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What is the life of solar light with remote?


The new model controllable integral solar light with remote is the first choice for today’s outdoor and garden lighting applications. With many outstanding advantages and flexible remote control functions, this product applies in practice to many different areas and works.

What is solar light with remote?

solar light with remote

Solar lights can be immediately LED lights that use solar energy to operate. This type of solar light has a solar cell structure and a common bulb part. Moreover, it comes with the battery above to get sunlight and the lighting below to illuminate the area to be installed.

The bottom part of the lamp also has an iron frame for easy fixation and installation.

The design of the solar lights has a modern design. Moreover, solar light with remote uses high-quality materials such as:

  • anti-rust aluminum alloy
  • high-quality anti-peeling paint to increase weather resistance for many years of use

The lighting part of the lamp consists of many LEDs combined with high luminous power and good stability.

Advantages of integrated lights

  • Compact, lightweight design, easy to install
  • No need to use additional cables
  • Fully powered by solar energy
  • High and stable lighting performance
  • High aesthetics, suitable for many projects
  • No monthly electricity bill
  • Safe for users and those around
  • Environmental friendliness
  • Good waterproof and weatherproof
  • Long lighting time
  • Capable of automatically changing lighting levels
  • Flexibility in installation in many locations

How to use solar light controller?

The solar light with remote has a design similar to that of other electronic devices such as fans, televisions, air conditioners, etc. Therefore, it is very easy to use and manipulate. It comes on buttons with notes below that are easy to understand. Depending on the type of light, there will be a number of different buttons.

The top button is usually red with the ON / OFF symbol as the power button common to turn on and off the light.

Buttons with number symbols such as 2h, 3h, 4h, 5h, 6h are common to time the light off. For example, if you press the 2H button, the light will turn off after 2 hours. Timer buttons should be common to save more energy on less sunny days.

How does auto function of solar light with remote work?

The button with the symbol AUTO is common to open and close the automatic mode to change the lighting level. This mode allows solar light with remote to become brighter when it is dark and gradually decrease when it is light.

The button with the light bulb symbol or the up and down arrow has the effect of adjusting the brightness of the light depending on the needs of each person.


Some types of solar lights also have the ability to automatically adjust the amount of light when someone approaches. This will help reduce power consumption and prolong the life of the solar panel common for the device.

Solar light with remote battery is durable is one of the most common questions customers ask about this product. For the decision to choose the right type of solar battery, the life of the product is also one of the important factors to aim for. Let’s learn more about the durability of a solar panel in the article below.

What is solar light with remote battery?

Solar batteries, also famous as solar cells or photovoltaic cells (Solar panels), come up of many photovoltaic cells (solar cells). A photovoltaic cell is a semiconductor magnetic part that contains many light sensors on its surface that convert light energy into electrical energy.

These photovoltaic cells distribute on a common number of 60 or 72 photovoltaic cells on a solar panel.

What is a solar battery?

Solar battery products are designed from modules that are assembled together to obtain a large area and placed on the roofs and roofs of buildings where they can receive the most sunlight. Solar panels Solar is common in many different fields.

It is very suitable for areas that do not have common electricity supply such as high mountains, remote islands, or for space activities.

How long is the lifespan of solar panels?

Currently, there are many units that produce solar light with remote, and the product life of each production unit is different. Normally, the solar panel life of the manufacturers is not less than 25 years under the influence of weather and outdoor climate.

However, this number may be less or more depending on the quality of the product and the ability to warrant and maintain the product during use.

The reason a solar panel has such a long life is because it is made up of durable and weather-resistant materials. In addition, it almost does not have to move much during use, so it will cause very little damage.

Annual solar panel degradation rate

Wear and tear during use is inevitable, and the degradation rate of solar panels will depend on the product quality of each different brand.

On average, solar panels will degrade about 1% per year and if common well, after 25 years, the battery can still be common with 75% efficiency. The degradation rate of panels will be affected by many different factors such as environment, weather, temperature, proper use, storage, and hygiene.
solar light with remote 2022

Degradation rate of solar panels

The degradation process of solar panels will change in different stages. When the solar panel is new, the damage will be negligible and it will always work well. Degradation will progress faster when solar panels are common for a long period of time or are subjected to bad weather conditions more often.

Degrading effects on solar light with remote are anticipated by manufacturers. Therefore, if there is an adverse effect, the possibility of life changing will not be too much different and the panel will still work well within the time allowed by the manufacturer.

How to keep solar panels durable?

To ensure that solar panels are always in good working condition, regular inspection and maintenance is required. This also helps detect signs of damage in time for repair, helping to ensure a longer product life.

In addition, during the installation process, it is necessary to ensure absolute technical accuracy and limit errors.

The quality of the battery will also determine the life and durability of the solar panel. High-quality solar light with remote will provide longer-lasting use, but the cost will also be higher.

Solar panels do not need to clean. Cleaning the surface and areas of dirt can help the battery absorb light better. It slows down material wear throughout the life of the product.

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