate in electricity production. From there, both get free solar power, can sell excess electricity while cooling and beautifying the building. Too many benefits compared to that, isn’t it.

It can be said that this is one of the biggest reasons why people decide to install a solar power system.

Moreover, instead of using traditional grid electricity from thermoelectricity or hydroelectricity which is not environmentally friendly and having to pay monthly electricity bills, now with the solar power system, there is free electricity for daily life, business and production. At the same time, the production of solar power does not pollute the environment, does not emit CO2.

When the corrugated iron roof has no direction

Installing mono perc panel price on corrugated iron roofs is prioritized for installation on roofs with the main direction of South, Southeast and Southwest. The less preferred directions are East and West.

If the roof of your building has the main direction of North, of course it is still possible to install solar panels, but it is necessary to spend additional costs on racks or change installation locations such as the ground or warehouse roof, other factory roofs, etc.

Moreover, when the roof tile structurally damages, the plastic corrugated iron roof needs to renovate and replace with a corrugated iron roof.

If the roof of the house or structure is structurally damaged or unstable, we should renovate and renew it to a stronger roof to ensure the safety of the building occupants.

If customers are wondering before deciding whether to install mono perc panel price. They can choose to change to the form of a corrugated iron roof. This is the easiest type of roof to install a solar panel system that is both cost-effective and reliable.

The best place to install the best genuine corrugated iron roof solar panel system

Currently on the market there are many solar power system products with many different brands, models, features and quality. However, one of the most prestigious addresses for supplying and installing grid-tied solar power systems in Vietnam is ANERN Marketing. Customers can completely rest assured to use products and services by:

Moreover, the design of a rooftop mono perc panel price brings many practical applications to life. The process of installing and moving the system is very easy with very reasonable initial installation costs. This scientific design helps save residential land and keep the house cool all year round.

  • Simple structure
  • Easy to install
  • High durability, according to the assessment of long-term use time of 10-20 years
  • High strength, long service life.
  • Helps reduce the national grid load, on the other hand, subsidize and purchase from the PVN grid.

An electrical system that contributes 10% to the grid. It must have an LFC load frequency controller that increases by 2.5% compared to a conventional system.

Genuine, reputable and Guaranteed genuine goods

ANERN Marketing provides all kinds of genuine and reputable photovoltaic equipment and mono perc panel price. Products with full papers, quality strictly test before being put on the market.

Clear warranty policy

Based on each solar power system manufacturer, there will be separate, clear and detailed warranty policies for customers. To receive the fastest detailed information, please contact ANERN Marketing.

Best price in the market

Supplying grid-tied or independent solar power system with the most favorable price and best quality on the market with long-term warranty. This is a commitment to the quality and durability of the products that ANERN Marketing provides to customers.

At the same time, ANERN Marketing always accompanies customers in the process of using mono perc panel price. As well as providing cleaning and maintenance services with the most optimal cost.

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