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LED Flood Lights

LED Flood Lights

The Impact LED Flood Lights

LED floodlights are used to cover a large area and have a broader beam. These lights come in various shapes, power ranges and size. Moreover, they are highly powered purposeful lights, usually use to lighten industrial areas, stadiums, mines, goods yards, concert halls. Service yards, warehouses, drive away and car parking while saving energy.


LED Flood Lights

Objectives of floodlight:

The main objective of floodlight is to provide:

  • Security and safety.
  • Convenience.
  • Architectural Decoration.
  • And the commercial interior.

Key Features of LED Flood Lights?

The key features of LED Floodlights are:

  • Application: Led floodlights are used for both;
  1. Residential purpose.
  2. Commercial purpose.


  • Power Consumption:

Low power consumption and bright light are the key features of the LED floodlight. As compare to conventional flood bulbs, they consume less energy and also condense your electricity bills.

  • Compact Size:

The compact size of led floodlights makes it easy to install them anywhere. Even the small size light emits bright light.

  • Easy Installation:

LED floodlights are easy to install and are low maintenance.

Difference between LED Floodlight and Spotlight:

LED spotlights are projection lights mainly used for decoration purpose and commercial space lightning whereas, the led floodlight is illuminated evenly in all directions and has a point light source. Moreover, you can adjust the led floodlight illumination range accordingly.

How do LED Flood Light works?

It is obvious that these floodlights use light-emitting diodes to make light. Photons release energy, and heatsinks are used to control squandered heat energy. As heat is not required to generate light, LEDs remain cool to touch.

Benefits of using LED Flood Lights:

Besides making your outdoors secure and safe, LED lights to have the following benefits;

  • They have a long lifespan of almost 50,000 hours.
  • LED floodlights are environment friendly. Unlike fluorescent lights, they have a low operating temperature.
  • They are energy efficient and will be a budget-friendly investment.
  • LED lights don’t need a warm up time.
  • Floodlights are Eco-friendly and do not leave any carbon footprint.
  • LED flood light has a dimmer, so you can adjust the brightness accordingly.
  • Moreover, floodlights are a one-time investment and increase the efficiency of your CCTV.

Lightning with LED Flood Light:

As mentioned above, you can lighten any wide outdoor area with a floodlight. While choosing an LED flood light, consider the following features;

  • Lumens:

Lumens measure the amount of light produced by LED floodlight. While purchasing floodlight, the first thing that consumer should consider is the efficiency of lumens instead of watts.

  • Temperature:

While evaluating the floodlights, consider the colour temperature of light. The colour temperature determines the mood of the place you are going to lighten. The high kelvin means whiter light, so look for colder flood light temperature.

  • Design Light Consortium (DLC) Listed:

A DLC listed floodlight refers to its qualification for energy rebates by the local utility. It can reduce the ownership cost. Moreover, it helps program administrators to decide which lightening products should be added to their energy efficiency promotions.

Lightening an Industrial area with LED Flood Light:

While starting the designing process for LED floodlights, you need to consider the following components:

  • Firstly, determine the extent of the targeted area.
  • Secondly, assess where you should place the floodlights.
  • The third step is to consider the kind of light distribution needed.
  • Cogitate the light source and the maintenance characteristics that support the application.

How much light do I need for the Targeted Area?

The number of lights depends on the purpose you are placing lights for.

  • For retail stores, 70‑80 foot candles are enough.
  • In case of warehouses, 100-foot candles are recommended.
  • For storage places, 30-foot candles are sufficient.

How to Choose the colour for LED Flood Light?

Choose the colour of light according to the requirement of light in a particular area.

  • For outdoor and large specs, 5000K is perfect. It has a cool white colour and is one of the most commons floodlights. It gives the effect of bright daylight.
  • Moreover, for homes and restaurants, 3000k is sufficient. It is a warm colour as less bright then 5000k.

What to Consider while Buying LED Floodlights?

Following elements should be kept in mind while purchasing LED floodlights;

  • The location where you will place floodlight is the first and foremost thing to be kept in mind. Determining the location and position of light will help you in selecting the design and kind of floodlight.
  • The beam angle is another aspect that needs to be considered while purchasing the LED floodlight. In most cases, 120 degrees is perfect.
  • Technology has improved the lightening facilities also. You can choose from traditional on/off switch to motion sensor detecting lights. Select according to your needs.
  • Last but not least, be sure that how much intense light do you need to place. This will help you determine the required lumens. Analyze your targeted space and help a professional determine the type of LED floodlight that will fulfil your requirements.


Types of LED Flood Lights:

There is a variety of LED floodlight available in the market. We have already mentioned the buying guide and all the relevant information about LED Floodlight. Below are some of the most commonly used LED floodlights.




AN-NLFL08 Floodlight

Power: 50w-200w


Key Features:  Aluminum casting, high light glass shade, Rotatable Stable Bracket, Glue Intelligent IC Cover


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LED flood light


AN-TGD05 Floodlight

Power: 200w-1000w


Key Features: adjustable mounting bracket, Aluminum dye casting, multi beam angle option


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AN-TGD03 series Floodlight

Power: 100w-1000w


Key Features: advanced modular aluminum heat sink, PC Optical lenses, High Thickness Rotating Bracket, IP67 Connector and Top Standard Cables


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LED flood light



Hugging 200w LED Floodlight:

Power: 200w


Key Features: LED Stadium light outdoor, anti-glare, eye protection, weatherproof

LED flood light


403000 Lumen LED Floodlight:

Power: 310w


Key Features: Instant on/off, reduced energy consumption, replaces 1000w Metal Halide




Other best led floodlights include MEIKEE 20 WATT LED floodlight, MEIHUA 25 WATT LED floodlight, Lepro 15 Watt LED floodlight outdoor, CLY 25 Watt led floodlight, Lofter 30 watt outdoor LED outdoor floodlight, NIKEEYEN 100 Watt LED floodlight, HUIMO security floodlight and NA LED floodlight.

LED Floodlight installation tips and precautions:

Installation of LED floodlight is simple. You will need the following materials:

  • LED Guard rail lamp clips.
  • Transformers with waterproof function.
  • And sub-controllers.

Led Floodlight installing Tips and Precautions:

Below are a few tips to consider while installing LED floodlights:

  • One of the essential components that affect the service life of LED floodlight is airtightness. During installation, pay attention to airtightness.
  • Limit the wiring of the led floodlight to a maximum of 25cm.
  • The installing person should wear electrostatic clothing.
  • The voltage difference of led lights is different so, be careful and prefer using the Led form in series.
  • Led lights are delicate, handle them with care, or they might get damaged.
  • The welding time for led floodlights is less than 3 seconds.

Wrap Up:

LED floodlights are commonly used in vast outdoor areas, which requires heavy lightening. These lights are available in various designs, sizes and power. The selection of led floodlight depends on your requirements.

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