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Which Mono PERC Half-Cut Cell Solar Panel is best to buy?


Mono PERC Half-Cut Cell Solar Panel
We usually point out that the immediate drop in the value of the light bill is one of the great advantages of Mono PERC Half-cut Cell Solar Panel.

But have you ever stopped to think about the long term? After all, the photovoltaic system has a minimum lifespan of 25 years. This means that the advantages are even greater.

So, if you are still in doubt whether or not you want to install solar energy in your property, read this article right now!

Savings on the electricity bill is a reality over the years

There’s no way not to mention the great savings on the electricity bill. Solar energy can save you up to 95% on your bill.

You don’t reset the bill just because you have to pay the utility’s availability fee. Since in the On-Grid system. Mono PERC Half-cut Cell Solar Panel connects to your region’s grid.

And if we take into account that the return on investment (ROI) is usually in the medium term. You quickly pay off all the initial investment and feel the savings even more over the years.

Solar energy adds value to your property

A lot of people don’t know, but installing solar energy in the property – whether residential, commercial, rural or industrial – makes it more valued in the market.

After all, if you intend to sell it in the future, buyers will take into account the great savings they can have on their energy bill – not to mention that the Mono PERC Half-cut Cell Solar Panel will already fully install and working, making life easier for the new owner. In other words, the savings are immediate.

This means that you can charge a fair value for the property, considering the system installed, and you will get back the value of your investment along with the profitability obtained.

If you still haven’t made the decision to install solar energy because you think maintenance complicates and expensive, know that it’s just the opposite.

Three main elements of Mono PERC Half-cut Cell Solar Panel

To begin with, photovoltaic energy basically composes of three main elements:

  • Solar panels;
  • The solar inverter ;
  • Two-way meters.

These three elements require very low maintenance – especially if you perform preventive maintenance.

Preventive maintenance is very simple: just clean the solar panels every 6 months (or if they get very dirty before that time) and monitor the energy production.

Power can be monitored in real time

Another great long-term advantage of solar energy is that you can monitor all electricity production and consumption in real time.

And it’s not difficult at all: you do Mono PERC Half-cut Cell Solar Panel monitoring on your mobile device through an app or on your computer.

In other words, this means freedom of information and conscious use: knowing how your production and consumption is doing, you can predict and put economic measures into practice in times of high energy demand. Your home, business, industry or rural property will thank you!

And it is worth remembering that if you opted for Net Metering, when the system generates more than you have consumed, you will have credits at the energy concessionaire to use within 60 months.

Mono PERC Half-cut Cell Solar Panel: a long-term sustainability

Mono PERC Half-Cut Cell Solar Panel 2022

We are living in times of scarcity of resources that were once seen as infinite.

The lack of water, for example, the basis of hydroelectric energy – the main source of energy in Brazil – causes a series of consequences that will end up in increasingly higher electricity bills and also in nature itself, which feels this scarcity.

And if there is a shortage in hydroelectric plants, thermoelectric plants activate, emitting more gases that cause the greenhouse effect and generate other problems for nature and human health.

Investing in solar energy is also investing in long-term sustainability

The Sun is an infinite resource, available on every planet and that does not have chemical reactions that generate waste in the environment. Of course, there is a minimal impact, but it is small compared to all the benefits and other energy sources.

Therefore, the sustainability of Mono PERC Half-cut Cell Solar Panel is also linked to:

  • Decreased emissions of polluting gases into the atmosphere;
  • Low impact on the environment;
  • Zero noise pollution, since solar energy does not emit noise;
  • Minimum need for maintenance;
  • It brings clean, renewable energy to remote and hard-to-reach areas;
  • It can be good in companies and industries for a more conscious production that can be into green marketing.

So what are you waiting for to join solar energy? This investment is well worth it!

What solar panels are best? Comparison of types and types of batteries

In recent years, the popularity of solar energy has reached everywhere. This trend facilitates by a steady fall in prices for Mono PERC Half-cut Cell Solar Panel. It finally appeared legislative measures to stimulate the construction of mini solar power plants. In this regard, potential buyers of solar stations have a question, which solar panels are better to buy.

Information on this topic rather scatters and not always true. Therefore, we consider it necessary to talk about the comparative characteristics of panels of different types, obtained by professional testing methods.

Which solar panels are better to buy – Bloomberg’s rating?

Before proceeding to the comparison of individual characteristics, we note the most important criterion for choosing the best solar equipment. All over the world, this is the Bloomberg rating, known as TIER.

Class TIER-1: It includes the products of world leaders in the manufacture of photovoltaics. Mono PERC Half-cut Cell Solar Panel from TOP companies are the most reliable and protect by a manufacturer’s warranty for the entire service life – at least 25 years. Definitely recommended for purchase.

TIER-2 class: Mostly represented by Chinese enterprises of the “middle hand”. The price reduction achieves by using inexpensive materials, saving on research work and reducing any production costs. The purchase option allows if you are on a budget.

TIER-3 class: Almost unknown manufacturers on the market, whose products manufacture literally “on the knee”. If you need more than one panel to power your LED garland, it is better not to purchase such photovoltaics.

Which solar panels are better – mono or poly?

Among the inhabitants there is one prejudice. It lies in the fact that Mono PERC Half-cut Cell Solar Panel based on monocrystalline cells (Mono-Si) are always better than polycrystalline (Poly-Si). The reason for this is the higher nominal efficiency of the models of the first type.

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